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Inspectors Folly video from Miss Lollipop
Inspectors Folly Lacey is a beautiful curvy serial widow and you’re a police inspector investigating her most recent husband's untimely demise. You arrive to interrogate her after discovering new evidence. She surprises you by admitting everything and begins to seduce you. Her big breasts hanging in your face, she starts stripping down showing off her curvy body and making it hard to concentrate. As she takes off her panties, she suggests a game where she’ll tie you up with the panties and promises to confess every detail of her crimes to you. As she straddles you and begins to confess, you start to realize how much peril you’re in. As she laughs and taunts you, she explains her late husband was obsessed with her big breasts and loved it when she smothered him with them. After that it was easy to convince him to take it a step further and put his head in a bag for her. Men are so stupid for tits.. Would you like her to show you? As she begins smothering you and taunting you with her huge tits, she lets you breathe to confess more and more of her secrets, riding you faster each time. It gets harder and harder to breathe, as she keeps cutting off the oxygen to your brain with her huge tits. She encourages you to cum inside her, but tells you this will be your last breath. As the intensity builds and you cum inside her, your vision goes black… Once she’s done with you, the calculating black widow checks your pupil dilation to be sure you’re gone, then leaves to make her escape.
The Package video from Miss Lollipop
The Package Lacey takes a video call from a man she went on one terrible date with who won’t stop calling her. He delivered a package to her house, even though he didn’t have her address. She tells him to leave her alone. He asks her if she listened to the CD the package contained and she admits she did but it was blank! The caller then says the words “Activate Program Alpha” and Lacey finds herself staring blankly at the screen. He tells her there is another package waiting for her, and she’s to go and put on the outfit and headphones then return. She returns wearing red lingerie, and boots, with her hair up and headphones on. She’s completely docile and obedient now. Her new Master begins fully reprogramming her mind, and several times the effect wears off. She’s confused and trying to resist but each time the spirals on the screen return, the strange sounds in her ears continue and she sinks back under his control. Slowly she becomes nothing but an empty-headed bimbo slut, eager to be his slave wife. The program rewires her sexuality and her personality. But he wants more from her. He wants his new toy to help him recruit MORE slave girls to serve him, even something so taboo - some of the women closest to Lacey. And he wants to breed them all! She tries to resist, but can’t. As he works the kinks out of his programming device, Lacey obediently eats the candy he provides that helps to relax her mind. She fucks herself with a dildo, becoming so horny and mindless. She knows the changes will become permanent once she cums, and part of her wants to resist but she’s not strong enough.  **Note** This video is technically a prequel to “Step-Mommy Reprogrammed Me For Daddy” but each video can be enjoyed stand-alone or together!
Fruit Loopy Brainwash [20% OFF SALE] video from Miss Lollipop
Fruit Loopy Brainwash [20% OFF SALE] Fuuka and Lacey enter the room to discover their TV is on and displaying a strange pink spiral. They quickly become *magically* entranced by it. As they go blank and empty, staring mindlessly they start doing some very strange things. First, they turn to each other in a daze and take off each others shirts, revealing their big natural boobs. Then Lacey hands them both a vibrator which they each shove in their brightly colored matching super mario panties. Even though the vibrator is clearly giving them pleasure, they still stand transfixed, only their eyes rolling back in their head and mindless moans. Lacey is so gone, she's even drooling! As the pleasure overtakes them they both have a blissful, blank orgasm. But even this does not break them out of the strange spell they are under. Suddenly, a box of cereal and a carton of milk appears on the shelf! Instead of being surprised, they simply walk over to it and like it is the most natural thing in the world they take the cereal, spoons and milk and mindlessly pour them down the front of each others panties. First the cereal, filling the front of the panties up, then the milk. They do not react to how strange this is, they just mindlessly use their spoons to eat the cereal, crunching away. They even take turns eating it out of each others pants, facing each other. The strange act seems to give them some kind of pleasure, as once again their eyes begin rolling and twitching as they continue to munch blankly on the fruit loops. As a second mindgasm takes over their empty brains, they only seem more and more blank. Finally, they lick their spoons, and let their hands drop limply at their sides. Standing, spacing out in the mess they created on the floor.. who knows if they'll ever go back to normal? Contains: Blank and Empty, Eyerolls, Twitching, Orgasm, Mindgasm, Staring, Eating, Munching, ASMR, Eating noises, cereal, fruit loops, jeans, messy, wet and messy, WAM, absurd, entrancement, panties, topless, hitachi, vibrator, denim, curvy, curvy girls, milf, spirals, magic control, magic spell, entranced, women following orders, girl/girl, woman following orders, female training, drooling, drool, open mouth eating, lipstick, bright colors, barefeet, milk, foodplay, This was an awesome creative custom video request, based on a vivid dream the client had. Fuuka and I had so much fun making this!
Special Guest video from Miss Lollipop
Special Guest Popular Streamer, Sasha (played by Fuuka Doll) is known for mesmerizing the guests who appear on her show. Charlotte (played by Lacey Royce) is a first-time guest and is very skeptical. After goading Sasha into “proving” her skills, Charlotte opens her eyes and reveals she is actually an undercover reporter and she’s exposing this as a scam. Sasha immediately cuts to a sponsored ad break for “Mesmo-soft”. Charlotte’s monitors suddenly become spirals and she’s instantly mesmerized. Now she’s completely under Sasha’s control. Just in time for a premium show, where the chat room will be able to give her commands. The chat room has fun making Sasha do all manner of embarrassing things. They make her walk around like a zombie, turn her into a chicken, make her feel like she’s being tickled mercilessly, make her compulsively touch her breasts, repeat mantras and finally strip naked for the room. Under the hoodie and pants, she’s hiding a surprise lingerie outfit! Once nude she’s made to twirl and pose as a ballerina, wake and drop herself accidentally over and over, and become a puppy! Eventually, she breaks out of their control but Sasha quickly starts up the spirals again and Charlotte cannot resist. Normally guests are released after the show but because Charlotte is such a threat, she’ll need to stay under Sasha’s control. They finish the premium show as she mindlessly touches herself, permanently conditioning and breaking her mind even further for Sasha and her chat room.
Spiral-ized video from Miss Lollipop
Spiral-ized Kyle takes me deep, using a long dreamy induction that takes me deeper and deeper everytime he snaps his fingers. I'm completely entranced and subservient to him. He gives me a touchless orgasm - "mindgasm" so that my eyes roll back while I'm listless and unable to move. He brings me back up, and has me put spiral contacts in (off camera). Everytime he snaps his fingers my pussy pulses. He puts me back under with a simple trigger word, and has me mindlessly repeat that I am all his. Then he puts on some music and has me strip for him like a mindless doll, unable to do anything but obey. Once I'm completely naked he makes me cum without touching over and over.. it feels like his cock is inside me. Once I cum the last part of my resistance is drained away. He keeps working on mesmerizing me to associate smoking with pleasure - the word smoking will make me feel pleasure. As I act out taking a drag off a cigarette it feels like he's really fucking me, and every exhale I lose all resistance and negative thoughts about smoking. Then he gives me a freeze trigger word and also tells me whenever I look in a mirror at my own eyes I will freeze and cum. And wakes me up ..and immediately uses the trigger. He repeatedly freezes my entire body and makes me cum while frozen completely stiff. He freezes me while I'm trying to sip water, then makes me look at myself in the mirror. After watching me lose control that way, he puts me back under and tells me I am stuck frozen from the neck down. He wakes me up and I'm confused that I'm naked and cannot move. He gives me a trigger to cum and as I cum, the orgasms make me get a big mindless smile. I have an itch on my nose I can't scratch.. :( Next he has me sit in front of the mirror, facing myself and as I stare into the spiral I'm frozen stiff.. mesmerized by my own eyes with pleasure rising through me but unable to cum until he gives me permission. When he finally lets me cum I'm able to move again, but he leaves the trigger to cum whenever I look into my own blank eyes. The contacts come out at this point (off camera) and my eyes go back to normal. Kyle puts me back into trance, and adds a trigger that whenever I touch my water glass I'll start orgasming. Everytime I'm awake his voice is mesmerizing and arousing, and everytime he tells me to think of him I'll cum. He wakes me and tells me to get a sip of water... and you can imagine what happens. Then He makes me stand and look in the mirror - I'm giggly but obedient and the orgasm nearly makes me fall over it's so intense. He has me go back to the water, and try to take a sip..... I orgasm trying to put the water to my mouth and spill it all over myself as I lose control and cum. After more happy orgasms, I keep giggling and cumming and getting more and more into his voice. Finally he suggests we have a little 'fun' and send a snap to my friend Fuuka without telling her whats going on and show her what Kyle has done to me. I take a quick video and he puts me under and has me record a sexy mindless message telling her I'm having so much fun and kyle says hi. Then he wakes me up as I record and he makes me take a sip as I cum so hard one more time.. I cum so hard as the recording ends and he tells me to send it to her. This is where I cut the session off as the rest was simply him waking me up and waiting to see what Fuuka said. Can you guess?
Daddy's Dirty Secret video from Miss Lollipop
Daddy's Dirty Secret Lacey arrives home from a school trip earlier than expected and catches you in her room, doing something very inappropriate with her panties! At first, she's shocked, but then flattered and a little bit curious. She admits she likes the attention. Then she notices you have pics of her in a skimpy bikini on your phone! You've been a very bad Daddy.. but she wants to know more. Peeking under the sheet to find your hard cock, she encourages you to stroke it in front of her while she confesses all sorts of dirty secrets to you. She tells you she's been shoplifting lingerie, wearing under her uniform, dressing for attention, and fucking boys at school but that she really wants your big cock. She thinks about you while she has sex! You know this is wrong but you can't resist as she seduces you, stripping down and begging for your big cock inside her. She rides you, and it hurts at first but once she's used to it she starts bouncing away on your hard cock. Her tight pussy feels so good and her curvy thick body is making you lose control. She's begging for you to cum inside her without protection. You make her promise to be your little whore, to send you nudes and dress up for you. She's so horny it's like she's in heat, she'll say yes and submit to whatever you want - she just desperately needs you to cum deep in her pussy. She wants you to knock her up, and breed her! It's so fucked up but that just makes you want to even more. As you both cum, you give her the biggest creampie. She leans back afterward to show you a close-up of her well fucked pussy leaking your cum, before sliding her panties back on and talking about how she's going to walk around all day with her Daddy's filthy cum in her slutty pussy. This clip is a solo clip shot POV style, with Daddy's responses on screen as text.
Broken Freeze Ray, Broken Lacey video from Miss Lollipop
Broken Freeze Ray, Broken Lacey We find Lacey frozen as if she was just greeting someone excitedly! You take your time, poking her and waving your hand in front of her eyes. Time to unfreeze her! You zap her with the freeze ray but nothing happens! Is it broken? You keep zapping her and she doesn’t unfreeze but her facial expression starts to change with each zap, slowly becoming more and more exaggerated eyes rolled back, tongue out. Finally, after staring at her a bit, another zap works! Lacey is confused and starting to get angry, wondering how she got here. You zap her quickly and instead of freezing, she suddenly goes into a random conversation about her carryout order! The zaps seem to be frying her brain! Time to see what she’ll do when you hand her a cell phone. Again she’s confused but then after another zap, she starts yapping away on it like she’s talking to a GF about all the latest gossip. Even grabbing her arm and moving it above her head, she stays in position, talking loudly into the phone. This seems fun so you fuck with her and take the phone away, but she doesn’t stop talking. Her hand is in a perfect position, so you shove a glass dildo in it and she STILL doesn’t even notice. Since she’s so completely fried you start to really touch her, turning her around, bending her over, and slapping her ass. The ass slaps seem to unfreeze just her booty as she starts randomly twerking, still talking away on the phone. You zap her again and this time it works and she freezes! Let’s see how frozen she really is - you slap her ass hard! She doesn’t unfreeze but something glitches up in that fried brain and she starts shaking and jiggling her fat ass again. Another zap and this time she’s back to normal - and boy is she pissed! You zap her quickly as she lunges toward you and she doesn’t freeze but it slows her down. You keep zapping her, over and over and each one seems to make her slip more and more into slow motion, her eyes crossed and brain fried until she’s finally frozen with her eyes crossed, looking stupid with her tongue out. You nudge her, she starts to unfreeze and you quickly freeze her again! Now she’s completely frozen and the freeze ray isn’t working at all. A while later Lacey is now nude and leaning on the couch doggy style with her ass up in the air. She’s frozen with a stupid look on her face, drooling with that glass dildo shoved up inside her cunt. You zap her, and she unfreezes and starts playing with the dildo. She’s getting louder and louder - too loud! Another zap and she goes quiet, her face and body frozen just her arm robotically continuing to shove the dildo in and out of her wet pussy. Another zap makes her get a big stupid frozen grin on her face. She doesn’t stop, just dildoing herself until finally as she starts to cum her brain short circuits, freezing her completely. She drops the dildo and stays frozen - but her pussy won’t stop squirting all over the floor! What a mess!! You leave her frozen and dripping… Details: This clip is shot in POV style, with only hands and the freeze ray visible. Special thanks to Fuuka Doll for the camera work & hand modeling!
Squirt Addicted Housewife Tricks Friend video from Miss Lollipop
Squirt Addicted Housewife Tricks Friend Fuuka is alone in her kitchen, looking a little disheveled as she feverishly stirs something into a teacup, then after a moment she hikes up her skirt and finger fucks herself, building up drips of wetness on her fingers to drip into the teacup. Lacey knocks then enters, giving her friend a hug. She asks what was so important, that Fuuka had asked for her help with. Fuuka hands her the tea and she sips absent mindedly as Fuuka sheepishly explains her situation. There was a drug trial she was on, she explains while squirming and unsuccessfully fighting urges to touch herself through her dress, pressing/rubbing her thighs together pressing her hands into her crotch, and occasionally absentmindedly licking her fingers, that the new drug trial she was on had a side effect of making people addicted to her pussy juice if they get even the smallest taste, and she accidentally dosed herself. Lacey also starts absentmindedly fidgeting and staring a little more than she maybe should be while trying to be supportive, feeling turned on without really realizing why. Fuuka explains further, now actively pinching her nipples and thrusting a hand under the dress, masturbating, that the effect is kind of like female viagra. Fuuka tells Lacey, sheepishly but without a hint of regret, that she mixed a little of the drug, and some of her squirt, in with her drink before you arrived. Lacey's too horny to really process this at this point and when Fuuka hops on the counter and spreads her legs to Lacey, revealing she's naked under the sundress and almost as if she were on auto-pilot, Lacey dives between her legs to eat her out. After Lacey shoves her whole face in Fuuka's pussy, like an addict getting a fix, they strip each other off and crawl on the counter - desperately licking and sucking each others bodies, tits, tongues and pussies. Fuuka Squirts in Lacey's face, Lacey squirts in Fuukas face, and dripping in each others squirt they grind, hump and fuck until they're spent, drinking in as much of each other as they possibly can. Of course, now they're both completely addicted to each others squirt and they can't possibly finish with just one time.. they'll have to keep going to get this out of their system.
My Roommate Is A Secret Cockstealer video from Miss Lollipop
My Roommate Is A Secret Cockstealer Lacey arrives home gleefully holding her latest trophy. She is admiring it, when she realizes her roommate Scarlet is masturbating on the living room couch. Instead of leaving, she immediately starts asking questions. She wants to know what is on the laptop that her roommate is looking at. When she finally gets a peek.. she's surprised to find Penectomy porn! Of course, she's surprised, because she's fairly sure that no one knows her secret. She digs further and asks if her roommate has heard the news story about the woman. Turns out, Scarlet has the news story up and has been reading it while she masturbated! Lacey decides this is her moment and begins asking lots of questions about chopping off her cock for real. She teases, getting more and more worked up talking about actually going through with it. Lacey reveals her secret.. her last trophy, the last cock she took from some helpless man. She promises that she wouldn't do anything without her roommate's permission, she only steals the cocks of strangers. But if Scarlet wants to consent.. she would be happy to oblige. Lacey pulls out her cock, and examines it, touching it and talking more about what it would really mean to give up her cock. She explains she makes dildos out of them, and what an honor that would be to have her cock become a toy for pleasure. They make a bargain. Lacey agrees to give her roommate one last night of pleasure and the biggest orgasm ever and then in return, after that, she must surrender her cock. Things move to the bedroom. Lacey slowly seduces, the last trophy lying on the bed as she strips, sucks, and teases Scarlet's hard cock, including a long tit job before climbing on top and riding until Scarlet can't hold back anymore and has to cum. Then it's done, it's too late for regrets. Lacey will exact her end of the bargain. With surgical precision, she slowly separates the cock from the balls and removes it. All while her roommate watches, fully awake and aware. *Notes - This video was a very special custom. It uses female pronouns for the POV roommate, named Scarlet. All penectomy fans will enjoy this video but it may have extra appeal for anyone who uses female pronouns and fantasizes about penectomy.

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