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duration 23:45
Mimi Puts Her Anal Training to the Test video from Bigsexy Films
Mimi Puts Her Anal Training to the Test by Bigsexy Films Mimi has been attending online courses at the Anal Training Institute for over 6 months, and she is confident that she has mastered the main elements necessary to pass the capstone class for her Master's in Ass at ATI, the challenging ASS 301 class. To finish the class, though, there was one last test, and this one is a practicum...The practicum was to be recorded for later study by the faculty. As with all good anal sex, one must prep for it. Mimi had an assistant, Asia Rivera (a beginner student at the Institute), help prep her for her practicum. Footage of the prep work is available in another section of this library. After sufficient prep work, Mimi was ready for Professor Pete to test her out. Professor begins with an examination to verify that she is sufficiently warmed up by initiating the test with cunnilingus and anilingus. Convinced her ass was prepared, he began fucking her vagina, to loosen up her hips. After sufficient loosening, Mimi got on her hands and knees, and Professor Pete continued to fuck her vagina, and then her ass. A critical point in the test was coming. After fucking her ass for a bit, Pete pulled out and fucked her in the vagina again. She didn't hesitate to take her cock right from her ass to her vagina, verifying that she was confident in her home preparation. Mimi was scoring good marks, and it was clear that she was enjoying the anal fucking. Professor Pete took a break to take notes on her performance. The second part of the test began with ball sucking and a blowjob. When Professor Pete was again aroused, Mimi sat on him, cowgirl style, and fucked him with her pussy to get his instrument fully erect. Then, when it was ready, she inserted it once more into her ass and rode it, grinding on it to insert it fully into her, balls deep, as it is referred to colloquially. After riding him, the second critical point was here. Mimi pulled off of his cock, and then she hungrily took it into her mouth, sucking her ass of his cock, and taking his cock deep into her throat. The second element had been completed. It being ASS 301, there was one more key moment to the test. Would she take Professor Pete's load of semen in her ass. Prior to the test beginning, Mimi had requested a special element be added to this part of the test. She requested that Professor begin cumming in her ass, but then to switch mid orgasm to finish in her vagina. Ever one to help his students, Professor Pete obliged, and, indeed, he finished the examination by ejaculating into first Mimi's ass, and then into her vagina. To verify that she took his load in both of her holes, she showed it off for the cameras. Mimi passed this, the final exam for the class, with an A+! This nearly 24 minute scene is shot and rendered in UHD!
duration 12:42
Analholics Anonymous video from MsCakes
Analholics Anonymous by MsCakes Custom vid with simulated anal - no actual penetration is shown. Hey hun, I know you had plans to hang out with my boyfriend today, but he had to cancel. He claims that he had some “work thing” to attend, but I know he’s off cheating on me again. He actually told me to text you earlier, but I thought the two of us could spend some time together instead. You see, I was having a little chat with your girlfriend the other day, and she told me how you’ve been asking her to do anal, but she’s totally not into it. Well, I know exactly how that feels, because it’s the other way around in my relationship. I really want and crave anal sex, but my boyfriend refuses to do it with me. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make our anal fantasies come true! Just look at my perfect asshole, fresh out of the shower… it’s begging to be eaten and fucked. I know you can’t resist, so get down on your knees so you can bury your face in between my ass cheeks. Mmm yes, your warm wet tongue feels so good sliding in and out of my tight asshole. I know you love the way I spread and wink it for you too. Now my asshole is all warmed up and ready for your cock, so go ahead and push it inside. Let’s start off nice and slow, and gradually go harder and deeper. Your dick feels so amazing thrusting in and out of my virgin asshole, it’s even better than we both imagined. When you’re ready to cum, I want you to pull out and shoot it all over my perfect ass. Mmm I love feeling your hot cum covering my ass and asshole. Our partners have no idea what they’re missing, but oh well, their loss is our gain!

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