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Romantic Hard Fuck Cassie Cummings TG/TG

Cassie Cummings and I start on the bed in our lingerie underneath red and blue lights, passionately making out and feeling each other up. We suck on each other’s nipples, kiss, and I go down to eat Cassie’s ass. I eat and tongue-fuck her asshole and stroke her cock. Now that Cassie’s asshole is warmed up I have her suck my cock. She sucks on my dick, plays with my balls, and licks up and down. Cassie deepthroats my dick, gagging on my cock. Once I’m hard and ready to fuck I lay Cassie on her back, finger her asshole with some lube, and then slide my dick right into her nice little asshole. I fuck Cassie on her back, pounding her in the ass and occasionally stroking her dick. I keep pounding her as she moans in pleasure. Next we move to doggystyle and I fuck her from behind. I fuck Cassie hard and deep in the ass as she moans in pleasure. After a long doggystyle pounding I lay Cassie on her back and stick my dick back into her nice warm ass. I pound her hard and deep until I’m ready to cum, then I pull out and cum all over her dick. Then I use my cum as lube and rub our dicks together until Cassie has a leg-shaking body-quaking orgasm.


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