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Android Mistress Activated

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You waited for a robotic mistress all your sexual life. Truly merciless and without emotions. But you never had the money to purchase it. One day, the Machine Mistress Factory told you that they are giving out beta versions of the newest model – the shemale Android Dominatrix. Which was like a dream come true as you loved she-cock. But they were still too expensive. Except for three. The very first models were the cheapest of them all. You bought one instantly.
You couldn’t believe your eyes! Its skin was soft, realistic and warm to the touch. Her ass mesmerizing, her cock incredible. She got an erection in a matter of seconds and cum just like a real dick. If you used the “Girlfriend” setting she would be playful and teasing. The ‘’Dominatrix” setting made her strict and punishing. There was another setting too. One that the company warned you about. The “Merciless Bitch” setting. They told you that this setting was taken out of the newer models due to some software malfunction. But you had an older model, which still had this option. They advised you not to use this setting, especially not alone. One day you were super horny. You activated the “Merciless Bitch” setting.
Note: After Android Mistress orgasms, there is a second view of the cumshot in slow motion, to show you just how much cum she can shoot out and into you.


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