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Hiiiiiya! I'm Kat, I'm new here and would love for you to enjoy the fantasies I've filmed ;)

Most of my vids on here were custom orders, so if you want your very own, I'm probably down for making it! Check out my customs page and DM for any inquiries :)

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No Longer Your Innocent Best Friend video from
No Longer Your Innocent Best Friend My 20's are meant to be spent partying, having fun, and hooking up with the guys around campus. I've been a shut-in bookworm for the many years you, my best friend, have known me. But I want to change. This year, I'm going to loosen up! But you could never imagine what happens next. Coming onto you, flirting with you, even asking you to be my boyfriend. This sounds like a dream come true, right? But slowly you start realizing just how much of a depraved slut your best friend has turned into. Humiliating your scrawny dicklet, caging it up and wearing the key around my neck, all leading up to the main event: I've brought your biggest bully over, and you're going to watch him fuck my brains out. You have to sit in the corner leaking through your cuck cage and watch me ride his fat dick, screaming while he pounds me, and taunting you the entire time. Watching me fuck your bully is bad enough, and you can't even jerk off to it. Your best friend for years, now spreading her legs for your bully and being a perfect slut for him. It's heartbreaking. And as you watch his cum drip out of my slit, you know your best friend isn't the person you once knew. She's cruel now. But being my new boyfriend comes with a price. You'll have to lick his semen straight out of my used pussy. If I get pregnant from his cum, it's your fault for not cleaning up enough. So make sure you eat every last drop. Make sure you remember your place in my life now, it's at the bottom. **INCLUDES: cuckolding roleplay / humiliation / BBC / college friend corrupted / girls with glasses / mean girlfriend / blowjob / riding / doggystyle / chastity cage / demeaning girlfriend
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Best Friends Desperate for Warmth video from
Best Friends Desperate for Warmth Whew! We were on such a nice sunny hike until rain started pouring down on us. And with that torrent outside, there's no way we can leave our tent. But we left all our supplies in the truck and we have to get out of these wet clothes before we get sick.... But it's okay, I'll just turn around, undress, and I won't even have to look at you! This doesn't have to be awkward.... Huddled together is making things a little weird though. I can feel the bare skin of your back against mine.... but you're my best friend. We're just on an innocent camping trip together. Nothing's going to happen in this tent, alone with you, naked and wet.... unless you want something to happen? I can feel the tell-tale sign of your desire prodding me in the back. Maybe we can do something about that. Just so we can go to bed. Maybe if a handjob isn't enough, you can fuck my ass to get your boner to go down. That'll do the trick. Just fuck it slowly, let me ride it. It feels really good. Better than it's supposed to. I didn't think fucking my best friend would feel like this, so good. I didn't come here expecting to be begging you to fuck my pussy in the middle of our camping trip, but now that your bare cock is in front of me, all I can think about is how it'd feel pumping inside of me. Just lay me on the floor and make sweet, passionate love to me. Look into my eyes and watch me moan with every thrust. Don't stop until you cum inside me. **INCLUDES: best friends to lovers / slow burn / camping trip roleplay / intimate loving romantic lovemaking / POV anal riding position / POV missionary / moaning fetish / cum begging
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26:43 On Sale
Step-Daddy's Money video from
Step-Daddy's Money Step-Daddy, can I have some money to go shopping with my friends? Pretty please? Oh come, on! I didn't get a lot of shifts at work this week, I'm broke! Are you really super sure there's no way I can convince you to lend me a few bucks...? What if I let you see my tits? Hehe, I know you want to! The way you always stare at me while I'm bending down to do chores and asking me to wash your car in a tiny bikini.... I knew you'd agree. You can't handle the sight of your step-daughter's smooth, young tits bouncing in your face. You offer more if I drool on them and play with them for you to watch. Of course, anything for my Step-Daddy. And his money ;) Even seeing my tits dripping with my saliva isn't enough for your perverted desires. You need to watch your step-daughter touch herself, watch how her face twists in pleasure from rubbing her pussy. This should be enough for you. You shouldn't want to go farther. But with her naked, petite body in front of you, your cock is throbbing too hard to ignore. You ask me to touch your dick while I'm rubbing my pussy. I'm totally grossed out by the thought of my Step-Dad's cock wagging in my face. But at the offer of funding my entire shopping trip, I'm in a good enough mood to finally let you slip your dick inside me. I remind you how perverted and wrong this is, to fuck your own step-daughter. You are absolutely NOT going to cum inside me, though! I'll let you cum on my face instead. Ugh, do you have to cum so much? Why does this turn you on so bad? Creep.... I'm going now, my friends are waiting outside. Byeeee INCLUDES: fantasy roleplay / step-dad / step-daughter / barely legal / close-up tit groping / spit / pussy rubbing / POV handjob / POV facial
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First Night Sharing a Bed w Bro video from
First Night Sharing a Bed w Bro Mom's making us share a bed tonight. As annoying as that is, what's even more annoying is that you have a MASSIVE BONER under the blanket! And I just accidentally touched it! Why do you even have that, are you turned on by your sister being in your bed? ....Have you even had sex with a girl yet? Or... done anything else? I just wanna hear about it because I'm still a virgin, I want to know what to expect for my first time, that's all. Your stories are kind of getting me wet, brother. I think I want to rub you over your pants a little, is that okay? You're so hard. I want to see your cock, brother. Can I take it out? I want to stroke it. I'm getting so wet under my panties, I have to finger myself while I'm touching you. It all feels so good even though we definitely shouldn't be doing this right now. Just stay quiet so mom and dad don't hear us. You're getting even harder.... just let me rub your tip against my pussy. I just want to tease myself on your cock. I'm not gonna do anything bad.... it feels so good right up against my entrance. Ohhhh I'm moaning on my brother's hard cock. My pussy is getting so hot and swollen, I think I need to feel your cock inside of me, brother! Just for a little bit. It's not that bad, I've never had sex before and I need to know how it feels. You need to show me. Help your sister learn how to take a cock. Oh wow, it's so big inside me, it's stretching out my little virgin hole. I didn't know I could get this wet. Let me ride your cock until you cum, brother! But wait.... I'm not on birth control. And you just came inside me. What if I get pregnant from your cum? **INCLUDES: taboo fetish / brother sister kink / intimate roleplay / dirty talking / POV handjob / POV riding / begging / desperation / sneaky fucking / creampie / impregnation fantasy
$4.90 Add to Cart Save 30% Today! Normally $7.00
30:07 On Sale
Daughter Has Womanly Urges video from
Daughter Has Womanly Urges Daddy, ever since I turned 18, I've been getting this strange feeling all over my body. But especially.... right here, between my legs. It gets wet, swollen, throbbing. They never taught me anything about this in bible school, I don't go on the internet much.... do you think you can help me? Sorry if this is too personal, but, you're my step-dad, so I think I trust you to help me. Oh, you have to do a check-up on me? I don't know if I want my step-dad that close to my naked bottom.... But if you're sure you can help me get rid of this feeling, I'll do it! See how wet and swollen I am down there? Do you think that's normal? Oh, I'm ovulating, and that's my body's way of telling me that I want to be impregnated? I want a man's penis inside of me? Oh, just the thought of having a man put a special part of his body inside this hole makes it throb more! Daddy, please, I need to do something about my urges! What can I do? You have some special toys for me? Lube and a vibrator? How do I use them? Ohh, Daddy, this lube is so good down here. It feels so good to touch myself there, I want even more! The vibrator is weird, but if you say it'll help my urges.... Oh, I love rubbing it on myself! This spot right here, where it feels really really good to rub, that's my clitoris? Oh Daddy, I'm going to try putting this toy inside of me! It's so big, it's stretching me out, I don't know if it'll fit! Ah, Daddy, it went in! It feels so good vibrating inside my vagina. Daddy, the feeling's getting worse, I feel like I'm going to explode. Ah! Daddy! My vagina is squeezing around the toy! Everything's tightening, and.... I feel so much better now! Wow, Daddy, thank you for helping me with my first orgasm, look at how messy I got my vagina! **INCLUDES: daddy kink / daddy roleplay / taboo fetish / dirty talking about impregnation / vibrator play and insertion until orgasm
$5.60 Add to Cart Save 30% Today! Normally $8.00

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About Me

Joined May.02, 2023

Hiiiiiya! I'm Kat, I'm new here and would love for you to enjoy the fantasies I've filmed ;)

Most of my vids on here were custom orders, so if you want your very own, I'm probably down for making it! Check out my customs page and DM for any inquiries :)

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  • Kat Danz photo
  • Kat Danz photo
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  • Kat Danz photo
Age 25
Height 5'1"
Weight 115 lbs
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Other (dyed)

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