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Broken Freeze Ray, Broken Lacey

We find Lacey frozen as if she was just greeting someone excitedly! You take your time, poking her and waving your hand in front of her eyes. Time to unfreeze her! You zap her with the freeze ray but nothing happens! Is it broken? You keep zapping her and she doesn’t unfreeze but her facial expression starts to change with each zap, slowly becoming more and more exaggerated eyes rolled back, tongue out. Finally, after staring at her a bit, another zap works! Lacey is confused and starting to get angry, wondering how she got here. You zap her quickly and instead of freezing, she suddenly goes into a random conversation about her carryout order! The zaps seem to be frying her brain! Time to see what she’ll do when you hand her a cell phone. Again she’s confused but then after another zap, she starts yapping away on it like she’s talking to a GF about all the latest gossip. Even grabbing her arm and moving it above her head, she stays in position, talking loudly into the phone.

This seems fun so you fuck with her and take the phone away, but she doesn’t stop talking. Her hand is in a perfect position, so you shove a glass dildo in it and she STILL doesn’t even notice. Since she’s so completely fried you start to really touch her, turning her around, bending her over, and slapping her ass. The ass slaps seem to unfreeze just her booty as she starts randomly twerking, still talking away on the phone. You zap her again and this time it works and she freezes! Let’s see how frozen she really is - you slap her ass hard! She doesn’t unfreeze but something glitches up in that fried brain and she starts shaking and jiggling her fat ass again.

Another zap and this time she’s back to normal - and boy is she pissed! You zap her quickly as she lunges toward you and she doesn’t freeze but it slows her down. You keep zapping her, over and over and each one seems to make her slip more and more into slow motion, her eyes crossed and brain fried until she’s finally frozen with her eyes crossed, looking stupid with her tongue out. You nudge her, she starts to unfreeze and you quickly freeze her again! Now she’s completely frozen and the freeze ray isn’t working at all.

A while later Lacey is now nude and leaning on the couch doggy style with her ass up in the air. She’s frozen with a stupid look on her face, drooling with that glass dildo shoved up inside her cunt. You zap her, and she unfreezes and starts playing with the dildo. She’s getting louder and louder - too loud! Another zap and she goes quiet, her face and body frozen just her arm robotically continuing to shove the dildo in and out of her wet pussy. Another zap makes her get a big stupid frozen grin on her face. She doesn’t stop, just dildoing herself until finally as she starts to cum her brain short circuits, freezing her completely. She drops the dildo and stays frozen - but her pussy won’t stop squirting all over the floor! What a mess!! You leave her frozen and dripping…

Details: This clip is shot in POV style, with only hands and the freeze ray visible. Special thanks to Fuuka Doll for the camera work & hand modeling!


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