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Succumbing to your deepest desires & bringing your fantasies to life. Taboo, GFE, Role Play, Fetish, Solo Play WAM & more.

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gay neighbor borrows my body video from
gay neighbor borrows my body CUSTOM FOR TYLER: Wife: Watch as I’m talking on the phone to my gay neighbor. He’s been hounding me about swapping bodies with him for quite some time now. He really wants to fuck my husband, Tyler, and honestly I wouldn’t mind letting his husband fuck me. I finally agree to the body swap BUT I have two rules: 1. I don’t want Tyler to cum in my pussy while he’s in my body and 2. I want my gay neighbor to act like me in the bedroom. I’m not very adventurous (and a bit prudish actually) and Tyler will know somethings up if we don’t have quick vanilla, missionary sex as usual. The switch takes place as soon as I hear Tyler come home from work. Gay Neighbor: Yes! The switch worked! I’m so excited to finally fuck Tyler, he’s the hottest guy on the block and I must have him. Ha, I promised his wife I’d follow her rules, but FUCK THAT! I’m having Tyler my way. I call him into the bedroom and immediately begin to seduce him with my sluttiness. I purposely act like such a little slut. He deserves someone who is sexy and wild and that’s what I’m going to give him. He is so caught off guard that his cock gets instantly hard for me. I strip as I continue to tell him how sexy and hot he is. He’s nearly bursting out of his pants he’s so excited for me. I tell him that I’m going to ride him like no one ever has. He lays down and I stick his cock inside “my” pussy and he feels so damn good. I continue to drive him wild with my teasing and slutty talk, I can tell I’m making his dreams come true. I start telling him that I want him to creampie me, that it’s his lucky day. I ride him faster and harder until he starts cumming inside me. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt but it’s quickly over as the transformation wears off… Wife: I’m extremely confused to find myself ON TOP of Tyler? That’s not right. I see Tyler looking up at me with the most satisfied look on his face. He’s on cloud 9, I can tell. But my confusion takes over when I feel his cum seeping out of my pussy. I ask him why he would do such a thing, but he’s confused because he claims I begged him for a creampie. WTF! Unbelievable! I’m so upset but try to play it off. Tyler then tells me that we just had the best sex we’ve ever had and I’m baffled and upset, but again, I try to play it off. It’s time to confront my neighbor… enjoy me, xo TRANSFER FETISH/GENDER TRANSFORMATION/ROLE PLAY/POV SEX/DIRTY TALK
phone sex confessions with wifey video from
phone sex confessions with wifey Watch as you’re having phone sex with your wife one evening. You’re working abroad and this is the only form of intimacy you two can engage in until you get back home. You start off by having playful dirty talk, as usual, but you suggest the idea of spicing things up… you ask her what her kinkiest fantasy is. She’s hesitant to tell you because she hasn’t ever told anyone what her deep desires are. You urge her to tell you and she finally says okay. She shyly tells you that she’s always fantasized about a gangbang. She pauses nervously and asks how you feel about that. When you tell her that you aren’t mad or shocked you ask her to elaborate. She then goes into great detail of what her gangbang would look like. She tells you that she loves being the center of attention and having multiple cocks filling her holes really turns her on. She starts getting so horny and begins to rub her clit and finger her pussy as she keeps telling you all of the nasty, naughty things she wants all these men to do to her. She tells you how she wants to be their fuck toy all night. You’re turned on as well and you ask what hole you’d be fucking during this gangbang. She smiles devilishly and tells you that she’s about to tell you the kinkiest part about her fantasy: In her fantasy you’re strapped to a chair watching her getting filled and fucked. At this point she doesn’t care how you feel about the fantasy because she’s getting so, so horny and she’s on the brink of cuming. She asks how you’d feel if you had to watch her begging for other mens cocks, begging for them to fuck her harder and rougher. She tells you that she has always had a dilemma with this fantasy and goes into dirty details that make her cum so hard. She cums loud and hard just thinking of her fantasy. After she finishes, she doesn’t say sorry because she likes that you now know what a naughty wife you have…enjoy me, xo CUCKOLDING/CONFESSIONS/PHONE SEX/ROLE PLAY/GANGBANG/FINGERING/LINGERIE/CHEATING
brother gets shrunken video from
brother gets shrunken Watch as you’re playing a competitive game with your brother. The stakes are high because if I win, I can shrink him down to tiny man size. I tease you by saying that if I win you’ll be going straight into my mouth. Naturally, I win and I shrink you down, down, down… Once I see your tiny, shrunken self I get so excited. I tease you and tell you that I’m so excited to play with you all day long. I play with you in my mouth for a bit until I realize that I have to go run some errands before I can fully play with you. I decided to put you into a vial and insert you into my pussy for safe keeping while I’m out and about. I return back after a long day and I’m even more thrilled to play with you. I push you out of my pussy and tell you that I was actually getting pretty aroused having you in my pussy all day. I tease you about all the ways I could play with you and I see that you’re a bit nervous. I tell you that nothing will hurt you while you’re shrunken. Although, you may take a trip through my body at some point, hehe. I place you on the tip of my dildo and roll a condom over you. I tell you that I want to use you to pleasure myself as a reward for winning the game. I tease you some more as I begin to drool and suck on the dildo. I get more and more horny until I decide that I’m going to take you back into my pussy, but this time underneath the condom and on the dildo. I slide the dildo in and out of my pussy as I tease you and tell you how good it feels that my shrunken brother is fucking me. I switch positions and starts fucking myself hard until I cum all over you. I still want more so I decide to ride the dildo again until I’m satisfied. I take you out of the condom and relax for a moment as I suck on you. I tell you that all that fucking has worked up an appetite and I need a cold, refreshing snack. I grab a bowl of ice cream and drop you in. I eat around you, sometimes scooping you up and taking you into my mouth and over again. I tease you some more until I tell you that you’ll be soon going into my stomach and that I might grow you back what’s you come out. Finally… I swallow you whole. Everything goes dark but you wake up back in the vial with me looking down at you. I tell you that I’ve had so much fun playing with you that I’ve told everybody that you won’t be around for a while because I’m not going to grow you back just yet. I suck you out of the vial smile cunningly as I walk away… enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/TABOO/MOUTH FETISH/FOOD PLAY/DILDO FUCKING

shrunken classroom video from
shrunken classroom Watch as I become a sexy science teacher who holds a very rare class where I shrink the entire class to ant size. I show up to class and inform my students that they are about to experience a once in a lifetime class session: sex education. I scoop up the class into the palm of my hand, they are extremely small and helpless compared to the size of my mouth. I tease them a bit with my mouth and tongue and pretend to eat them. I tell them it was only a joke and that they will have an amazing session. I strip naked and make sure none of them are hurt or scared. I then show them how to give a blowjob, show off my bare soles, ass and pussy and show them how I ride my dildo. Soon after, I ask the class if they would like to see the inside of my pussy. All the male students quickly say yes, so I pull out a test tube and insert the students who volunteered. I shove the test tube deep inside my pussy after several tries because my wetness kept pushing it out. I get extremely horny and decide to change up the agenda. With a handful of the students deep in my pussy, I decide to scoop up the rest of the students and put them all on a banana with whipped cream. The students are now scared as I slowly open my mouth wide and suck them off the banana seductively. I’m too horny to control my actions and decide to swallow all of them. This makes me orgasm and the test tube with students gets pushed out of my pussy. I’m petrified that I ate most of the class and start to panic on what to do next. With the remaining students inside the test tube, I tell them that there can be no evidence of any of this. With that, I insert the test tube back deep inside my pussy and leave the classroom. Enjoy me, xo VORE/GIANTESS/MOUTH FETISH/STRIPTEASE/FOOD PLAY

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Succumbing to your deepest desires & bringing your fantasies to life. Taboo, GFE, Role Play, Fetish, Solo Play WAM & more.

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