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duration 34:32
Lesbian Pantyhose Tryst - Arielle Lane & Star Nine video from Star Nine
Lesbian Pantyhose Tryst - Arielle Lane & Star Nine by Star Nine I can help Arielle Lane take care of her sexual desires and my hands graze her black pantyhose legs. Leaning in for deep kisses, her long red nails pull me closer as we have intertwined legs. Climbing on top, we're dry humping. Pushing her down, she moans as we're tribbing. Telling her to roll over, I'm stripping her black nylons, revealing her tight ass and wet pussy. I'm licking pussy and pussy fingering as she begs to cum. As she scrambles to get redressed, she's embarrassed that she had lesbian sex. Her husband can't find out about her infidelity. I'm amused and masturbating as she runs off in shame. I reconnect with her later, scolding her for leaving my sexual needs unmet. She nervously returns my kisses and secretly loves as I'm stripping her clothes as my hands dive beneath her shiny pantyhose. Finger sucking her pussy juices off my fingers proves she wants a good lesbian fucking. Commanding her to satisfy me, she removes my classic black pumps for some pantyhose foot worship. Working her way up my nylon legs, she's pussy licking over my suntan pantyhose. She gives me a good orgasm, but I need more. In the bedroom, I'm teasing her against the wall before pushing her on the bed. She likes the face down tribbing but I'm ready to teach her the joy of a large strapon. Pantyhose ripping reveals her hairy bush and I dive in for a taste before sliding my huge dildo inside. She wants to cum from my big dick, but I want her to have some pussy control and stop so she can feel pussy to pussy grinding. Demanding sexual satisfaction I cum while facesitting. The oral servitude did the trick and with intertwined legs, I tell her we both deserve pounding orgasms! Includes lesbian domination, tribadism, pantyhose domination, lesbian, strap-on OTHER KEYWORDS - sensual domination girl-girl girl girl girl/girl GG kissing lesbian scissoring pussy eating pussy fingering oral sex female orgasm face sitting pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish moaning fetish home wreckers homewreckers homewrecking home wrecking cheaters cheating high heels female domination femdom sex toys roleplaying fantasies role playing fantasy blondes brunettes tall women tall woman kink lesbians slut training Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com
duration 29:10
Vampiric Thrall: Entranced and bitten by a seductive, hypnotic vampire. REAL Hypnokink scene! with Faerie Willow and Imaginatrix video from Imaginatrix Hypnosis
Vampiric Thrall: Entranced and bitten by a seductive, hypnotic vampire. REAL Hypnokink scene! with Faerie Willow and Imaginatrix by Imaginatrix Hypnosis Real hypnosis, believable and erotic vampire scene! Sweet little @faeriewillow and I were shaping my nails into claws for the Halloween weekend, and we both got a little excited by the feeling of my monstrous hands running over her pale skin. So, although it was nearly the witching hour and Willow was due to fly away at any moment, we couldn't resist going ahead with a little vampirical scene we had planned! Willow, in her loose white nightgown, makes the perfect victim. I blend with the shadows in my cowl hood and black gown as I bring her down into trance with the feel of my claws running over her skin, my hands pulling her hair. I induce a deep trance where she believes herself to be deep in slumber (and since she'd been sleeping in this bedroom the last few nights her mind was very receptive to the idea!) and that I am a demon, a vampire, all my gestures and words so enchanting. I crawl onto the bed as she wakes, and proceed with my demonic seduction. Willow, whilst visibly terrified, respond to my magic, following my fingers, eyes rolling, swaying, stripping her clothes away to reveal the delicious flesh of my prey. She feels herself drawn into my powers, eventually begging me to take that final bite... There's a consent discussion at the beginning and end, and post-scene Willow is so overwhelmingly happy about her first taste of mesmeric fear play than she even does a little cry! And we hug a lot. I hope you enjoy this spookily sensual vampire scene! This is a REAL hypnokink play scene, so if you've ever wondered how you can deepen the intensity of a roleplay scenario, or you're just really into people being entranced by vampires, you're in the right place! Faerie Willow can be found at OF: www.onlyfans.com/faeriewillow Twitter: www.twitter.com/faeriewillow_ I'm Imaginatrix, I'm a hypnotic switch and powerful and effective hypnotist! Find more of my hypnotic exploits at: www.mesmerotic.net OF: onlyfans.com/hypnohedonista Patreon: patreon.com/hypnohedonista Twitter: twitter.com/hypnohedonista
duration 19:32
Mindless Puppy Training For Fuuka video from Miss Lollipop
Mindless Puppy Training For Fuuka by Miss Lollipop My friend Fuuka and I sit down after she arrives from her trip and I give her a ginger soda. She seems really stressed and it's no secret that I believe in relaxation therapy, so I offers to help her shake off some of the jet lag and anxiety I'm experiencing from traveling. Of course, I never have any ulterior motives hehe She trusts me, but makes me promise to not make me do anything "embarrassing". I quickly help her breathe and relax and pull her into my pretty green eyes with little effort, and she is helpless to my words and suggestions. I tell her that she no longer wants to be human, she just wants to be my little puppy. Then the fun really begins as she begins to follow my commands and I use a little clicker to train her. Every time I click it she pants and becomes even more puppy like! Fuuka becomes reluctant to follow my commands as I steadily make them more and more embarrassing, but her body has betrayed her and I controls me with her words and every click of the clicker takes her deeper into her puppy state. I collar her, makes her pant, fetch, beg, rollover, strip for me, drink her ginger soda from a bowl, sniff my butt, then try but fail (hilariously) to walk like a human. Then things get friskier and I have her lick her pussy (like it's peanut butter) till I cum, then I finally allow my horny pup to hump my leg as my little "puppy slut" till she cums. She's so embarrassed to be naked and humping my leg but she just can't help herself, she's such a horny pup! She is so relaxed and cum stupid that she just curls up and sleeps on the floor so I curl up with my exhausted little puppy friend.
duration 16:07
Squirt Addicted Housewife Tricks Friend video from Miss Lollipop
Squirt Addicted Housewife Tricks Friend by Miss Lollipop Fuuka is alone in her kitchen, looking a little disheveled as she feverishly stirs something into a teacup, then after a moment she hikes up her skirt and finger fucks herself, building up drips of wetness on her fingers to drip into the teacup. Lacey knocks then enters, giving her friend a hug. She asks what was so important, that Fuuka had asked for her help with. Fuuka hands her the tea and she sips absent mindedly as Fuuka sheepishly explains her situation. There was a drug trial she was on, she explains while squirming and unsuccessfully fighting urges to touch herself through her dress, pressing/rubbing her thighs together pressing her hands into her crotch, and occasionally absentmindedly licking her fingers, that the new drug trial she was on had a side effect of making people addicted to her pussy juice if they get even the smallest taste, and she accidentally dosed herself. Lacey also starts absentmindedly fidgeting and staring a little more than she maybe should be while trying to be supportive, feeling turned on without really realizing why. Fuuka explains further, now actively pinching her nipples and thrusting a hand under the dress, masturbating, that the effect is kind of like female viagra. Fuuka tells Lacey, sheepishly but without a hint of regret, that she mixed a little of the drug, and some of her squirt, in with her drink before you arrived. Lacey's too horny to really process this at this point and when Fuuka hops on the counter and spreads her legs to Lacey, revealing she's naked under the sundress and almost as if she were on auto-pilot, Lacey dives between her legs to eat her out. After Lacey shoves her whole face in Fuuka's pussy, like an addict getting a fix, they strip each other off and crawl on the counter - desperately licking and sucking each others bodies, tits, tongues and pussies. Fuuka Squirts in Lacey's face, Lacey squirts in Fuukas face, and dripping in each others squirt they grind, hump and fuck until they're spent, drinking in as much of each other as they possibly can. Of course, now they're both completely addicted to each others squirt and they can't possibly finish with just one time.. they'll have to keep going to get this out of their system.
duration 14:31
Nanny Vaga in: Bedtime for Dirty Brat video from Miss Vaga Bong
Nanny Vaga in: Bedtime for Dirty Brat by Miss Vaga Bong When Daddy's home, Miss Vaga is the sweetest Nanny. But as soon as Daddy leaves for the evening, she turns into a sexy, Sadistic Degrader. No little girl is safe from Miss Vaga. Watch as she humiliates Lil Miss Bimbo, a cute and chubby pain slut that loves to deep throat cock and get spanked. First, in the tightest and sexiest Nanny uniform, Miss Vaga shows Lil Miss how to properly brush her teeth, making sure to get extra deep. Next, Miss Vaga inspects her little bimbo's filthy holes, embarrassing her little whore the entire time. Upon finding a hidden hot pink dildo under Lil Miss Bimbo's pillow, Miss Vaga can't resist the urge to make her little girl gag and drool while Vaga fucks her face. Next, Miss Vaga teaches her little slut how to get properly spit roasted, using a fuck machine on her dumb bimbo cunt, while fucking her mouth hard. Nanny Vaga shows off her huge fat ass and voluptuous curves, taking off more and more clothes as she gets more turned on. After using Lil Miss like the pathetic holes that she is, Nanny Vaga tucks the drooling slut in for the night. ***TAGS: ageplay, ddlg, fuck machine, g/g, girl girl, femdom, domination, bdsm, deepthroat, spitroasted, strapon, strap-on, drool, spit, messy, blowjob, pussy, babysitter, domme, sub, humiliation, degradation, leather skirt, pencil skirt, onesie, cute, punished, spanked, roleplay, role play, punishment, bbw, altgirl, stuffed animals, mommy, milf, booty, ass, used, fucktoy, gagging, toothpaste, naughty, kink, kinky

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