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Naughty & posh English rose ~See more of me at JustFor.Fans/FionaDagger for lots more taboo roleplay content (videos, pictures, GIFS and erotic stories!)- & follow me on Twitter @FionaDagger ! I also sell worn panties and am available for custom videos - message me if you're interested! :)

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Pegged In A Medical Trial video from
Pegged In A Medical Trial (This was originally filmed as a custom video and can be watched as a sequel to Fucked In A Medical Trial, but it's not necessary) You've arrived for your second visit as part of the medical trial you signed up for. The doctor asks you some general check up questions about your health and sexual habits since your last appointment, then explains that the dose this time will be a little different. She tells you that you should still expect the same sensations of euphoria and suggestibility, but this time there will be a couple of other effects that she wants you to focus on. You take the pill from her and are surprised by how quickly it kicks in, with a warm rush of joy coming over you, as well as a new sense of submissiveness. You find yourself hanging on the doctor's every word, and wanting to do whatever she tells you. She calmly suggests that you get down on your knees, and you obey her instantly. She seems pleased by this reaction and takes some notes about what a strong reaction you appear to be having to the medication. She gets you to remove your shirt and twist your nipples for her, and confirms with you that the pain in your nipples is now in fact feeling very pleasurable. She notices that you have an erection and examines it closely, taking lots of notes and gently touching and lifting it with her pen. She gives your balls a hard squeeze and seems amused when you breathlessly thank her, noting down that the patient has become very submissive indeed. She questions you about your anal experience, and seems pleased when you tell her you have none at all. She asks you if you would enjoy something being inserted into your anus right now, and you find yourself agreeing enthusiastically! She gets you to lie back on the examination table and pull back your legs, exposing yourself completely as she takes her time putting on a strap on and taking notes out loud. She begins to fuck you slowly, taking notes in a cool, detached voice as she narrates you becoming more and more desperate and debased. She remains detached and professional as she pounds you harder and harder, until finally you're begging incoherently for her to let you cum. Instead of answering or acknowledging your desperate cries, she simply fucks you harder, narrating your condition, until you just can't help yourself and a huge load of cum shoots out of your cock and covers your torso all over, leaving you sticky and trembling with humiliation and joy! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, posh accent, medical, doctor, nurse, bedside manner, cold, professional, personal attention, examination, solo female, roleplay, pegging, strap on, strap-on, strapon, anal dildo, pov, femdom, domme, submissive and breedable, mind wash, mindwash, mind control, slut training, sissy training
Art Model Fucks You In Class video from
Art Model Fucks You In Class (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the sex is implied off screen) You've signed up to be a life model for an art class, and arrive to find that it's a couples pose class and you have a partner model to work with. She seems very shy and taken with you immediately, only getting more awkard and fixated with you once the clothes come off! She can't seem to take her eyes off your body, and when you're made to stand very close together you can't help but get aroused by her nearness and her breathless excitement over your body. She notices your growing erection and looks embarrassed but excited, whispering to you that she's seen it and telling you to keep it quiet from the instructor. You're put into a new pose with your bodies against each other, and as you shift your weight your cock slips a little way into her pussy! She gasps and looks back at you but doesn't pull away, and as she wriggles your cock slips in even further! She struggles to stay still, fighting how good it feels and trying to remain professional for the class, but soon she's moving without thinking about it, and gradually fucking you more and more intently! She seems to have forgotten the class, or it just feels to good to stop, but either way she thrusts her ass back against you over and over until she cums; and then immediately realises what she's just done in front of the whole class of students, and panics and runs out the door! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, solo roleplay, personal attention, asmr, soothing, whispered, flirting, awkward, shy, body worship, muscle worship, public, risky, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent
Watching My BF Fuck Your Ass video from
Watching My BF Fuck Your Ass (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've just arrived back at your friend's dorm room after a class, and you sit down on her bed together to unwind a bit. Your friend asks you if you have a secret crush on her, and you don't know how to react! You try to deny it but it's obvious to her that you're crazy for her. She giggles and teases you but tells you not to feel bad, she doesn't mind at all that you've got the hots for her! It's not surprising anyway - you guys hang out a lot, and you're so shy and awkward while she's so popular and sexy... Of course you were going to develop a crush! She gets more and more into teasing you about how much you want her, and says she bets that you would do ANYTHING for a chance to fuck her. You try to deny this, but she begins caressing herself all over, lifting up her shirt and giggling as your jaw nearly hits the floor. She begins to strip off, gently mocking you about how desperate you are and how much fun she's having winding you up. She muses about how you're so shy on the surface, but perhaps there is a secret slut underneath, waiting to be let out... Suddenly she gets an idea and texts her boyfriend, explaining to you that she's decided to allow you to fuck her - but only if first you'll let her boyfriend fuck you in the ass while she watches! She's so turned on by the idea of watching you become a slut in front of her, and reassures you that you'll love it and you don't need to be nervous. Of course, you still are pretty nervous but the promise of getting to fuck her leads to you shyly agreeing! Her boyfriend quickly arrives and she tells him that she's got a treat for him - and for her, getting to watch! Her boyfriend grabs you and takes control as she watches closely, fingering her wet pussy and encouraging you! She tells you how proud of you she is as you begin to take her boyfriend's large cock in your ass, and gleefully labels you a slut like her now! As her boyfriend pounds your ass you can't hide how much you're loving it, and when you cum hard with his cock inside you it sends your friend over the edge too and she orgasms in front of you, before commanding her boyfriend to fill your slutty ass up with cum! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, roleplay, bisexual encouragement, bbg, boy boy girl, bi, anal sex, anal instructions, domme, femdom, goddess, bratty domme, masturbation, fingering pussy, dirty talk, posh accent, gay encouragement, slut training, gentle humiliation
Mommy Sits On Your Face video from
Mommy Sits On Your Face (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Arjun is used throughout. It is a sequel to Mom Teaches You To Eat Pussy) You're in your bedroom, working hard at your desk when your mom walks in and says she wants to give you a treat for working so hard lately - she was planning to wait until you had finished to give it to you, but she was getting too excited thinking about how much you would enjoy it, so she decided to give it to you now instead. She opens her robe and sits on the edge on your desk, opening her legs and encouraging you to eat her pussy. You immediately begin enthusiastically going down on her, and she gently encourages you and teases you about how keen you are to lick your mommy's pussy. After a few minutes you stop and look as if you have something to say but you're feeling nervous, and your mom gently makes you tell her what's on your mind - you're feeling funny because you had a sex dream about her last night! Your mom is so pleased and flattered, saying that it's wonderful that you'd dream about her in that way, and that she's such a lucky mother. You confess it was specifically about sitting on her face, and she laughs and asks if this is your way of asking for her to do that? You quickly nod and she tells you to lay down on your bed, climbing on top of you to position her wet pussy above your face. You can't hold back and quickly begin worshipping her pussy as she teases you further about what a doting son you are, and how it's been so long since anyone has done this for her, so she's so happy... Your tonge works furiously until your mother climaxes, her juices running all down your face, but when she goes to climb off you cling to her and plead silently with your eyes, wanting more! She laughs at you and allows you to spend a few more minutes cleaning up every last drop of her wetness, and as you're doing so tells you that she wants you to come to her bedroom tonight... If you've been enjoying eating mommy's pussy, then just wait and see how much you'll love being inside of her!! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, taboo, mother son, mom, mum, mummy, wincest, family affairs, solo roleplay, pussy eating, licking, pov, dirty talk, gentle domme, encouragment, mommy domme, face sitting
Humiliated By Your Sister video from
Humiliated By Your Sister If you're a fan of my taboo content, check out my taboo (bro/sis, daddy/daughter, mom/son and more!) roleplay stuff at JustFor.Fans/FionaDagger !**(This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Dennis is used throughout) You've just gotten out of the shower when your sister bursts into the bathroom and immediately begins laying into you, demanding to know if you've been texting dick pics to all of her friends. You try to deny it but she furiously tells you she knows it was you, she's seen the pics and the background of every photo is clealy your bedroom, plus they came from your phone number! What she can't get her head around is why you would even want to share any pictures of such a gross little cock!? Do you even know what her friends have been saying about it in the group chat?? She reads you her messages, sniggering as she describes their laughter at your pathetic little dick, then tells you that you need to apologise to her friends. You agree and say you'll do it in a minute but your sister says no, right now! She stops you from putting your clothes on and starts recording you on her phone, feeding you lines as you awkwardly hide your tiny dick behind your hands. She decides then that this isn't enough of an apology, and takes off her lacy pink thong, making you put it on instead. She makes you continue to grovel and apologise as you hold sexy poses for the camera, then after a moment she realises you've got an erection! She laughs at how tiny it is and mocks you for getting turned on by being humiliated like this, then tells you to get down on the floor. You lay down nervously and your sister stands over you, making you lick and kiss her shoe and tell her how sexy and perfect she is. She gets you to stroke your tiny cock for her, saying she's just curious to see how it would even work with something so tiny, then makes you flip over and humiliates you further by inserting random bathroom objects into your asshole and mocking you for clearly loving it. She gets you to flip over again and sits on your face, commanding you to stroke your tiny prick until you cum all over yourself like a good little cumslut. Finally, as you're sticky and exhausted and covered in your own jizz, she pees into a cup and pours it all over you, to end your punishment for being such a tiny dick pervert! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, posh accent, pee, peeing, femdom, female domination, humiliate, verbal degradation, worshipping, taboo fantasy, wincest, family affairs, brother sister, upskirt, pissing, sph, small penis humiliation
My Best Friend's Dad video from
My Best Friend's Dad (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the names Mr P and Benjamin are used throughout) It's the beginning of the Covid pandemic, and you've offered your daughter's best friend Fiona a place to stay while quarantine is going on, as you know she'd prefer not to go home to her own family. Your daughter is staying with her mother, so it will just be the two of you, but you've known Fiona for years and feel very comfortable having her in your home. As she arrives and begins unpacking her stuff, she thanks you profusely for letting her move in with you for a while, and mentions how she's always looked up to you. The two of you grow closer over the next few weeiks, beginning to spend more and more time together, and Fiona seems to be gradually gaining the confidence to drop little hints towards you about her feelings... You're not sure whether you're imagining things, however, until one day when you realise that she's masturbating in her room, and has left the door open... You can't resist peeking round to get a glimpse, and are mesmerized by the sight of her on the bed, fingering herself and moaning your name. You stand there watching in shock and arousal, until she opens her eyes and spot you! Immediately you turn and move swiftly down the corridor, cursing your slip up and hoping that it hasn't ruined your chances with her... You're relieved when a few hours later Fiona joins you in the living room, wearing only one of your shirts and shyly asking if she can sit with you. She gets close to you on the couch, telling you how much she appreciates you and how she's loved growing closer to you this last few weeks, even confessing that when she was younger she used to be jealous of your daughter, and would wish that you were her father... Finally, she gathers up the courage to kiss you! She pulls away nervously to check your reaction but you pull her back in, kissing her passionately and running your hands over her body. The tension mounts as your kissing gets more and more intense, until she breathlessly begs you to take her upstairs to your bed! You lead her upstairs and she immediately drops to her knees, unzipping your pants to take out your throbbing hard cock. You can barely believe what's happening as she worships your cock with her tongue, inbetween telling you how badly she's been wanting this, for so long... She asks if you'll fuck her, and slowly peels down her panties to reveal her perfect little pussy. She lays back on the bed and opens herself to you, gasping as you enter her for the first time. You passionately fuck her in multiple positions until she's professing her love to you and begging to be filled with cum, orgasming at the same time as you spill your huge load into her tight pussy! TAGS: british, english, posh accent, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, taboo, daddy, age difference, dildo, missionary, creampie, blowjob, cock sucking, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl
Your Sister, The Escort video from
Your Sister, The Escort (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You've always been super close with your sister, so you're happy when she comes over to your place for a catch up, but you can quickly tell that there's something on her mind. She admits that she has something to tell you, and asks that you try and keep an open mind, before confessing that she's actually been working as an escort for the last 6 months. She tells you that your relationship with her is so important to her, and she knows how lucky she is to be so comfortable with her brother, so she was nervous to tell you in case it made you see her differently. You reassure your sister that you would never judge her and you're not mad at all, only wanting to check that she's being safe and is looking after herself. She assures you that she's being very careful, and is actually really enjoying the work - she likes sex, and she likes money, so this is a win win! You realise that there might be an opportunity here, and casually ask her if she would really have sex with anyone for money. She says yeah, pretty much, and you then ask her... What about you? Would she fuck you for money? Of course, your sister thinks you're joking and laughs at the idea of you hiring her services, but she gradually comes to realise that it's a serious question. She's surprised, and concerned that doing sexual stuff would have an impact on your close relationship, but you promise her that it wouldn't. It takes a little while to convince her, and she seems very nervous about the idea, but eventually she agrees to give it a go. She awkwardly undresses, unable to stop herself from giggling at the strangeness of the situation, and kneels down to suck your cock. You're rock hard and so excited as she stares at your dick, psyching herself up to actually put it in her mouth... Once she does, the first couple of minutes keep being interrupted by her helpless laughter; it's just so weird sucking her own brother's cock! She begins to realise that you get even more excited whenever she mentions how you guys are related, and so she ramps that up, enjoying your reactions. You can tell she's starting to get turned on in spite of herself, as she relaxes into it and sucks your cock more and more intently. She asks if you still want to fuck her, and admits that her pussy has gotten quite wet while she was sucking you off; she's really surprised at how much she's enjoying this... She lays on her back for you to slide your cock inside her, and it's not long at all before she's moaning about how good your cock feels, and how dirty it is to be enjoying her own brother's cock! She forgets all about her nerves and begs you to fuck her harder, so you flip her over and pound her in doggy style, pumping your cock into her until she orgasms intensely, shaking and groaning about how it's so crazy that her own brother could make her cum so hard... She kneels down and starts dirty talking to you about how she bets you're dying to cover her face in cum, begging for her brother's spunk, and you oblige her by shooting a whole load onto her face! TAGS: british, english, taboo, family affairs, wincest, redhead, ginger, posh accent, tattoos, tattooed, roleplay, dirty talk, bro sis, brother sister, escort, pussy fucking, blowjob, cock sucking, facial, cumshot, bg, boy girl, fam play
Cursed To Be A Slut video from
Cursed To Be A Slut (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and the name Greg is used a couple of times) You arrive home to find your wife looking very flustered and out of sorts! She seems distracted and restless, and you notice that she's wearing a new and unusual looking necklace. You ask her about it, and she confesses she got it today at a pawn shop, and tells you about how the lady in the shop hadn't wanted to sell it to her - she had apparently been saying something about the necklace being cursed, which is of course ridiculous! Your wife was determined to have the necklace - something about it had really stuck in her mind - so as soon as the lady turned her back for a moment, your wife quickly put £100 down on the desk and ran out with the necklace! She tells you how she put it on in the car and loved the look of it, but she's concerned that she might be coming down with some sort of fever, as on the journey home she started feeling very odd. She describes how she began to feel sort of impulsive, having thoughts and whims that she would never normally entertain... She's embarrassed but tells you how she found herself driving straight to a sex shop, where she actually purchased several 'toys'! She pulls them out of her handbag and shows them to you, seeming surprised at herself and reminding you that she's never been interested in this sort of thing at all, and has shot you down in the past when you suggested experimenting. She puts them down on the bed, but you notice her eyes keep being drawn to them as if she can't stop thinking about them and what she might use them for... You can tell she's getting more and more flustered, and ask her why doesn't she just take the necklace off - to which she explains that she's been trying for ages, but the clasp seems to be stuck! She asks you to try it, but amazingly you also find the clasp impossible to open. Getting desperate, your wife starts pulling at her clothes and complaining that they are agitating her skin. She strips down to naked and that seems to help for a moment, but soon her agitation is growing again and she seems to be trying to stop herself from doing something... She desperately asks you to call the doctor and tell them that something is wrong with her, and as you are dialing the phone she suddenly grabs the dildo she purchased and begins fucking herself on the bed! You pause in amazement as you watch her and she furiously tells you to hurry up and call the doctor, as she continues pounding her pussy desperately! You try to focus on getting through to a doctor, but before you can your wife flings the dildo away and demands that you play with her tits, snapping at you to call the doctor in a minute, she needs her tits fondled now! You put the phone down and oblige her, marvelling as her language gets filthier and filthier. Every now and then she seems to snap out of it for a moment and appears shocked at her own actions, but each time quickly falls back into demanding that you touch her like the slut she is! She pulls away from you, quickly grabbing the dildo again and furiously fucking herself with it, before snapping that it's no good, she needs cock, right now! Of course, you'd do anything to help your wife, so you quickly drop your trousers and give her what she needs; pounding her hard from behind as she gets dirtier and dirtier with her moaning and her demands! She gets up to ride your cock on the bed, seeming so different from the wife you know - she's acting like a complete slut, bouncing on your cock like she just can't get enough! She gets louder and louder until she climaxes hard, her pussy squeezing and convulsing around your cock, just as you're getting close to your own orgasm! But suddenly, the necklace falls from her neck, finally releasing her, and she collapses onto the bed with her eyes shut, breathing heavily. You nervously lean over her, wondering if she's alright, when her eyes open and she asks what you're looking at - are you just going to stand there, or are you going to fuck her dirty cunt like the slut she is now?? Because if you won't, she'll go straight out onto the street and let the first man she comes across fill her up and give her what she needs!! TAGS: british, english, ginger, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, posh accent, tattoos, tattooed, slut transformation, slut training, good girl gone bad, cowgirl, doggy, dildo fucking
Your Sis Is Bored & Horny video from
Your Sis Is Bored & Horny (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your sister Fiona is on the phone to her friend, who tells Fiona that she's been hooking up with a boy, but is reluctant to say who it is... Fiona promises not to judge whoever it is, and the friend eventually confesses that she's been fooling around with her own brother! Fiona is shocked at first but then starts to come round to the idea of messing around with her own brother, you! She's just unsure that you would actually go for the idea - how is she supposed to propostion you without asking you outright, and risking you telling everyone that she's a pervert who wants her own brother? She comes up with a plan to put on a sexy dress and test the waters, seeing if you'd be open to the idea of doing stuff with her... You're relaxing in your room when she comes in, wearing a slutty little dress and acting pretty weird. She's trying out sexy poses but is extremely awkward, and you can't help but tease her about it. At first she denies that she's up to anything, but when you keep laughing at her attempts at sexiness, she confesses that her friend had got her onto this stupid idea to try and seduce you, but she knows now it was a dumb plan. You're surprised, and tell Fiona that you'd actually be up for that - and if she'd just asked you outright, instead of coming in and being all awkward, you could have just told her straight away! She's surprised and not quite sure whether to believe you at first, but then excitement takes over and she lays out ground rules - no actual fucking, that would be too far! You agree and Fiona strips down out of her dress, trying to make it a sexy striptease but still feeling a bit awkward in front of you. You begin touching yourselves, watching each other and getting more and more turned on. After a while she asks if you'd like to touch her, and you caress her tits before playing with her pussy, which is getting wetter by the minute! Your sister starts to play with your cock, seeming fascinated by it, and soon asks if she could try giving you a blowjob? She gets super into sucking your cock, at last beginning to relax and forget the awkwardness of doing this to her brother. She's getting so turned on that she suggests grinding, and gets up on top of you to rub her soaking pussy along the length of your cock. You flip her over and grind up against her ass, teasing her pussy with the head of your cock, then throw her down on the bed and keep grinding against her until she can't take it anymore and says she wants to fuck! Neither of you have a condom, and she's not on birth control, but you're too horny at this point to stop! You agree you'll pull out before cumming, and you plunge your cock deep into your sister's pussy. You fuck her in multiple positions until she ends up back on top of you, riding your cock furiously as she gets close to cumming. You're feeling very close yourself and try to warn her, but she tells you to hold it, she's not there yet! You can't hold it back, and she's not getting off you, so you can't stop yourself from flooding her pussy with your cum! She feels you cumming and immediately panics, but your warm seed filling her starts her cumming as well! Just as you're both writhing and moaning in pleasure, your mother bursts in - catching you both in the act! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, wincest, family affairs, boy girl, bg, taboo, fantasy, siblings, tattoos, tattooed, dirty talk, posh accent, blowjob, cowgirl, doggy, doggystyle, missionary, pussy fucking, creampie
Homewrecking Babysitter video from
Homewrecking Babysitter (This was originally filmed as a custom video) The girl who babysits for you every week has knocked on your door unexpectedly, pushed her way inside and is now demanding to talk to you! She tells you that she can't hold it in any longer, she's in love with you and wants you so bad - she says she'll do anything to have you! You try to politely turn her down, reminding her that you're a married man and that in fact your wife will be home soon, but she talks over you; desperate to win you over. She compares herself to your wife, insisting that she's so much younger and hotter than your wife, and would be so much more fun... You're still trying to get her to leave, so she quickly starts stripping off, showing off her body to you and telling you all the things you could do to it. You're finding it hard not to stare, and are becoming aroused against your own will, but you're still being loyal to your wife. The babysitter can tell she's beginning to get through to you and begins touching herself, masturbating aggressively on your couch and covering her tits in spit; begging to let her show you what a dirty little slut she could be for you... At this point it's impossible to hide your erection and as soon as she spots it she leaps up gleefully, pulling down your pants and running her tongue over your hard cock. It feels too good to resist, and you're won over when she suggests that she just suck your cock and then go, that wouldn't be too big a deal right? You agree and she pulls out her phone, telling you that she just wants a video to remember this moment by... She films herself sucking you off, before putting the phone away and informing you that she's changed her mind. She wants you to fuck her after all! And now that she has that video, you have to say yes or she'll send it to your whole family... At this point you finally give in fully, knowing that you have no other choice but secretly thrilled that you're about to fuck her. She rides your cock, cumming again and again as her tight pussy squeezes you, then you pound her in doggystyle as she makes you tell her that you think she's so much hotter than your wife..... Just as you're shouting that her pussy is the best and that you'll never think of your wife again, who should walk in? Your wife, of course! The babysitter laughs as you keep fucking her, telling your wife that she should be able to see that her husband is occupied! She then asks you to cum all over her face, and you happily oblige as your wife watches in horror, knowing that her husband has been totally bewitched by this homewrecking slut! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, posh, solo female, roleplay, dirty talk, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, cheating, cheater, slut, blowjob, doggy, cowgirl, facial, cumshot
Dommed By Your Goth Ex GF Part II video from
Dommed By Your Goth Ex GF Part II (This was originally filmed as a custom video) It's been two whole weeks since your ex locked you away in a chastity cage, and you're eager to have her remove it and play with you a bit more. After last time's cruel ending, you're really hoping that this time there will be a bit more reward for you... Your ex teases you about your hopes, mocking your desperation and hinting that her pussy might be an option if you perform really well today... But first you have to do some tasks for her. She gets you to put an inflatable butt plug into your ass and forbids you from touching your cock at all, focussing on slowly inflating the toy in your ass as she teases you. After a while she allows you a little stimulation - by allowing you to rub a vibrator over the head of your cock, and nothing more! She enjoys watching you squirm in frustration as your prostate and head are stimulated, and begins telling you about all the men she's had over this week, and the things they got to do to her... Finally she gets you to beg her to fuck her pussy, and once she's satisfied that you're really desperate, she gives you a fleshlight and tells you to get to it! She laughs at the expression on your face, mocking you for thinking that you'd actually be allowed to fuck her pussy today, and tells you that should be grateful to get to jack off into this pocket pussy in front of her. She instructs you in using it, edging you cruelly until you can't take any more, then commands you to cum for her... But once you've cum, she has one last little task for you before she'll let you go.... TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, cei, cum eating instructions, femdom, bdsm, posh accent, stockings, lingerie, tasks, domme, butt play, ass play, plug, edging, joi, jerk off instructions, solo female, dirty talk, roleplay
Dommed By Your Goth Ex GF video from
Dommed By Your Goth Ex GF (This was originally filmed as a custom video)You've just got back from a group vacation with a bunch of your friends, including your ex girlfriend, who spent the whole trip teasing you and enjoying making you flustered in front of your friends. Now she's invited you round, and when you arrive she immediately brings up the trip, asking if it was difficult seeing her in all those tiny bikinis? She tells you that it's obvious that you're still attracted to her, and just because you're broken up it doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore... Don't you miss having her in control of you? You're nervous and reluctant at first but your ex teases you with her body, and soon you're struggling to hide your erection from her. She gleefully tells you she knew you wouldn't be able to resist, and offers to let you see her tits... You can't control yourself anymore and beg her to let you see them, and your ex informs you that she'll show them to you just as soon as you've slapped yourself in the balls 5 times. She counts out the hits for you then rewards you with the sight of her perky breasts, which only makes you desperate for more. You start touching yourself without meaning to, you're so turned on, and your ex notices and immediately tells you off, reminding you that the rule has always been you need permission to stroke! She asks if you'd like to see her ass, and then makes you put Icy Hot onto your dick before she'll give you what you want! She giggles as she watches you rub the ointment into your cock, then pulls off her skirt to give you a good look at her ass, demanding that you worship it. She then makes you beg to taste her pussy juices off her fingers, and after you've begged sufficiently she sticks her hand into her panties to get her fingers covered in wetness, then makes you suck her fingers clean. She then demands 5 more ball slaps from you, before rewarding you with some stroking time - strictly following her instructions, and with lots of edging, of course. Finally she decides you've earned a bit of a reward, so she uses her mouth on your cock - after making you swear that you'll be hers to control forever. As she is sucking your cock you struggle more and more to hold off your orgasm, so she commands you to jack your cock for her... Will she let you cum, though? TAGS: british, english, domme, dominant woman, domination, dominatrix, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, roleplay, solo female, gothic, goth, ex girlfriend, girlfriend experience, gfe, edging, joi, jerk off instructions, tasks, dirty talk, blowjob, femdom
Seduced By A Homewrecker video from
Seduced By A Homewrecker (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your colleague Fiona has come round to your place to chat about some work stuff, and she's greeted by your wife, who tells her to make herself comfortable and wait for you in the living room. Fiona settles in, admiring the room and fantasising out loud about what a lovely home this will be for the two of you, once she's managed to get rid of your wife! She becomes aroused by these thoughts, pulling up her skirt to rub her pussy through her lace panties, until she hears you about to enter the room. Quickly, she straightens up her clothes and greets you as you walk into the living room, flirtily telling you to sit down next to her. You chat work stuff for a minute before your wife comes in to let you both know that she's heading out for lunch with a friend now, so will be back later. As soon as your wife is gone, Fiona immediately ramps up the flirting - asking how long you've been with your wife, and saying that you must be frustrated only being with one woman in all that time! You're embarrassed when she tells you that she's caught you checking out her ass many times, but she reassures you that she's not offended at all! In fact, she says she wants you to look! You protest weakly but before you know it you're staring in awe as Fiona bends over the sofa to hitch up her skirt, slowly exposing her tight round ass to you. Your will to resist is rapidly diminishing, and when she peels off her panties and guides you to the floor you find yourself letting her do whatever she wants to you! First she slides your hard cock into her pussy, riding you as she removes her shirt and bra. Then she climbs off you and begins sucking your cock enthusiastically, asking if your wife ever does this for you any more? She gets you to stand up and keeps sucking your cock, keeping up a constant stream of dirty talk about how if she was your wife, you would get to do whatever you wanted... Fiona then demands to be fucked in your wife and yours' bed, and by this time you're putty in her hands and simply can't say no! Ignoring your guilty feelings, you show Fiona to your bedroom where she begs you to pound her from behind so you can enjoy the sight of her ass bouncing over your cock. She then gets you to lie down on the bed and rides you in reverse cowgirl, telling you that you can enjoy her whenever you want, however you want - no more boring missionary with the lights off with your wife! As she is riding you she seems to hear something downstairs and immediately starts moaning loudly, screaming that you're making her cum on your cock! Then she demands that you cum on her ass, shaking and twerking it for you to shoot your load all over. When your balls are empty and reality is starting to sink back in, she jumps up, ass covered in cum, and strides to the door. telling you that she heard your wife getting home a minute ago - and by now she's sure to have found all the clothes strewn about the living room! She gleefully suggests you go downstairs with her to see what your wife thinks about all this, and suggests that you should kick your wife out of the house where she's no longer wanted! TAGS: british, english, dirty talk, roleplay, posh accent, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, solo female, dildo fucking, dildo sucking, slut, home wrecker, cheating, cheater, affair, blowjob
Watching Porn With Your Sis Part III video from
Watching Porn With Your Sis Part III (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and is the third part of a series) You and your sister have been enjoying your 'movie nights' for a while now, with your sister affectionately referring to them as the 'wanking club'. Tonight it's her turn to pick the video to be watched, and she excitedly settles in and gets comfy on the sofa next to you. She tells you that since you showed her that step-siblings video a while ago, she's gone on a bit of a rabbit hole of taboo videos, and the one she's selected tonight is a taboo brother sister scene. As you watch it together it's clear that your sister has become more and more comfortable with this situation over the weeks you've spent masturbating together, as by now she strips off with no sense of shyness, and chats to you about her own masturbation habits, as well as quizzing you on yours. She narrates the story to you, telling you what it is she likes so much about these taboo kind of videos, and occasionally drops in a searching question, seeming to probe whether you would like it if the two you were to do some of the actions in the video together... At one point she shows off her ass to you, explaining that sometimes she likes to masturbate like this so she can fantasise about being fucked from behind, and teasing you about how it would look if your mother were to walk in on this sight! She insists that you hold off your orgasm until the very end of the video, so that the two of you can cum together. Your sister cums hard, watching closely as you shoot your load, then she happily informs you that it's your turn to pick the video next week, and suggests you stick with the taboo theme! TAGS: british, english, redhead, ginger, tattoos, tattooed, posh accent, dirty talk, natural, build up, relaxed, dual masturbation, duel masturbation, dildo, vibrator, siblings, wincest, roleplay
Fucking Your Mom video from
Fucking Your Mom (This was originally filmed as a custom video) You're in your room masturbating one day when your mum walks in to get your dirty laundry - she doesn't notice you at first and you decide to keep going, but then she spots you and is shocked and embarrassed to see you touching yourself! She tells you off and tries to get you to cover up, asking why you didn't stop or say anything when she came in the room!? Wait a second, are you the reason some of her panties have been going missing recently!? She begins to calm down a little and says it's clear you must have developed a bit of a crush on her, don't worry it's nothing to be ashamed of, it happens some times! You keep touching yourself as she talks to you and you notice she can't stop looking at your cock.. She mentions it's certainly got a lot bigger than the last time she saw it! She suggests that as you've clearly got yourself worked up, maybe she could do a sort of show for you to enjoy while you touch yourself, would you like that? You ask her to be as dirty as possible and she shyly starts to strip off, trying to talk dirty to you, and gradually getting more and more into it and less embarrassed! After a while she asks if you'd enjoy fucking her for a bit, and of course you say yes, so she lies down on the bed and opens her legs for you to fuck her tight pussy! She keeps talking to you the whole time, encouraging you and calling you a good boy, and after a while asks if you'd like to try fucking her asshole as well? You bend her over the bed and fuck her ass until she tells you to cum deep inside her!
Aura Cleanse & Soothing Blowjob video from
Aura Cleanse & Soothing Blowjob (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the handjob is IMPLIED - it happens off screen) You've booked in for an energy session with a new age healer, and when you arrive for your appointment she seems instantly taken with you; flustered and excited to get to work on your aura. She asks if you would be willing to be naked for the session, saying that it will help her work more effectively, and you agree and strip off before her eyes, making her even more flustered! You lay down and get comfortable on the bed and she leans over you, talking in a soft voice and moving her hands soothingly over your body. She uses some crystals to help cleanse your aura, but soon seems to forget about them and focusses on running her hands all over your body. She looks entranced as she does so, and seems to be completely absorbed and even getting slightly aroused. Her hands begin to linger around your crotch and after a while she begins softly stroking your now hard cock, seemingly unaware of what she's doing. As she begins to jack you more rapidly she suddenly comes to her senses and apologises to you, telling you that she didn't mean to get so carried away! You tell her not to worry about it, and ask her to carry on, and she does so happily, saying that it will be a great energy release for you. She keeps whispering and talking softly to you as she begins to stroke your cock in earnest, feeling your energies rising as you approach orgasm. She encourages you to cum for her and seems blissed out when you do so; then she offers you a free session if you'll come back and see her again! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, posh accent, tattooed, tattoos, solo female, dirty talk, roleplay, personal attention, shy, flirting, admiring, admiration, asmr, soothing, gentle, massage, spiritual, handjob, softcore, cfnm, clothed female nude male
Make Me A Bimbo Part II video from
Make Me A Bimbo Part II (This was originally filmed as a custom video, and is a sequel to Make Me A Bimbo. The names Mr Astor and Master Ray are featured throughout) Fiona is checking into her hotel room ahead of the wedding tomorrow, and is excited to act as a bridesmaid for her friend. When she enters the room she immediately spots a note and a gift box on the bed, along with a glass of fizz. The note is from the wedding planner, Mr Astor, who's name seems to send Fiona into a state of relaxed bliss upon reading it, and it informs her that she is to get dressed in the items within the box, and prepare to meet her groomsman. Fiona is overtaken by a state of giddiness and heightened arousal, and as she begins to get ready for the evening she giggles and strokes her body sensually. As she applies makeup and dresses in the lacy lingerie and silky little dress provided, she becomes more and more empty headed and turned on, finally throwing herself onto the bed and touching herself in bliss. She masturbates blissfully, with not a care in the world, until she's interrupted by a knock at the hotel room door. Remembering that her unknown groomsman is supposed to be arriving, she jumps up and opens the door. When she sees the man waiting she instantly recognises him as her Master Ray, and ecstatically pulls him into the room, telling him she's been waiting so long for his cock. She kneels down to take him in her mouth and sucks enthusiastically, bouncing and wriggling with excitement and happiness. She then begs Master Ray to give her what she wants and fuck her pussy, so he bends her over the bed and pounds her until she's filled with cum and even more blissed out! She then informs him happily that she forgot her birth control at home, but she doesn't even care if she gets pregnant if it's by her master! TAGS: british, english, ginger, redhead, tattoos, tattooed, boy/girl, bg, roleplay, dirty talk, posh accent, long hair, dressed up doll, mind fucked, dominated, controlled, doggy, doggystyle, creampie, impreg, impregnation, transformation fantasy, blowjob, cock sucking, bimboification, slut training, makeup, feminine, girly, slutty

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