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This year the company's decided to go a new route. Employees that performed well will be rewarded by getting to fuck my pussy and my asshole. Unfortunately for you, you did NOT fall into this category. Those with the worst performance will have to smell my hairy armpits! And since you had the poorest performance in the office that's exactly what you'll be doing today. I see you getting a little turned on...I suppose you have a little hairy armpit fetish? Go ahead, pull it out. The company has permitted you failures to have a nice jerk while looking at my hairy pits. I told them I felt like it was a bit of a reward, but they decided that even the biggest losers should have a chance to get their cocks wet. Go ahead, jerk that little thing and worship my pits! haha! You're the kind of guy that fails at everything in life, can't even get a simple job done right. How ironic that all the office losers have little itty bitty dicks while all the winners have big giant cocks. Lucky for me I got to take only big hard office cock...I'd hate to have to fuck a little tiny dicked loser like you! Much better to let you drool and worship my stinky hairy armpits from across the room.


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