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duration 10:31
Kinky Wife Life: Jerk Off On Your Day Off video from BlackxRose92
Kinky Wife Life: Jerk Off On Your Day Off by BlackxRose92 It's your day off and I want you jerking it as often as possible, husband. Today you're going to sit around and do nothing but watch the porn I posted for you while you jerk off continuously. Your day off is going to be spent on a masturbation marathon binge, but first I'm going to film this video and then go fuck your brains out. Oh yea, while I'm filming this right now, stripping, teasing, spreading my pierced pussy, and encouraging you to jerk off all day tomorrow, you're in our bedroom right now. You're probably playing video games, right? Go ahead, enjoy your quiet time because in about 10 minutes, I'm going to straddle you and ride you until your cock begs for a break. This way I know you'll be watching my porn and jerking off to me all day tomorrow. When you see me walk into the bedroom dressed like this in 10 minutes, demanding to fuck, you're going to drop your pants and fuel your mental spank bank material for tomorrow. You'll watch this video, along with all those hot, slobbery face fucking videos that I posted for you, and then you're going to spend hours jerking off and cumming, again and again. You're going to remember how fucking hot it was when I rode you like this, and then you're going to keep stroking it, only pausing long enough for water breaks and to text me. I hope your balls are ready for this mega draining marathon, because my pussy is feeling greedy as fuck tonight and that's exactly what we're going to do to get you prepped for your day off. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 8:08
Classic Humiliation Part 1 video from Ladyvampira
Classic Humiliation Part 1 by Ladyvampira Dominantly, the mistress pulls her slave down to the floor on a leash. The collar to which the chain is attached marks the man as the property of the dominatrix. As a token of gratitude to be allowed to serve the mistress, the slave kisses the high heels of his goddess. From the cage, the sissy bitch humbly watches the action. Lady Vampira corrects the subject's bad posture with the whip, because the slave has lost his CBT bondage. Your foot servant does not even dare to notice that his FemDom opens the zipper on her pencil skirt to present the seamed nylons lasciviously during the foot worship. The Voyer Upskirt with the second hidden camera in view, the diva spreads her legs and stretches out the divine butt. The devoted worm crawls beneath her, with pointed heels. The mistress lives out her sadism while trampling and sees no reason to stop punishing her property with spanking. The scented nylon feet in front of the face the slave feels only rewarded and grateful to be inferior to the female domination. / Dominant zieht die Herrin ihren Sklaven an der Leine hinab auf den Boden. Das Halsband, an dem die Kette befestigt ist, kennzeichnet den Mann als Eigentum der Domina. Als Zeichen der Dankbarkeit, der Mistress dienen zu dürfen, küsst der Sklave die High Heels seiner Göttin. Vom Käfig aus beobachtet die TV Schlampe demütig das Geschehen. Lady Vampira korregiert die schlechte Haltung des Subjekts mit der Gerte, denn der Sklave hat seine CBT Fessel verloren. Ihr Fussdiener wagt sich nicht einmal zu bemerken, dass seine FemDom den Reissverschluss an ihrem Pencil Skirt öffnet um die Nahtnylons bei der Fussverehrung lasziv zu präsentieren. Den Voyer Upskirt mit der 2. Hidden Camera im Blick, spreizt die Diva ihre Beine und streckt den göttlichen Hintern raus. Unter ihr kriecht der ergebene Wurm, von spitzen Absätzen traktiert. Die Herrin lebt ihren Sadismus beim Trampling weiter aus und sieht keinen Grund ihr Eigentum nicht weiter mit Spanking zu bestrafen. Die duftenden Nylonfüße vorm Gesicht fühlt sich der Sklave einzig belohnt und dankbar, der Female Domination unterlegen sein zu dürfen.
duration 21:44
Young Sister Anal Submission & Facefuck video from RoxyCox
Young Sister Anal Submission & Facefuck by RoxyCox Roxy's younger sister Kelly is getting all dolled up for her date with Roxy's boyfriend. During the intro of the video Kelly is applying some red lipstick wearing a slutty dress with a voice over of her thoughts and how much she's looking forward to seeing his big cock. But she's feeling a bit nervous and decides she wants to practice sucking on a toy as she really wants to impress him when he arrives. Kelly starts licking and sucking on a toy, getting lipstick stains all over it. Suddenly she hears the door opening and looks like he's came early. But it not him, it's Roxy her older sister who walks through the door in a tight sexy top and leather skirt and she grabs her by the hair saying how she knows all about her little slut sister scheme trying to steal her boyfriend behind her back. Roxy wants to teach her little slut sister a lesson, your going to be punished for being a conniving bitch because if you don't do as I say I'll tell Mom and Dad what exactly you've been to. You know your too young to be dating let alone attempting to come onto my boyfriend. Kelly asks her not to tell and Roxy decides it's time to make her sister into a proper slut. Look at you wearing this low cut dress, not even a bra on inside. Trying to show off your little tits were you, Roxy decides to name and shame her sister. Pulling her dress down and grabbing the red lipstick writing "SLUT" in capital letters over her tits and applying more on her lips to make her look like a proper bimbo with blowjob lips. Roxy has told her boyfriend to come round and he's going to use her younger sister Kelly while Roxy enjoys seeing her used and humiliated. Roxy sits her sister down and slaps her face and tits and continues to verbally degrade Kelly. Did you really think my boyfriend would leave me for you? Your going to be put in your place little sister and your just a dumb bitch actually thinking you could steal my boyfriend that I've been dating for years. Roxy pulls her knickers off and shoves them in her mouth and makes her spread those legs wide open, slapping her pussy. He's finally here and now your ready for him aren't you. You are going to get fucked like a dirty lil fucktoy just for my amusement. Kelly gets on her knees, panties still shoved in her mouth looking up at Roxy's boyfriend while Roxy kneels beside her and make her wrap her panties around his dick and makes her jerk his big cock off with both hands. Roxy is going to tell her little bitch sister exactly what to do. Roxy pushes her head down on his cock until her eyes tear up. So much red lipstick smudged all over her mouth and his cock. Good little cock slut take that cock deep and gag on it bitch. Roxy is really making her work hard for her boyfriends cock, slapping it off her face and messing up her face. He told me how bad you wanted him to fuck your pussy little sister, but you know what you don't get to have his cock in your pussy he only fucks my pussy. No instead he's going to take your virgin tight asshole and I'm going to watch and enjoy every second when he rams his dick in your ass and uses your little fuckhole. Roxy bends Kelly over and spreads her ass. She has purposely bent her over in from t of her makeup mirror so she can see her own face as she's getting fucked in the ass. A humiliating anal fuck for her slut sister. So desperate for my boyfriends dick in your pussy but you don't deserve it bitch. He's going to take your ass and while he's fucking you he's going to be thinking about me. Roxy labels her sister again writing "WHORE" across her ass, that's what you are our anal whore to use little sister and don't you fucking forget it! Roxy spread her ass while her boyfriend slides his dick inside her tight asshole. Kelly moaning while she's getting her hole stretched and she's begging him to stop because his cock is so beg. But Roxy tells him to fuck her more, keep going and stretch her hole and gape it. We see a close up of Kelly face as she struggles to take his big cock, moaning and looking like a good anal slut. You won;t ever cross your older sister again will you, you want his cum bitch? Beg for his cum in your ass if you want him to stop fucking your ass. Beg for it you little cumslut and she's begs louder as he pulls out and Roxy spread her ass open to see that big gape. He empties his balls deep in Kelly's ass and you can see that cum dripping out of her tight ass. A nice creampie deep in her little asshole. Go get yourself cleaned up you little slut and you'll never deceive your older sister again.

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