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Watch us turn that wholesome girl next door into a porn starlet.

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Do the Director: Volume 1 (7 scenes) video from
Do the Director: Volume 1 (7 scenes) So directing and filming amateur porn can make me crazy horny. Watching some hot little 19 year old bang some random stranger on video for cash makes me think bad thoughts. Is it professional to try to bang the talent? Maybe not. But it's porn. What's one more random dick? Plus extra footage is always great. So I almost always try to bang the talent. Sometimes it's pre-arranged. Sometimes it's sort of pre-arranged, like I casually mention maybe doing a bonus scene. And sometimes I just sort of spring it on them at the last second. Either way they usually say yes, which is why this director loves his job. This release has seven scenes with seven different girls. There are two facials, two cream pies, and I nut on three different stomachs. This file is an MPEG-4 (mp4) file, 29fps, 1920x1080, 6.5 mbps). There are two unreleased scene, HILLARY, which is awesome. I was filming her and G-Slang fuck outside when G needed a break. Hillary was totally naked and I was totally hard so I asked and she said ok. She blows me for a few minutes, then I fuck her massive teen tits, and then I fucked her tight eighteen year old pussy until I blow a huge load all over her cute face. There is also a short scene when pretty young ebony RAQUEL gives me head then lets me fuck her and blow a massive load on her stomach. The other scenes are JACI out of the shower (blowjob, fucking, cum on stomach), MELONI (blowjob, tittyfuck, and facial finish), FELICITY out of the shower (blowjob, fucking, creampie), KENDAL (blowjob, fucking, cum on stomach), and KAITLYN (boy/girl/boy action, bowjob, fucking, cream pie).
Hot Body Nursing Student Cures Erection video from
Hot Body Nursing Student Cures Erection This guy took too much of the blue stuff and ended up with an erection for way more than four hours. So he wisely sought medical help. But sadly the doctor was in surgery and the only one available was Hannah, the teen nursing student. While the situation was awkward Hannah was up to the task. Of course to understand the medical problem she had to examine the patient. So she HAS to touch it. But it's hard to get a good idea of what's going on through that denim so nurse Hannah has to free her patient's cock and get her hands directly on the problem area. She may only be a nursing student but Hannah can immediately tell that it's going to take some hard work to cure this hard on. Hannah first uses her hands but that can be a little dry. So she uses her teen tongue and mouth in a valiant attempt to free this man from his interminable erection. He suggests that, maybe if he had something to look at, he'd be able to get relief. So in the interests of medical science, Hannah removes her scrubs, then her bra, then her panties. Wow is Hannah an amazing specimen. Oh, and they're 100% all natural totally real teen tits. Hannah puts those to work also, rubbing her patients turgid cock all over her perfect tits. Finally it becomes more than obvious that there's only one medical procedure that's capable of draining this rogue erection: Hannah has to use her pussy. Or more like the patient has to use nurse Hannah's pussy. He inserts his swollen member into this sweet teen's tight vagina and, sure enough, it allows him to drain his balls all over her toned stomach. We're not sure if this is covered by his insurance but it's one medical bill he wouldn't mind paying. We shot this with two identical HD camcorders so we get all the medical action from a variety of angles. This is a fully HD 1920x1080 7Mbps 29fps MPEG-4 (mp4) file

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Joined Apr.19, 2019

Watch us turn that wholesome girl next door into a porn starlet.

  • Watch Me Audition photo
  • Watch Me Audition photo
  • Watch Me Audition photo
  • Watch Me Audition photo
  • Watch Me Audition photo
  • Watch Me Audition photo
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