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Succumbing to your deepest desires & bringing your fantasies to life. Taboo, GFE, Role Play, Fetish, Solo Play WAM & more.

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cum covered mommy video from
cum covered mommy For JESSE: I barge into your room and ask to speak to you about something… I close the door behind me and confront you about how I saw you hanging out with a girl after school. I instantly became jealous which is why I’m here now dressed in lingerie and ready to seduce you, my son. I remind you how I’m the only woman that you’ll ever need. No one touches you like mommy does, no one can make you feel the way mommy does. I expose my tits and tell you to look at how perfect they are. They’re so much better than other girls’. I start to stroke your hard cock and keep dirty talking. I make it a point to keep telling you how mommy is the ONLY girl you’ll ever need. I get on my knees and take your cock into my mouth telling you how wrong it is but I won’t ever stop. A mother’s job is to take care of her son, no matter what it takes. I suck you and begin to beg for your cum. I beg you to cum in mommy’s mouth and once you do I tell you how proud I am of you. I spit your cum onto my tits and rub myself in front of you. Mommy wants more. I get on the bed and tell you to fuck me. I tell you that no other woman will ever treat you the way mommy does. You push into me and I keep telling you what a good boy you are and how you’re my special boy. You fuck me so deep and good, I love it so much. I don’t want you to stop until you’ve covered mommy in more cum. I beg to be covered in your cum and when you get close you pull out of me and I jerk your cock until you completely cover mommy in your hot cum. Such a good boy for mommy… enjoy me, xo TABOO/ROLE PLAY/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/POV SEX/CUMSHOTS/CUM IN MOUTH/CUM ON TITS/CUM BEGGING/BIG TITS/JEALOUSY/DIRTY TALK/DILDO SUCKING
all day I dream about mommy video from
all day I dream about mommy This clip takes you on a journey that takes place on a few different days/nights. You fall into daydream after daydream as your need to cum for mommy intensifies. There are some captions added to help you along as the story unfolds… I’m the hottest mother ever with the sexiest body and I let it be known as I walk around the house in revealing clothing. I don’t stop to consider how I could be affecting you, my son. It turns out you’ve been fantasizing about me for months. Daydreams and wet dreams almost every night. But the problem is… you never cum. Either you wake before you finish or you’re some how interrupted. This has caused you to become obsessed with naughty thoughts. As I chat with you casually, check in with you as you study, or greet you in the morning, you slip into these all-consuming fantasies where I tease you with my tits, I kiss you passionately, we fuck, tity fuck, you spank my ass… each fantasy leading you to a finish that never happens. That is until one night. While you are having a wet dream about me, I run to you and wake you from your rest to make sure you’re okay… you were calling and groaning my name. I’ve mentioned that you seem distracted and out of it lately, I tell you that it’s time to come clean- tell mommy what’s wrong. You finally cave and tell me about your fantasies and how you find me so sexy. You tell me everything, including how you’ve never had the chance to cum when these dreams take place. What do you think my reaction will be? Upset? Disgusted? Flattered? Will you finally get the release you’ve been aching for? Come find out… enjoy me, xo TABOO/MOMMY ROLEPLAY/BOOB WORSHIP/POV SEX/STORYLINE/DAYDREAMS/WET DREAMS/SENSUAL/DIRTY TALK
making brother disappear video from
making brother disappear *POV angles and props are used in this vore interpretation* I’m amazed to discover my little brother shrunken down to a tiny little man - he's so relieved to have finally been spotted and rescued by one of his now, giant family members. It's so dangerous, Mom could have hoovered him up doing housework, not seeing him! I’m initially sympathetic - but then abruptly change when I realise no one knows he's tiny or that I have him. I could keep it a secret easily. I admit to him that I don’t love or care about him and this would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him for good. I decide to secretly keep him, humiliate, degrade and torment my tiny brother and use him as a masturbation toy for my pussy. I tease him and as he becomes more and more restless, I become hornier. I sensually pump him in and out of my pussy, loving every moment of it. Not only the physical feeling of having him inside me, but loving the sight of seeing him covered in my juices. He begs me to stop and I remind him that he’s powerless. I take him up to my face and drop saliva on him as I tease him with my open mouth. Hmmm, I want more. I take him back into my gushing pussy, but just before I cum I stop… Big sister is going to get rid of her little brother for good - and it's going to make her cum. Licking my lips as his screams turn me on, I explain he'll be in his own sisters mouth, unable to save himself as he slips closer and closer to my tonsils, until he slips over the edge and slides inside me to lose his life inside me. Selfish big sister doesn't love or care about him. I lower him in and swallow him down my throat, rubbing my belly and pussy as I cum. Yummy… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/FEMDOM/TABOO/BROTHER AND SISTER/MOUTH FETISH/SPIT/CLOSE UPS
the fourth wall possession video from
the fourth wall possession Me: So I’m getting ready to shoot a scene with a partner for a custom. Just another day at the office ; ) I’m on the phone with him, giving a bit of a run down for what to expect while the camera is on and ready. I hang up the phone and go to begin my video. I’m playing a married woman having an affair, mmm naughty. Just like I like it. I get into character and begin the video, but I feel a bit “off”. I do my best to power through it but I have to keep stopping as I start feeling worse and worse. Perhaps I’m just nervous or anxious? I’m not sure what’s going on but all of a sudden I just… collapse. Fan: I wake up in her body… I’m the *actual* sloansmoans! Oh fuck it worked! I’m a fan, just like YOU. I’ve been jerking off to sloan for months and now I’m in her body. She’s so fucking sexy. I put my hands all over her. Her ass is so firm, her tits are so juicy, she feels even better in person! As I keep exploring her body some guy then comes in the room. What the fuck. I tell him to get the fuck out, I’m not the *real* Sloan. He doesn’t listen and thinks this is part of some kind of roleplay. He comes over and grabs my body, turns me over and starts fucking me in doggystyle. It hurts at first, and I beg him to stop. But then, it starts feeling good. SO good. It feels so good to be Sloan, to be feeling her pussy stretch around this cock, I tell him to keep going. I love getting fucked as Sloan so much that I beg for a creampie. The guy is confused and says this isn’t part of the plan, that this wasn’t in the arrangement, but I beg more and demand him to cum inside me. He can’t say no to “Sloan”. Me: I open my eyes and realize the compromised position I’m in: face down, ass up and is that… cum dripping out of my pussy?!!! What the fuck just happened?! I’m furious at my partner for not only cumming inside me, but fucking me while I was not ‘myself”. How could he not tell something was wrong?! I explain the daze I’m in even though it makes no sense. Fuck. That was so weird. Guess I have to re-shoot this scene…enjoy me, xo POSSESSION/TRANSFER FETISH/CUSTOM VIDEO/BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL/FAN/POV SEX/LINGERIE/CREAMPIE
your futa wife video from
your futa wife You are in a female-lead relationship and I’m your futanari wife. I’m in control of our consensual relationship. I’m dominant and demanding, bossy and aggressive, and always get the pleasure I want… however, you know that deep down I love and care about you so much. I’m not ever mean or cruel of humiliating, I just know what I want and know that you enjoy serving your sexy Futa wife. You’re on your knees already, waiting for me to make my first move. I tease you with my rock hard cock and I can tell that you’re hungry for me. You want me to feed you my dick. I grab you by the back of your neck and push your head onto my cock as you blow me. I’m rough and demanding, as I push my entire cock into your mouth over and over again (POV BJ). I eagerly cum in your mouth (visible cumshot) and you take it all. Mmmm, but we’re far from finished. I want you to ride my cock, I want to fuck your ass. I lay down as you straddle me and slowly take every inch of my hardness (POV PEGGING). I tell you how good your ass feels, how I love feeling your ass stretch along my length. I grab onto your hips and push you up and down, making you bounce on my cock faster and harder. I creampie your ass and I fucking love it. So do you. Lubing you up to get ready for even more of my cock. I tell you to lay down and get into missionary and peg you (POV PEGGING) just as hard and just as fast. I’m on top of you and I know what will get YOU to cum. I wrap my hands around your throat as I keep fucking you. I tell you to take it and you do. You love the feeling of my hands gripping you tighter and tighter until… You hands free cum all over me (visible cumshot) as I creampie your ass again. We’re breathless by the end of our orgasms. You always leave me wanting more, babe… enjoy me, xo **The POV’s in this scene are hand-held camera POV angles** PEGGING/STRAP ON/POV PEGGING/POV SEX/POV ANAL/FEMDOM/FUTA/FUTANARI/CUMSHOTS/ROUGH SEX/WIFE ROLE PLAY/IMPLIED CREAMPIE/BJ POV
pegging punishment video from
pegging punishment I ask you, my student to meet with me after school for a meeting. You can probably tell by the expression on my face and my body language that I’m far from happy. You received yet another “F” on a test. This is unacceptable and you seem to have no explanation as to why. I know you’re a smart boy, I know you’re capable, so I decide to do some digging to find out what’s been distracting you lately. I find EXACTLY what I’m looking for on your laptop… Strap-on porn?! Yes, pages and pages on hot girls pegging and fucking men. You have a guilty look on your face as I tell you that I’ve called you into my office for you to receive punishment for being distracted and getting bad grades. A punishment I bet you’d never expect. I push you onto your knees and tease you with my body before I reveal that I am wearing a strap-on. I have what you want and you’re going to take it as punishment. I give you JOI to completion as I dirty talk about how I’m going to fuck you. You cum (visible cumshot) and I tell you to lay back for me to fuck you. I get on top and begin pegging you. Hard. Fucking you so hard and rough, giving you the discipline you deserve. My goal is to make you cum. I know your balls are full of cum again and I want it. I keep pumping into you, mercilessly until you explode onto my tits (visible cumshot). You think that’s the end, but I tell you not to get up. Now I’m going to ride YOUR cock until I cum. You get hard for me again like a good boy and I push your cock into my wet pussy. I ride you as I jerk off and I tell you that from now on you’re to be obedient in class. I won’t stop until you make me cum and I can tell I’m close. I bounce and ride and ultimately I cum all over your chest (visible cumshot). I’m just as satisfied as you are. You promise me that you’ll pay attention in class from now on… otherwise, there’ll be more punishment for you… enjoy me, xo TABOO/TEACHER ROLE PLAY/PEGGING/FEMDOM/NO HUMILIATION/ROUGH SEX/STRAP ON SEX/POV SEX/CUMSHOTS/IMPLIED ANAL PENETRATION/
mommy's sneaky valentine video from
mommy's sneaky valentine For my son, "Adam": I'm getting ready for my Valentine's Day date night with Dad. I put on sexy, red, lacy lingerie as a surprise. I feel someone watching from inside my closet. I assume it's my husband and I tease him saying that this is supposed to be a surprise for after dinner. I giggle to myself and decide that a little sneak peek won't hurt. I pry open the closet door and I'm shocked to find it's you, my SON. I'm taken aback. Why is your cock in your hand? Have you been watching me the whole time? I really should be angry but I have to admit... seeing your big, thick cock is making me feel some very naughty feelings. Feelings that I haven't felt in so long. I start to admit to you that seeing your cock reminds me of our past... I can't believe I'm actually telling you this, Dad's downstairs waiting for me! But I can't hold back. I take you to the bed and share all of my naughty memories with you as I stroke your cock and take it into my mouth. It's so naughty, so wrong but we can't help it that we're cut from the same cloth... You cum in mommy's mouth but I need more. Plus, it wouldn't be a valentine's day treat if we didn't fuck, right?... I straddle you and bounce on your dick as I talk so nasty and dirty to you. Your cum is drying on my face, mmm, you love it. I ask you to fuck me and we switch to missionary. You pound into me and I beg for a creampie. Be mommy's sneaky valentine and cum deep inside me, son... enjoy me, xo TABOO/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/FAMILY/VALENTINE'S DAY/POV SEX/DILDO SUCKING/CUM IN MOUTH/CREAMPIE/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING/SENSUAL
GFE: hotfasthardfuck 4K video from
mommy indulges video from
mommy indulges For, "Ricky": This clip includes a long, drawn out seduction and much hesitation before an explosive ending. I'm laying in bed one day alone- I have the house all to myself tonight. But then there's a knock on my door, son is that you? It is. I'm surprised to see you because you're supposed to be out on a date. I notice you're upset and I ask you what's wrong. You don't want to tell me at first but eventually you admit to me that you can only get hard for one person, and one person only. And that's... me. I'm shocked at first, but then I slowly begin to share that I too have fantasized about you. As soon as I admit this I get cold feet and tell you to leave, this is so wrong, I shouldn't have told you this. Instead you push me back towards the bed. Now that you know we have the same forbidden feelings for each other, you need to have me. I'm reluctant though. I tell you that it's wrong, we could get in trouble for this. Yet my body is responding differently. I put my hand on your cock and feel how hard you are and begin to unravel. I admit to you that I know what you want and I know what you need. While you love every part of me, there's one thing you want the most: my tight, virgin asshole. I strip for you and put my ass in your face. You want to eat it all up. That's it honey, fuck my ass with your tongue. I've not allowed anyone to have a taste, perhaps I've been saving myself for you... I grind my ass on your face and talk dirty until I'm satisfied and need your cock deep in my pussy. I straddle you bounce on your dick until we both explode. From now on, my ass belongs to YOU. enjoy me, xo TABOO/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/ASS FETISH/ASS EATING/CLOSE-UPS/FAMILY/SEDUCTION/SENSUAL/POV SEX

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