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duration 28:42
Mind Milked: Hucow Titnosis Scene, breast play makes cute cosplay cow video from Mesmerotic
Mind Milked: Hucow Titnosis Scene, breast play makes cute cosplay cow by Mesmerotic There's something about tits - so soft, pliable, sensitive - that makes them so tempting to toy with. For the person that's being caressed, groped, and pinched, it can feel wonderfully relaxing, arousing, and focusing. In the face of so much pleasure, it can be very hard to think. Imaginatrix knows that. And with Kayleth's beautiful breasts under her hands, she knows how to milk her mind out. Dressed as her cute little hucow and positioned in her lap, Kayleth slips into mindlessness as her tits are manipulated. Once she's submitted her mind to the rhythmic pleasure, Trix begins changing Kayleth: removing her humanity, and replacing it with a simple little cow brain, who's only desire is to have her udders touched and her thoughts squeezed out of her head. Reluctant and embarrassed at first, it isn't long until Kayleth is mooing mindlessly. Whether pleasure or pain, a hucow just needs milking, a Trix attached suction cups to Kayleth's udders to fulfill that need, reminding her that sweet little hucows don't get a choice how they're treated, a Kayleth moos helplessly at the painful tugs to her nipples. Perhaps if she's a very good hucow, Trix will keep her for breeding... Models: Imaginatrix topping, Kayleth bottoming. Manacles from https://www.harlequinworks.com/ More of Kayleth can be found at: http://linktr.ee/kayleth ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 30:01
Mind Overwritten: Kayleth bound and mindfucked by bodywriting into Imaginatrix's fucktoy video from Mesmerotic
Mind Overwritten: Kayleth bound and mindfucked by bodywriting into Imaginatrix's fucktoy by Mesmerotic Kayleth looks like such a sweet, feminine thing. You couldn't tell behind that smile burns a desire to be a degraded, degenerate object. Trix loves making fantasy reality, and thrills at twisting Kayleth's mind and turning her beautiful body into her personal fucktoy. She begins by binding Kayleth, using the bite of the rope to immobilise not just her body, but her conscious mind. Kayleth sinks deeper as more of her body is bound, while Trix uses eye fixation, touch and finger snaps to have her eyes fluttering and rolling as she drains her mind away into emptiness- just a blank canvas to be rewritten. And written she is: Trix uses bodywriting, shaping her fucktoy with words printed on Kayleth's skin that sink into her receptive mind. Each word becomes Kayleth's new reality: "desperate" and "needy" has her whimpering; "horny" has her panting and grinding; "wet hole" has her cunt aching and dripping; "drooling" has her tongue lolling our of her open, eager mouth; "bitch" has her humping like a dog in heat... All the while, Trix teases her body, stroking and spanking, taking advantage of her "free use toy". Once she's made Kayleth into her perfect, willing fucktoy, Trix finally takes pity on the creature she's created, and fetches her strap-on dildo... but you'll have to watch Kayleth's video for that part ;) Her video super hot strap-on fucking can be found at: https://apclips.com/kayleth/mind-overwritten-kayleth-is-imaginatrix-s-hypnotised-body-writing-fucktoy Models: Imaginatrix topping, Kayleth bottoming. Find more of Kayleth: onlyfans.com/kayleth ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://HypnoHedonista.com Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 5:19
BBC Bully Seduction: Fucking Kashwan video from Dani Sorrento
BBC Bully Seduction: Fucking Kashwan by Dani Sorrento (sequel/correlated to my other clip "BBC Bully Seduction" where I talk about what happens, this clip shows the action discussed in the other clip) I go over to your younger bully's house to try to get him to leave you alone. As your girlfriend, I really want to help you, but your bully Kashwan decides he will stop bullying you if I do this one thing. I had no idea he was going to record what he had me do, but this is what you see when he sends it to you. The recording starts off with me completely naked on all fours, the words "BBC SLUT" written across my giant ass cheeks and the tip of Kashwan's cock at the opening of my pussy. I confirm that he will stop bullying you if I fuck his young BBC and that is when he tells me he is recording it. I am not happy, but I have already come this far and I really want him to leave you alone. The fucking starts and I am completely shocked at how big his dick is. I mean it is huge! I am trying not to enjoy it at all and keep begging him to not send you this recording. I talk about how embarrassing it would be for you to see your younger bully fucking your girlfriend and how he has already humiliated you enough by beating you up. I swear I tried so hard to not like what was going on, but his cock was so big and felt like nothing I ever had before. I start to moan and get into it, even dirty talking to Kashwan a bit. I warn him that I am not on birth control, but apparently I said that too late....(custom clip, sequel, second clip in a series, name moaning, role play, solo female, bbc dildo, big black toy, simulated creampie, pawg, whooty, bubble butt, writing on body, lipstick written on butt, bright pink lipstick, bent over, doggystyle, doggy position fuck, chubby, bbw, curvy girl, thick thighs, thick woman, brown eyes, brunette, long brown hair, ponytail, no makeup, naked, nude, big ass jiggling, giant booty, huge cheeks, 52in ass, 33in thighs, ass shaking, shaved pussy, pussy flash, asshole flash, backing ass up, storyline roleplay, spankdani, Dani Sorrento, POV doggy, POV fucking)
duration 16:40
Oral and Strap-On Sex with Luna Sapphire video from Dani Sorrento
Oral and Strap-On Sex with Luna Sapphire by Dani Sorrento This is our very first time together and we can't wait to play. We start off soft and sensual, teasing each other with our mouths. Kissing with soft lips and licking our puffy nipples. We start to undress out of our purple sheer lingerie. First Luna explores my body with kisses from my chest down to my pussy. Hovering over it and then kissing up and down my thighs. A slow tease that makes me that much more excited to feel her tongue slide up my wet lips. Finally she uses that mouth to taste me. I can lay back and enjoy, but I can't stop myself from looking down at how cute she is eating me out. I sit up and watch as her tantalizing tongue puts me closer and closer to cumming. She takes control and tells me to bend over so she can use her strap on me. I love feeling her soft body behind me as she slides her hard dildo in. I get used to her filling me up and before I know it I am bouncing off of her as she pounds me from the back. It doesn't take long for me to release my orgasm. Now it is my turn to enjoy her body. I lick the dildo clean before I start kissing her again. I go down her body and kiss on her chest. Then telling her to lay back, she gives me control to tease her with my tongue some more. All on her perfect little tits and down her stomach to right above her pussy. I get into place with my arms wrapped around her legs as she is spread open for me. I kiss and lick all over before finally plunging my tongue into her wetness. She tastes so good and I vigorously lap her up. Twirling my tongue is so many directions and really giving her a good tease. I don't want her to cum yet, but I keep licking her like crazy. She is trying not to cum and finally I let up and tell her to get ready for my strap-on now. First teasing her with my finger a bit to make sure she is really soaked for me. I keep her on her back, wanting to see her face as I slide inside of her. I go slow at first and really start to pick up the pace. Bouncing her under me and watching as she enjoys it. I need to see that cute booty too though and have her switch to laying on her side. I want to be able to grab onto that or her cute tits as I fuck her. She finally releases her orgasm now as I am deep in her. I kiss her afterwards, not wanting it to end. It was so much fun. We will have to do it again, soon! (first time together, lesbian sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, kissing, passionate, pussy licking, chest licking, nipple play, sensual, girl/girl, G/G fuck, white dildo, strap-on harness, strap on sex, doggystyle, doggy position, bent over, curvy girls, size difference, lingerie, sweet kisses, missionary, side fucking, orgasms, female orgasm, body worship, tattooed girls, alternative girls, bbw, thick thighs, big tits, small breasts, body exploring, big butt, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, small booty, brunettes, brown eyes, soft bodies, Luna Sapphire, LunaSapphireX, Dani Sorrento, Spankdani)

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