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Succumbing to your deepest desires & bringing your fantasies to life. Taboo, GFE, Role Play, Fetish, Solo Play WAM & more.

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nephew, are you a virgin? 4K video from
nephew, are you a virgin? 4K CUSTOM FOR CORY: Watch as your aunt comes into your room one night and starts stroking your cock until you wake up. She tells you to be quiet and is sweet and calm as she begins to seduce you. She explains that you’ve been getting so big and grown and she’s noticed that you’ve been checking her out too. She’s wearing a sexy satin slip and she looks so good, you can’t help but get hard. She then asks you about your experience with girls and you admit to her that you’re a virgin. She tells you that it’s okay, that she can help you. She starts off by asking to kiss you. First innocent pecks on the mouth and then she incorporates tongue. You love feeling your aunts tongue on yours. She tells you not to be nervous and encourages you to touch her body. Her breasts, her legs, her waist, her neck. She exposes her tits and tells you to go ahead and suck on them and lick her nipples. She feels your cock has gotten much, much harder. She then tells you to feel her pussy. She’s slick and wet and she says that this means she’s ready for sex. She tells you that she’s going to get you ready by sucking and licking your hard cock. She gives you a sensual, short blowjob because she can tell you’re about to bust and she wants your cock inside her. You ask if she has a condom and she tells you that you don’t need one because it feels so much better without one and… she wants you to get her pregnant. You’re hesitant but she assures you that it’ll be fun and feel so, so good. She then straddles you and coaxes your cock into her wet, warm, tight pussy. She starts out slow and sensual and continues to seduce you with dirty talk and you cum pretty fast inside her. She’s sweet and understanding as she smiles and congratulates you on your first creampie. However, she’s still moving up and down on your cock. You’re still rock hard and she says that she knows it’s a little sensitive but she wants more. She becomes more dominant as she rides you harder and faster. She begs for your cum and tells you that she wants you to breed her and impregnate her. She wants you to cum deep inside her pussy. She’s adamant about riding and fucking you until she cums. She’s about to cum and this leads you to cum again. After you cum together she tells you that she’s going to be back tomorrow night for more of you… enjoy me, xo TABOO/FAMILY/POV SEX/VIRGINITY/ROLE PLAY/NEPHEW AUNT/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING/DILDO SUCKING
no more secrets, daddy 4K video from
no more secrets, daddy 4K *** this vid is short but intense*** Watch as I walk in your room… Daddy I need to talk to you. I don’t think we should hide what we are doing from mom anymore. I think she should catch us and see how you fuck me. I don’t want to keep secrets from her.
 Also it would make me so horny if she sees us. I was just talking with her on the phone. She should be here any minute now daddy. 
Take your dick out father. I am already wet dad. 
(I take off my T-shirt and get on top of you to ride your cock.) Oh daddy, fuck me daddy! I hope she can hear us if she is near. I am fucking my own father! I love sex with my dad! (I hear a sound) That’s her at the door. Don’t stop daddy! (Mom comes in and I look to the side to face her) What am I doing? Can’t you see? I am fucking dad.
We are having sex and I am loving it. Watch me fuck daddy! Fuck me harder daddy! Don’t stop! Don’t listen to mommy!
 Let mommy see how you are stretching your daughter’s pussy. Don’t cry mommy! We can’t help ourselves. You made a very perverted daughter.
I want daddy to make me a mommy too. And then we will leave you and I’ll be his new wife. I want to marry you daddy. I love you. (I ride you faster now)
Cum inside me daddy! Cum inside your dirty girl!
I want your hot cum inside of me. et mommy see how much we love each other.
Shoot your load inside my fertile little pussy father!
Oh! Yes daddy! Keep cumming inside of me!
I am cumming mom, oh oh, oh… (we cum together) There is nothing you can do now mom. Your time is over. You can’t have any more with him. 
blackmailing daddy video from
blackmailing daddy Watch as your sweet, inexperienced, submissive daughter comes in to ask you for a favor: she misplaced her cell phone and asks to borrow yours. She tells you she’ll be super quick so you give it to her and walk out of the room. Little do you know, she has a naughty plan. She’s been on the phone for several minutes so you go to check on her and find her completely naked taking selfies on your phone! She tells you not to be mad but she actually needs your help with something else… she tells you how all the boys at her school are super lame and she’s the only one who doesn’t have sexual experience so she wants you, her daddy, to take her virginity and teach her what it’s like to have sex. You decline and become upset at her request and it’s at that moment she reminds you that she’s been taking nude photos of herself on your phone. You tell her you can just delete them but she says she’s already sent them over to herself. She’s apprehensive about her behavior but she says that she only blackmailed you because she knew you’d reject her otherwise. She continues to plead with you and you ask if you can use a condom to which she replies, YES of course! She’s so very excited that you agreed to her proposal. You both know how naughty this is but you can’t help but be so hard for your sweet girl. She starts off by giving you a blowjob, she asks how to do it but she quickly catches on. After she becomes really wet and ready for sex, you tell her how to put the condom on. She says that she wants to be on top because she knows guys like that. She straddles you and takes your length for the first time. (Dildo fucking) She winces and tells you that she feels a lot of pressure but after several thrusts she starts to feel good. She tells you she wants you to have sex with her in different positions. You start to fuck her (missionary POV sex) and she keeps eye contact with you as she tells you how much trouble you could be in if people found out about your special relationship. She says she won’t say anything but her goal is to get rid of mommy. She asks if she feels better than your own wife, to which you reply yes. This makes her want to get on top of you again. She dirty talks to you before she inserts you into her tight pussy again and you don’t even notice that she sneakily took the condom off. She rides you until you both cum together and it felt so amazing for the both of you. After you catch your breath she shows you the condom she threw behind her. You’re in shock but she tells you not to be upset. She just wanted to feel so good! And now… she might be pregnant so there is no need for mommy from now on. She goes on to tell you how excited she is to be able to hook up with you as often as she wants and when you somewhat disagree she is confused. She tells you that she wants more of you but you’re unsure if that’s a good idea. She then reveals yet another surprise: She’s actually had her phone this entire time and she grabs it from the nightstand. She sends you a text and she explains that it’s a video of you two having sex! You can’t believe it! She tells you that she kind of “owns you” now and you will agree to sex as often as she likes and when mommy gets back home you’ll send her packing. (She is sensually, sweetly dominant throughout, yet still submissive.) enjoy me, xo TABOO/DIRTY TALK/ROLE PLAY/DADDY’S GIRL/CHEATING/VIRGIN/DILDO FUCKING/POV SEX/DILDO SUCKING/BLACKMAIL/IMPREGNATION/FAMILY
jellybean's toes video from
jellybean's toes CUSTOM FOR “GRANOLA” FROM “JELLYBEAN”: Watch as “Jellybean” comes home from the nail salon. She got a fresh manicure and pedicure and she tells you that she received your naughty text about you wanting to worship her freshly painted toe nails. She knows you love them freshly done and she lets you suck and lick them but never during sex. She tells you to come and suck her toes, which you do. ‘Granola, I have a surprise for you”, she says as she opens her legs to reveal she’s not wearing any panties. She tells you that she’s going to play with her pussy to get it all nice and sticky, wet as you lick and suck her toes. She knows just how hard this makes you. She sees you’re so horny for her that she tells you to fuck her but… she has another surprise: she wants you to keep your mouth open so you can suck her toes as you have sex. Her feet are right in your face as you fuck her (visible dildo penetration). “How long have you wanted to do this, Granola”, Jellybean asks. She comments on your eyes rolling to the back of your head because your love this so much. As much as she enjoys this, she wants you to stop fucking her so you can jerk off and she can see your stiffness while she plays with her pussy. She rubs her clit and fingers her pussy as you jerk your cock and suck on her freshly painted toenails. She starts begging for your cum and you spill it all for her perfect toes… enjoy me, xo TERMS OF ENDEARMENT/DIRTY TALK/GFE/SENSUAL/FOOT FETISH/PAINTED TOENAILS/FEET/DILDO FUCKING/FINGERING/NAIL POLISH
stamina training 4K video from
stamina training 4K Watch as I’m your girlfriend and am about to help train your stamina during sex. I’m kneeling on the bed, excited to have sex with you but I tell you that I know how embarrassed you get when you cum fast when we fuck. Despite how much I tell you that I love the way you fuck me and how good you make me feel, I can tell that you still get anxious and preoccupied by your premature ejaculation. It is then that I tell you I’m going to train you to increase your stamina. We start out in missionary and and I tell you to stay in the moment with me. I’m very sweet and encouraging and I tell you to focus on how good my pussy feels and how you don’t want to stop anytime soon. I talk dirty, yet sexy about how good it feels having you fuck me and how much I love your cock. After several minutes I tell you that your cock is starting to feel really swollen and I ask if you’re about to cum, to which you reply YES. I tell you to slow down and even stop if you need to but don’t pull out of my pussy. I tell you that this is the longest you’ve ever lasted! I knew you could do it! I continue to encourage you and I tell you to continue to thrust into me once again. You continue to fuck me until I tell you that I’m really going to test your stamina by getting on top and riding your cock. I know you feel vulnerable when I’m on top because you feel like you have even less control but I believe in you because you’ve been fucking me so perfectly thus far. I ride your cock in reverse cowgirl (visible penetration) and it feels so good I start to moan even louder. I tell you how incredible it feels to be fucking for so long and that this is the best sex we’e ever had! I tell you that I’m SO close to cumming and if you can hold out a little longer we can cum together. I keep riding until I start to have a wild, intense, very vocal orgasm and I encourage you to cum with me. I feel your cum filling me up and I’m in shock at how full my pussy is. I’ve never felt so much cum inside me before and it’s because your balls were extra full since you lasted so long. I compose myself and tell you that I’ve never been so satisfied and exhausted after sex and it’s all thanks to your newfound stamina… enjoy me, xo STAMINA TRAINING/GFE/SWEET AND LOVING/DIRTY TALK/POV SEX/DILDO FUCKING/ENCOURAGING/SENSUAL DOMINATION
nanny's secret game 4K video from
nanny's secret game 4K Watch as your very sweet and loving nanny is looking after you for the week while your parents are away. The scene begins as you just finish up a bath and she’s drying you off. She makes small talk with you until she notices that your peepee is getting hard. She is shocked at how big it is, saying that it’s bigger than her boyfriends and she asks if you’ve ever gotten hard before. When you tell her that you’ve never seen it get like that she tells you that it’s okay, not to be embarrassed. She tries to ignore it, trying not to look at it but then she murmurs to herself that “it’s wrong, but I can’t help it” and she asks if you want to play a secret game with her. She tells you that she’s never tried it with a boy she’s nannied before but she wants to try it with you because your peepee is so stiff. She tells you that you can’t tell mommy or daddy or anyone about this game and you promise her that you won’t. She explains that the goal of the game is for you to shoot white stuff out of your peepee because you’ve never done that before. She strips out of her clothes and tells you that the tingles you feel for her are all a part of the game. She asks you to touch and suck her breasts… you love her big tits. She then lowers down to give you a handjob as she continues to be sweet and gentle. This progresses into a blowjob and she’s starting to get hornier and sluttier as she goes on. She gags on your big boy cock and she starts talking more and more naughty as she reminds you that this game needs to remain a secret. She then tells you that you’re going to put your peepee inside of her. You move to the bed and she straddles you in cowgirl and begins to ride your cock. She’s talking very dirty now about how good you feel and what a naughty little fuck you are. She cums on your cock and wants more. She turns around in reverse cowgirl and continues to get more and more naughty as she bounces on your cock. She then puts her ass In the air and tells you to spank her for being a naughty nanny and for introducing you to this secret game. She starts telling you to fuck her hard in doggystyle. You listen and she cums again and at this point she’s adamant about making your big boy cock shoot out your yummy white stuff. She lays in missionary and you fuck her hard as she tells you how good it feels to have you fucking her. She starts begging for your cum, she wants you to shoot your white stuff deep into her pussy. You cum with her and it feels so damn good. She congratulates you on your first creampie being inside of a grown woman. She tells you that you’re both winners because there are many ways to play this secret game and you have all week long to play over and over again… enjoy me, xo TABOO/ROLE PLAY/NANNY/VIRGIN/CREAMPIE/DILDO SUCKING/POV SEX/DIRTY TALK
mom and daughter 4K video from
mom and daughter 4K Watch as mommy comes in to tuck you, her daughter, in one night. She’s dressed in a black silk nighty and black high heels. She sits on the bed and has a bit of small talk about how she’s been lonely since daddy’s been away and how she wants to cuddle with her sweet, young daughter. You lay down together and mommy cuddles you sweetly and she tells you how much she loves you and what a good daughter you are. She asks if you want to play a special game that includes a special type of cuddling. You are reluctant but mommy assures you that it’ll be fun, but you mustn’t say a word about this game to anyone. It must remain a secret between mommy and daughter. You’re hesitant, but you agree. The game begins with mommy leaning on top of you and kissing you. First little pecks like when you kiss her on the cheek, but then mommy shows you how to French kiss. Mommy then begins to fondle you, rubbing your sweet hairless, little nub and she encourages you to do the same to her. Mommy is with you, telling you, and showing just how to do this. Mommy keeps rubbing your special spot as she encourages you to suck on her nipples. Mommy then moves down to lick and suck your flat chest and she swirls her tongue around your tiny, pebbled nipples. She tells you that they’re hard because you’re enjoying this game. Mommy wants to give your hairless spot some special kisses too. Mommy goes down on you and kisses, licks and sucks your privates as she moans and sighs and describes what she”s doing to you. Mommy then wants you to try that on her. She lies back and opens her legs so that you can lick her slit and nub too. Mommy caresses her breasts while encouraging you to keep going. Mommy climaxes and then tells you that she wants you to feel what that’s like too. She instructs you to lie on top of her and rub your privates together. During this you both are sucking on each others breasts and French kissing as you rub together until you both cum at the same time. After you both cum she tells you to lie down and catch your breath. Mommy cuddles you once again and and reminds you not to tell anyone about this special game and if you listen you’ll be able to play with her any time you’re alone. This video includes a lot of POV kissing and words such as hairless, nub, and button…enjoy me, xo TABOO/MOTHER AND DAUGHTER/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/POV SEX/SENSUAL DOMINATION/FEMDOM/POV KISSING
mommy gets bukkake-blackmailed 4K video from
mommy gets bukkake-blackmailed 4K ***MY FIRST ACTUAL BUKKAKE SCENE*** The scene starts with your mom laying down sniffing your (her sons) boxers, as she vigorously rubs her pussy. She’s moaning loudly as she’s about to cum when you walk in. She’s surprised and she tosses your boxers to the side and frantically tries to cover her naked body. 
“Son, what are you doing home  already, you’re supposed to be out with your friends! Oh my God! Are you recording this on your phone! Son you can’t do that!”

Looking slightly passed him, she realizes he’s not alone. 

“Son, who’s, that with you” 

“Oh no, please no. Are those all of your friends in the hall way”

“Son, you can’t be serious! I’m your motherYou can’t blackmail me like this! Please son, I’m not some kind of whore, that you can just treat this way. Son, why are you talking to me like this? I’m your mom. I know what you caught me doing looks wrong, but I can’t help myself. Please don’t make me do this”

 Finally conceding to her fate she gets on her knees and looks up…

Sounding defeated, “fine, who’s first?” She then blows and fucks (POV sex) your friends in a few different positions. She takes massive load after massive load and as this goes on she becomes less reluctant and starts to enjoy it very much. She starts talking dirty about how she loves that you’re feeding her young, hard cock and she starts begging for their cum before each cumshot. She lets her spit, drool and their cum drip all along her face, neck, tits and body. Never cleaning up.

 After the last cock has cum all over her, she leans back and says, “Are you happy son, mommy’s emptied all of your friends cocks, I’m covered in cum.” “Now will you delete the video?”

 Smiling she says, “I was hoping you would say that. You want a turn with mommy too? Well take your cock out so mommy can suck that big hard cock. Not going to lie, I’ve been dreaming about it. Why do you think i was up here playing with my pussy. Oh you don’t want mommy to suck your cock, well ok son. Come down here and fuck mommy’s pussy”

 You begin to fuck mommy hard and fast. She talks dirty about your cock and how it’s everything she’s ever dreamed of. She loves having you pound her cum splattered pussy. She rubs and licks your friends cum as you continue to fuck her until she cums all over your cock. 

“Son get on your back! Mommy needs to ride that cock.”  

She starts riding you hard. 
“Isn’t this what you wanted son? To have your Mommy riding that cock?! Covered in all your friends cum? You have no idea how much your mommy loves and craves cum! You and your friends are going to have to come over more often. Now son, mommy wants your cum. I need your cum son. Please give mommy all of your cum. Please, I need to taste it. I want it all over me!! Please son give mommy all of your cum” 
 She gets off your cock quickly and she begins sucking it and jerking it right in front of her face. 

 “That’s it son. I can see it in your face! Give your cum slut of a mommy what she needs. That’s it son, let it all out. Cover mommy’s face, just like all of your friends”
 Finally you give mommy the biggest cumshot of the day all over her face and mouth. She moans loudly and takes every last drop of it. 

“That’s mommy’s good boy. God son, you taste so good. Next time, you’re going to have to fill mommy up.” Enjoy me, xo BUKKAKE/CUMSHOTS/CUM PLAY/CUM IN MOUTH/CUM ON TITS/FACIAL/TABOO/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/DILDO SUCKING/DEEP THROAT/SPIT FETISH/POV SEX/BLACKMAIL FANTASY
a quickie with teacher 4K video from
a quickie with teacher 4K CUSTOM FOR ERIC-PART TWO OF "TIME FOR TUTORING 4K": Watch as you walk into your teachers office one day after school. She allows you to come in and makes a comment about how you did so well on your last exam after the last "tutoring" session you two had. She then quickly brushes you off, telling you she needs to leave soon, but you... you have another plan. You tell her that you came to her office to do something dirty and naughty with her. She scoffs and tells you that you guys can't do anything in her office because she's at work. She asks you to leave and you stand firmly and tell her that you want her now. She is taken aback at how demanding you're being, after all, you were so timid and shy the first time you two were together. You tell her that you want her to strip for you. She can't believe your new found confidence and it actually starts to turn her on so she gives you a strip tease. As she's showing off her ass to you you slap it hard multiple times and she is in shock at your behavior. She tells you that you shouldn't be acting this way because it's really turning her on and she can't be so horny here. She sits in her lingerie and exposes her tits thinking that you'll be satisfied but you want more. You want her completely naked AND you want to have a quickie. She is once again in disbelief and says that she really shouldn't because if someone found out she would be in so much trouble, but your dominant demeanor gets the best of her and she relents. She tells you that you have to be quiet and quick. You have her get in the "face off" sex position with her facing you on your lap and she eases her way onto your cock. It feels so good but then you start fucking her harder and faster than before. You're pushing her up and down on your cock and she has no choice but to take it. She starts moaning loudly and she doesn't even care if anyone can hear her because you're fucking her so good and hard and you're driving her wild. She starts telling you that she wants you to get her pregnant. She wants you to claim her pussy as yours. She want you to mark your territory with your cum and she wants all the cum in your balls to seep into her pussy. You fuck her until you cum and she's completely out of breath, it takes her a bit to finally compose herself. She then tells you that someone surely heard her moaning but she couldn't help it. She tells you to leave so that no one comes in to find that a teacher was fucking a student... enjoy me, xo TABOO/TEACHER FETISH/POV SEX/STRIPTEASE/SUBMISSIVE SLUT/DIRTY TALK/QUICK FUCK
not the usual workout 4K video from
not the usual workout 4K CUSTOM FOR ANDY: Watch as you meet up with your hot friend to workout together. You love working out with her because you’ve always enjoyed staring at her tits during gym sessions. Today she’s looking especially hot and you get hard as you watch her stretch. Usually you’d cover it up but you don’t this time. She notices your cock is hard but doesn’t say anything, instead she turns around giving you a perfect view of her ass as she talks about the workout ahead. When she turns back around you have your cock completely out and she is just as shocked as you suspected her to be. She is visibly uncomfortable and she asks what you’re doing and that you guys should just get on with the workout. But you grab her towards you and tell her that you want to fuck her. She’s nervous and hesitant. She tells you that she really shouldn’t and that she should probably leave but you tell her that you want her to strip for you. You’re becoming impatient so she reluctantly pulls up her shirt and lets her tits drop right in front of your face. You tell her that you want her to take her leggings of as you jerk off. She’s still so unsure but she does it anyway. You tell her to start touching herself as you jerk your cock and she listens as she whines and moans about how wrong this is. You tell her to finger fuck herself and she does. You really want to fuck her since she’s being such a good little slut for you so you tell her to stop and to lick her fingers to taste her own pussy. You tell her that you’re going to fuck her and she tries to talk you out of it, in the end she lays back and spreads her legs for you. You start fucking her and she is still hesitant and unsure but she begins to call herself your little slut as you go harder and deeper. She moans and tell you that it feels so good. You love what a good little gym slut she is that you fuck her harder and harder and you cum inside her without telling her. She feels the trickle of your cum seeping out of her pussy but she doesn’t have time to be upset because you’re still hard and you’re still fucking her. She tells you that she loves that you’re fucking your cum deeper inside her and that she wants more of it. She wants to take all the cum you have to give her. She loves being your submissive little gym slut. You tell her that you’re going to cum again but this time all over her face and she tells you she wants it. You pull out just in time to cum all over her pretty face and she’s covered in your cum by the end of this “workout”… enjoy me, xo ROLE PLAY/POV SEX/FACIAL/FINGER FUCKING/BIG TITS/SUBMISSIVE SLUT/WORKOUT/LEGGINGS
good girl gets detention 4K video from
good girl gets detention 4K CUSTOM FOR RANDY: Watch as one of your previous students gets detention with you. You were her teacher last year and you know that she's a really good student so you're curious as to why she's gotten detention. She's flirty and cute at the beginning and begins to tease you a bit as she tells you why she got detention in the first place. She goes on to tell you that she misses you and she asks if you miss her. You try your best to remain professional but she starts to double down and to your surprise she spreads her legs and she doesn't have any panties on. At this point she knows you're hard for her and seduces you into taking your cock out for her. She sensually gives you a blowjob with lots of tongue action as she continues to talk dirty. she knows you've been staring at her tits and she tells you that she wants you to have them around your cock. She starts to titty fuck you and she can tell that you're loving how naughty she is. She tells you that she wants to be even naughtier and asks you to fuck her. She lays down and opens her legs for you and you begin to fuck her hard and fast. Her pussy feels so good wrapped around your cock. She can't resist you and she cums all over your hard dick and goes on to tell you that she's ready for more. She wants to ride you. She gets on top of you and starts grinding on your cock. She wants to make you feel as good as you make her feel. She knows you love her tits bouncing in your face and she can tell you're going to cum soon. She starts begging you to cum inside her pussy. She wants every last drop. Will you give it to your not-so-good-girl?... enjoy me, xo TABOO/POV SEX/TITTY FUCKING/DILDO SUCKING/ROLE PLAY/SCHOOL GIRL/DIRTY TALK

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