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Making You My Shoe Bitch

I know what a pathetic little foot bitch you are salivating over the thought of worshipping my goddess feet. I tease you in my sexy red heels and comment on how I can't believe how hard I've made you without taking a single article of clothing off yet.

Despite how incredibly hot I look in my red heels, I know your secret is that you are really into sneakers. I know how much you love them sweaty and worn and how athletic girls look in them, so today I'm going to treat you by putting on a nice worn pair. Today is your lucky day!
After teasing you in my sneakers I slip into a pair of nice worn sandals, which you love seeing me in because of how much I've worn them! I know you are just dying to worship my feet in this pair.

Once you've completely submitted to me, I reward you with a cum countdown, allowing you to blast all over the tops of my feet and sandals and ridiculing you like the pathetic little shoe bitch that you are.


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