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Hitachi Reading video from
Hitachi Reading I was reading this little book by George Orwell and it was already starting to confuse me so I thought I would up the ante and add an extra layer of difficulty to the reading by sitting on my hitachi as I attempted to read through a couple pages. It starts out fun as I read through the next few passages as I'm getting used to sitting on my hitachi, but after a few minutes I definitely start to lose control and suddenly reading becomes the most difficult task in the world. The hitachi is demanding my attention and I begin to grind and bounce on it since I'm just too turned on to ignore it now, but I'm still doing my best to continue reading even though all I want to do is give in to my desire to cum. I eventually turn around and properly grind my hitachi as I get closer and closer to finishing and this is when reading becomes nearly impossible and I can barely get my words out as it's taking everything inside of me to not just cum right then and there. I make it a few pages in before my urge to cum takes control and I just cannot read anymore as I explode in an intense orgasm that was building up for over 10 minutes. I collapse in giddy exhaustion after playing that fun little game and then I realize I'll probably have to re-read everything again since my brain basically short circuited at the end there, but it was definitely worth it. *Tags: hitachi, hitachi magic wand, vibrator, edging, edging games, hitachi edging, edging fetish, reading, hitachi reading, reading fetish, books, book fetish, literature, glasses, eye glasses, glasses fetish, girls in glasses,school girl, nerdy, brunette, brown hair, short hair, bangs, fringe, tattoos and piercings, stockings, knee high socks, pale skin, shaved pussy, pink holes, trimmed bush, landing strip, ass bouncing, grinding, pawg, hysterical literature, intense orgasm, leg shaking, desperation, moaning*
Playing with Daddy video from
Playing with Daddy We had just gotten home from a fun day out in Vegas and I was feeling very naughty and all I wanted to do was please Daddy. He starts out filming me on the bed looking cute while I beg for him to come over and give me what I want. I show off my cute pink holes and play with myself a little until he agrees to let me play with his big cock. I start slowly taking him into my mouth, letting him fuck my face until he's rock hard and covered in my sweet spit. He pushes me back on the bed and straddles me with his dick in my mouth as he fingers me until I cum hard all over his fingers, which he then shoves into my mouth, making me lick up all my juices. I am loving my life in my post cum bliss and all I want now is for Daddy to cum down my little throat. He goes back to fucking my face from multiple hot POV angles and you can see my hungry big brown eyes watering as I take his cock as deep as I can go until I'm gagging and wet. After he fucks my face for a few more minutes he can't hold back anymore and he shoves his cock deep in my mouth and releases his big load down my throat. I swallow every drop of it and show my open mouth with my tongue out so Daddy can see I took all of it like the good girl I am. Featuring: @CumCultXXX ***Tags: BG, blowjob, bj, face fucking, mouth fetish, oral fetish, mouth focus, big dicks, tattoos, piercings, brown eyes, eye contact, crying, rough blowjob, brunette, big brown eyes, spitting, spit fetish, wet and messy, gagging, deep throating, finger fucking, fingering, finger sucking, finger licking, shaved pussy, trimmed bush, creamy, tongue fetish, cum swallower, cum down throat, cum in mouth, dirty talk, moaning, small tits, pale skin, smiling, HD, 4k*
3 Girls Share Your Cock video from
3 Girls Share Your Cock We were in Vegas for the AVNs and we were thinking about how cute we all were with our big brown eyes and brown hair and it got us thinking about what it would be like to look down at all of us while sucking a dick, with our smiles and eyes looking up at you, and we immediately knew we had to film a video to capture how adorable we would look sharing a cock. We start by teasing each other and the dildo, kissing and licking all over while we play with each other's soft bodies, gently pulling at the little lingerie we had on. In between making out and sucking on the dildo we eventually strip out of our clothes and show off our varied size tits, from big to medium to small, we have everything you could want. We spend a lot of time sharing the dildo, occasionally taking turns to have it to ourselves, while the others make out and play with each other until we're all properly riled up then we turn all our focus back on to the big dick in front of us as we encourage you to cum for us with our cute mouths begging for you. Featuring: Cleo Blossom, Natalia Grey, & Blair Woods ***Tags: blowjob, dildo blowjob, dildo sucking, 3 girls 1 dildo, GGG, bisexual, bisexual blowjob, brunettes, brown eyes, bangs, eye contact, big brown eyes, tattoos, pale skin, braces, ponytails, barefoot, tongue fetish, tongue out, mouth fetish, oral fetish, spit fetish, making out, lesbians, girls kissing, lingerie, strip tease, small tits, big tits, nice ass, cute girls, sharing dildo, finger sucking, licking, POV blowjob, big dildo, eager mouths, cam girls*
Red Lipstick JOI video from
Red Lipstick JOI I was looking so cute and innocent in my white slip dress, but underneath it I was feeling very naughty and I wanted to have a little fun with you. I propose that you stroke your cock for me while I slowly undress and tease you, and if I like what I see, I just might let you cum for me. I strip off my sheer dress, leaving just my red thong while I play with my small tits and spank my ass a few times, all while encouraging you to get your dick rock hard for me. Once I see that you're extremely excited and ready for me, I get fully naked to show you all my pink little holes, asking you which part of my tight body you want to cum all over, but I already know where I want your cum. I get up close and tease you with my tongue and mouth, convincing you that your cum definitely needs to go deep down my throat instead. After pleading with you to give me what I want, I give you a nice long countdown with my mouth open and ready for you until I beg you to release your load all over my pretty little mouth. *Tags: JOI, jerk off instruction, JOE, jerk off encouragement, masturbation encouragement, tattoos and piercings, brown eyes, brown hair, bangs, red lipstick, lipstick fetish, makeup, makeup fetish, mouth fetish, mouth focus, oral fetish, oral focus, cum in mouth, cum countdown, masturbation games, joi games, tongue fetish, tongue out, tongue play, finger licking, finger sucking, eye contact, hair clips, short hair, small tits, pawg, shaved pussy, trimmed bush, pink holes, red thong, g string, slip dress, white dress, nail fetish, strip tease, spanks, ass spreading, ass shaking, ass focus, body worship, dirty talk, encouragement, smiling, begging, pleading*
Creamy Cum and Cuck JOI video from
Creamy Cum and Cuck JOI You've always known I have an insatiable need to be fucked and filled and you just can't fulfill me on your own, so you know I have to go out and find more guys to fuck me; and just the thought of it turns you on. You wish you could watch me and my tiny holes get fucked by other guy's big dicks since you know how happy it makes me, and you love spoiling your little princess. I tell you about my escapades after going out to the clubs one night, and I can see that it turns you on to hear about it so I beg you to take out your cock and stroke it for me, until I tell you to cum. It doesn't take long to convince you so I get started making myself cum, showing off my cute little holes while I finger fuck myself, talking all about how much of a dirty cum slut I am and how I want you to stroke thinking about my tight holes getting stretched and filled by other men. You know that no matter how many guys I let fuck me, I'm still your good little girl. *Tags: JOI, jerk off instruction, JOE, jerk off encouragement, cuck, cuckolding, cuck joi, dirty talk, bratty joi, begging, princess, spoiled brat, spoiled princess, baby girl, horny step daughter, cuckolding daddy, shaved pussy, pink pussy, pink holes, pussy spreading, pussy slapping, finger fucking, creamy, creamy cum, finger licking, spitting, small tits, tattoos and piercings, masturbation encouragement, cum countdown, masturbation games, orgasm control, reality, slutty outfit, mini dress, high heels, stilettos, choker, short hair, bangs, make up, tease, red thong, red panties, panties pulled to the side, stretching, cum slut, custom video*
High Heels Strip & Finger Fuck video from
High Heels Strip & Finger Fuck One of my favorite songs came on and it put me in the mood to tease and play with myself, so I let the feeling take me over and decided to embrace it by stripping out of my cute little skirt and tube top while I sensually danced and touched myself. I slowly strip out of my clothes, leaving nothing but my high heels on, and then I begin to prepare my fingers by sucking on them while looking up with my big brown eyes until they're properly soaked and ready to slide in to my pink little pussy. Once I lay back and tease my pussy with some spanking and spreading, I'm ready to push my fingers inside slowly at first and then gradually faster and faster as I grow closer to climax. I have turned myself on so much by this point that I am ready to cum after a few minutes and my body is eager to release with my fingers deep inside me. I finally finish with a leg shaking orgasm with my heels up in the air and my creamy pussy right on display, and of course I lick all my cum up off my fingers because I can't resist my own taste. *Tags: finger sucking, finger fucking, fingering, creamy cum, cum on fingers, masturbation, eye contact, finger licking, pussy slapping, pussy spreading, pussy fingering, creamy, foot focus cum, strip tease, dancing, tube top, mini skirt, school girl skirt, crop top, black skirt, black bra, black thong, lace thong, black heels, music, stripping, tattoos, piercings, brunette, brown eyes, bangs, short hair, small tits, pawg, tight ass, shaved pussy, pink holes, trimmed bush, high heels, strappy heels, stilettos, heel worship, foot worship, foot fetish, high heel fetish
Student Gives JOI/Cum Countdown video from
Student Gives JOI/Cum Countdown After I walked at graduation I needed to stop to talk to one of my professors about my grades since I needed to convince him to give me some extra credit so I would pass his class. I had to really show him how badly I wanted it if I was going to convince him to help me out. I start talking about how I knew he had been watching me all semester, and I told him I would gladly show him anything if it meant he would help me, and this really caught his attention, so I started slowly undressing. The more I take off, the more I convince him. I convince him to touch himself to my half naked body and I play with myself while I talk to him about how badly I want this. As I’m talking him through I beg that he cums for me, and when he gets worried about how it’s against the rules, I’ll remind him that we’re not doing anything wrong. There’s nothing wrong with him watching me while I tease him; it’s what I want after all. I am having so much fun teasing him and watching him stroke his cock for me that I take control and guide him to his orgasm, ending with a 10 second countdown til he is allowed to cum for me. Once he reaches climax and cleans up his mess, I watch him put in my new high final grade and I give him a kiss on the cheek and walk out. *Tags: schoolgirl, slutty schoolgirl, student, graduate, college student, graduation, cap and gown, nice dress, heels, tattoos, piercings, brunette, brown eyes, short brown hair, pale, skinny, small boobs, small tits, strip tease, g string, thong, no bra, mini dress, black thong, shaved pussy, trimmed bush, pink pussy, tight pussy, pink holes, asshole, asshole fetish, ass spreading, ass shaking, ass bouncing, pawg, pussy rubbing, pussy tease, JOI, jerk off instruction, JOE, jerk off encouragement, fetish, kink, cum countdown, masturbation games, countdown, masturbation encouragement, dirty talk, reality, fantasy, ass focused joi, ass focused joe, flashing, nipple pinching, pussy spreading, leg spreading, ass bent over, JOI games, adult school*
My 1st Strap On Fuck video from
My 1st Strap On Fuck I was in Canada visiting Luna for her rank month so we could cam together and while we were there we thought we should film some videos that we've always wanted to film but just didn't have the people around to do it, and a strap on video was one of those ideas. I had never used a strap on or been fucked by one, so this was all new to me, but I knew I absolutely wanted to try. We start with a little celebratory cheers and then we move on to making out and teasing each other while we slowly undress. I start by eating Luna out (only my 2nd pussy to have ever eaten!!!) to get her ready to take the big and realistic strap on dildo, so I go on for a while to make sure she is nice and wet before I stop. Now that she is ready we slide the dildo in her and I fuck her in a couple of positions, taking time to focus on her pussy and her cute face while she's getting fucked, before she has a nice rolling orgasm with the dick still inside her. Then it's Luna's turn to eat my pussy and she makes it extra wet and sloppy, making me more than ready to take the dick, so she has me bent over the edge of the bed so she can slide the dick inside of me. She fucks me in doggy for a while before we switch to missionary so she can get shots of my little pussy taking the cock and my face while it's pounding into me. We end the video with me riding in reverse cowgirl, with me and Luna spanking my ass and watching it bounce up and down on the dick until I've had enough and I cum all over it.

*Tags: strap on fuck, dildo fucking, first strap on, first lesbian experience, lesbians, strap on, girlfriends, pussy eating, pussy licking, oral, oral sex, lesbian pussy eating, tattoos, piercings, tongue piercing, realistic dildo, shaved pussy, trimmed bush, pink pussy, pink holes, small tits, big tits, pierced nipple, doggy style, missionary, POV, beautiful agony, face focused, girls fucking, strip tease, lingerie, lesbian kissing, lesbian making out, make out, tease, cute girls, young girls, alternative girls, alt models, cam girls, candid, lesbian fucking, lesbian sex, creamy, orgasm, cum on dildo, brunette, blue hair, brown eyes, petite, garter belt, @LilKittenLuna, littlebabynug, blair woods*
Pastel Princesses Lotion Tease video from
Pastel Princesses Lotion Tease During our pastel livestream on cam, we kept getting tipped to do bong rips and eventually we were feeling so cute and flirty we wanted to do some sweet naughtiness. After we smoked a bowl out of the cutest pink bong, we decided to lotion each other up and give ourselves a nice little massage after a night of bdsm play. We start by lotioning up our tits, me starting with Lunas, admiring her perfect full tits with the cutest nipple piercing, and then we switch so that she's lotioning up my little tits, and while we're so close, we're tipped for a kiss so we just sneak one in there while looking absolutely adorable. We didn't stop there as we moved on down to our asses, which deserved some tender love and care after some spanks. We lotion each other up and diligently massage all of it in, making sure our skin is as soft as possible and ready to be worshipped. We just looked so cute and innocent that night, and after watching us you'll agree that we definitely deserve to be pampered like this all the time. *Tags: pastels, pink, pink lingerie, onesie, romper, pretty in pink, princess, innocent, cute, cute girls, alt girls, alternative girls, tattoos, piercings, nipple piercing, pale girls, petite girls, small tits, big tits, pawg, shaved pussy, trimmed bush, flashing, ass shaking, ass bouncing, ass grabbing, ass massaging, lotion on ass, lotion on tits, rubbing tits, rubbing in lotion, soft skin, pale skin, brunettes, brown eyes, blue hair, pink toys, dancing, teasing, pig tails, beanies, pink makeup, long nails, nail fetish, bong rips, 420, stoner girls, stoners, coughing, smoking, smoking fetish, coughing fetish, lotion fetish, putting on lotion, lotion tease, lesbians, kissing, adorable, worship, ass worship, body worship, tit worship, reality, candid, live stream, lilkittenluna, blairwoods, littlebabynug* Feat: @LilKittenLuna + @BlairWoods
BJ to the tune of 69 video from
BJ to the tune of 69 69 is one of my favorite positions because it was made for sucking dick and getting to ride someone's face at the same time... so the best of both worlds. I start on my knees in front of him, getting his big cock ready when he asks me to sit on his face, and of course I oblige. I strip and sit my ass down right on his face so that he can taste all of me before I get ready to take all of his cock deep down my throat. Being positioned like this makes it so much easier for me to take his entire cock as its angled perfectly to go deep down my throat easily. He freaks out whenever he can feel his dick going in my throat and he gets so eager he can't help but force his dick down even more, but I absolutely love it. I am gagging all over his giant cock, gasping for breath in between each deep stroke into my mouth, and after 5 minutes of this, he can't hold it in anymore and he releases his giant load with his cock still deep in my throat. I swallow all his cum like the good girl I am, and lick up the mess while I enjoy my final moments of grinding on his face. *Tags: 69, 69ing, blowjob, bj, deepthroat, gagging, gasping for air, face fucking, oral, oral sex, mutual oral, face sitting, face riding, face grinding, pussy eating, ass eating, cum swallowers, cum down throat, throat fucking, tattoos, tattooed couple, hot couple, Boy Girl, B/G, tinder hookup, brunette, skinny, small tits, slutty outfit, crop top, rough blowjob, spit, wet and messy blowjob, reality, candid, voyeur blowjob, voyeur 69, voyeur sex, couple voyeur, barefoot, leg fetish, tattoo fetish, tattoos and piercings, pale couple, shaved pussy, mini skirt, pink holes, camgirl, foot focus, voyeur hook up, cum in mouth, cum in throat, cum on face, ball sucking, *

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About Me

Joined Jun.08, 2018

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Age 23
Height 5'10"
Weight 140 lbs
Bra Size 34B
Body Type About Average
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette

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Videos 89
Views 4,188
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