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Bridesmaids' Fun with Sonia Harcourt

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Sophie and Sonia have been invited to be the bridesmaids at their friend's wedding, but UGHH how boring was that service. They decide to sneak back to the hotel during the unnecessarily long reception to have a little fun. They've never hooked up before, but they pretty quickly start kissing and fondling each other's bodies. Sophie starts to finger Sonia, and then goes down and eats her out. Sonia says it's only fair she returns the favor, and suck's Sophie's cock. Laying where she is Sophie pulls Sonia on top of her and Sonia rides Sophie's dick. Then they roll over and Sophie gives Sonia a nice hard fucking, holding her legs at the edge of the bed. Sonia cums on Sophie's cock and then blows Sophie until she comes in her mouth.


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