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Sperm Slurping Sissy

Hello, my favorite sissy masturbator! You’re so adorable, stroking your penis in slutty lingerie, enjoying your kinky toys, and watching lots of cummy porn! Let’s talk about your sperm slurping outfits, you pervy cumslut: - fishnet stockings, - slutty schoolgirl miniskirts, - big fake pearl necklaces, - cute bibs that say “I (Heart) Cum”, “Cum Slut”, and “Sperm Slurper” - bob-cut blonde wig I LOVE how kinky and slutty you are! Please please please wear a sperm slurping outfit every time you masturbate! I also love all your kinky masturbation accessories: - nipple suckers on your B-cup manboobies - big dick&balls dildo, fucking your manboobies, aimed at your mouth - prostate massager grinding away deep inside your ass, - Hitachi Magic Wand keeping your penis happy, - your “cum catcher” collection, like spoon holders, spoons, plates, & bowls - Hello Kitty thermos for your frozen cum collection - lots and lots of pervy porn You’re so adorable when you masturbate! I hope you’ll send kinky more pictures, they make me wet, and my girlfriends love them, too How’s your masturbating going at home? Are you going to eat this new load, or freeze it for a spermy feast? Either way, Never feel ashamed about making slutty love to yourself. Happy Masturbating, my Sperm Slurping Sissy!


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