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Smell My Stench Queefing in Your Face

photo of CattieCattie

19:48 | Added 1 year ago

I'm whooped after an intense workout. All sweaty and sticky. You don't even hesitate to tell me how desperate you are to smell my odor. Thrown off by your comment, I turn bashful and slightly nervous. You're kidding, right? But nope... you really want and enjoy this! I suppose my workout shouldn't go to waste... it's not like my results are going to show immediately... so fuck it! Let's test this out... I hold my smelly feet up to your face, pointing my toes for you to take a whiff of. And I'll be damned... you're into it! I let you savor 1 then the other lil tootsie. But that's not enough for you... Oh no! You need more! My ripe pits? Really?! I pull down my sleeve to let them breathe out their aroma for you. Deep inhales tickling my armpits. I can't help but giggle! Between this and my feet, I'm soOo ticklish! You want my top and shorts removed for you. But why? You wanna sniff every inch of me? Get REALLY in there and lick em? ...alright... as long as you're into it! Diving deep into my pits again, I start feeling a bit more comfortable with the situation. But nonetheless, am baffled you STILL want more... what is it about my disgusting smells? But I know what you really want... where all my hard work builds up: my ass and pussy! Instantly you're excited! I turn and tease you. Can you smell my scent through my panties? Peeling my thong off, ass directly in your face. Cheeks spread and a big queef blows into your face. Waft it as you take a nice long inhale. How exhilarating! I start encouraging you to stroke your cock as I repeatedly pussy fart at you. Getting more and more into it with you. Eat my dirty pussy before you cum. Clean my filthy cunt as you suck up my stench. Talking in detail about each fold, how you'll clean me up and more! I put my ass back up and continue pushing out queef after queef for you as you eat my asshole. You wanna cum on my dirty holes?


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