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girls teasing you, custom vid HD GG video from Vivian Monroe
girls teasing you, custom vid HD GG by Vivian Monroe These 2 giggly girls are almost naked, trying to jump into some tight pair of jeans that DO NOT fit over their sexy asses. their back is often turned to you, they are facing an open window, We are both struggling to pull a pair of pants over their asses, but since the pants don't fit either of us, we're both moaning and giggling while trying them on, shaking our tits. Then we cover their boobs before turning around, and we both ask why are you watching us both change, before ordering you to leave. We both tell you to stop masturbating, before bragging about your huge cock, and we both explain you're not allowed to see our nipples while laughing at you. We both turn around and wrap our arms around our heads and wiggle our tits from side to side. Then she is standing behind me to try and pull my pants up, before she gives up and begins rubbing her tits down my back and over my ass before moving to eat my ass. Then she stands in front of the window to try pulling her pants upward, and I also move behind her to help pull her pants up, before rubbing my own breasts against her back and down her ass, then I go to return the favor and eat her ass. hmmm.. its so yummy! We both then stand in front of the window and drop our pants before masturbating in front of the window, and we both moan seductively exclaiming a bunch of boys are masturbating outside the window. Next we are both naked in bed, with we are rubbing our tits together and still hiding our nipples from you. We both laugh at you for masturbating while watching us before kissing hungrily and rubbing our boobs together, and then we begin masturbating each other while keeping your boobs pressed together. Next we are both laying down with our boobs pressed atop the bedding, and both wiggling our asses eagerly, and tell you, you are finally allowed to masturbate and release my cum once we reach zero. Except we both stop at two because we are too busy in climax, and you dont get to cum. Finally we are both hugging with our breasts pressed against each other before kissing hungrily, and then we both ask you to leave. Ends with us both rubbing our breasts with our hands while laughing, and we demand you send in the other boys outside so we can both fuck their brains out.

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