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duration 10:01
Sexy Teacher Drinks Love Potion video from Molly Darling
Sexy Teacher Drinks Love Potion by Molly Darling [custom video] Love potion gone wrong. You’re in your room when your college professor lets herself in. It’s a hot day and she tells you she grabbed a bottle of water from the hall and drank the whole thing - little did she know that it was a love potion not meant for her! She is here to ask about your dissertation as it’s late.. but suddenly as the love potion is working it’s magic she becomes distracted, confesses her attraction to you and then suddenly starts scrambling at your trousers. She doesn’t care if you want her to stop, she loves you and needs you. She sucks your cock as she pulls down her skirt until you’re hard. She stands up and pushes you onto the bed. She rips her panties off and climbs on top of you.. almost instantly having an orgasm. Rather than stop, she carries on in a frenzy, professing her love for you and how good you feel. She rides until you cum.. but she’s not stopping any time soon. The scene fades to black and reopens to her entering the room. You’re restrained and can’t move.. she’s dressed in sexy black lingerie with stockings and high heels. She’s glad to see you’re awake, you were exhausted after what had happened earlier. She bought the outfit especially for you. She mounts you and begins riding you again until she orgasms. Oh no, you aren’t going anywhere! You tried to escape earlier so now you’re tied down and unless you’re eating or she’s busy at school you will be used for her to fuck all day, every day. She carries on riding until you cum again.. you think you’re finished? You’re in for a long night!*** POV angle & “mimicked” POV (for the riding scenes the camera is placed on a tripod in a POV style so you can see whole body & penetration whilst riding) Female dialogue only (apart from moans)
duration 19:17
Babysitter Gets Tied Up, Ballgagged, And Slapped Into Giving A Double BJ video from Davina Davis
Babysitter Gets Tied Up, Ballgagged, And Slapped Into Giving A Double BJ by Davina Davis A long time ago, I got my massage license so that I could give my boyfriend a good rub every once in awhile. Well that was a fucking mistake. He decided to cheat on me with some disgusting whore because she was "rougher" in bed. He wanted rough huh? From that moment on I decided that no man would ever treat me with disrespect again. I am a goddess, and I shall be worshipped, not degraded. I locked my Ex in the basement and trained him long and hard to become the perfect bitch boy. I didn't want my massage license to go to waste, so decided to pick up an extra shift at the parlor down the street, while my Ex was slaving away doing my chores. Today I had a first timer. Mmmmmmm I just love new girls. This one, however, is a worthless little cunt. She kept demanding that I go harder, then slower, then softer. This ignorant whore thinks she can get away with ordering me around during the whole fucking massage, just because I'm on a payroll. To make things worse, I found out that she wrote a Yelp review, saying "I should stick to sucking dick and giving happy endings." She clearly doesn't know who she's screwing with. This miserable twat is going to pay. BIG TIME. I did some hardcore Facebook stalking, and figured out that she's actually a babysitter, so I decided to hire her to "watch my kids" When this ugly skank knocks on the door, I'm going to knock her out, tie her up, and make her suffer, like she did to me, having to listen to her cunt ass attitude. When the lazy cow finally woke up, I decided to take the ball gag out of her mouth so she could use it to gag on my little bitch boys cock. Now SHE'S the one whose going to be giving a happy ending. Stupid useless whore. Watch as I shove this cunts head down and she cries like a whiny pig. I'm slapping this ugly slut until she can't take it anymore, then I demand that bitch boy gives her a huge facial and blinds her with his bitch sperm. This retarded cum pig actually thinks I'm going to let her go. HAHAHHAHAHA. I'm pushing her down the stairs, into the basement, so she can rot right next to my useless pussy slave boy. Neither of them will ever get the chance to humiliate me again. NEVER!!!!
duration 4:36
Sit Deflating Beach Balls video from BlackxRose92
Sit Deflating Beach Balls by BlackxRose92 My favorite boobie beach balls have been inflated for a fetish video, but now it's time to put them away. I can't bear to pop them! They're too cute, and I love play with them too much to pop them. Deflating them by hand takes way too long, and I'm not wearing any pants, so the best way to deflate my beach balls to keep them safe is to sit on them. Of course! This tiny blue micro thong looks extra sexy as my booty cheeks bounce and grind on the beach balls, deflating them under my ass. The air squeals out in fast whooshes, gentle airy whispers, and strong gusts as I bounce, grind, and even lift my feet off the floor! The air intake valves that look like nipples are very tight though, so I have to lift my high heels all the way up, bringing my feet just below my ass, as I bounce as hard as I can, making the plastic squeak under my naked ass cheeks. With the first beach ball nearly flat, I can't quite get it fully deflated with just my butt, so I stack the other still inflated beach ball on top and really wiggle into it, grinding hard. I bounce even harder, flattening both beach balls as much as possible so they'll fit nicely into storage safely for play another day. Once they both get as flat as possible under my butt, I have to squeeze them as hard as possible, really draining out every single bit of air with my hands pressing them against my tits. Oh my! It looks like these boobie beach balls have been through an intense breastfeeding session by the time I'm done with them! No holes though, my beach balls have not been popped and are ready to for sexy fetish fun another day.
duration 35:37
Make Me A Bimbo video from Fiona Dagger
Make Me A Bimbo by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the names Mr Astor and Ray are used throughout) Fiona arrives home from the office to discover a package has been delivered to her house with a note saying that it's from Mr Astor, the wedding planner for her best friend's wedding, and contains her dress and shoes for the wedding day. Fiona opens the package to find a very short and revealing red dress and a pair of sexy, ultra high heels. She's confused and unimpressed - this definitely isn't her sort of outfit! She's a serious career woman, she rarely wears dresses at all, and certainly not bright red mini dresses. Fiona decides she might as well try the outfit on, this is for her best friend's wedding after all - she doesn't want to cause a fuss, and maybe it will look better once it's on. So she strips out of her work clothes and puts the dress and shoes on, looking at herself in the mirror and frowning as she doesn't like what she sees. Then just as she's lamenting having to turn up dressed like a slut to her friend's wedding, she feels sharp pin pricks in her neck and her feet. Suddenly a warm glow rushes over her and her expression changes to one of surprise and delight! She begins to look differently at herself in the mirror, running her hands over her body and murmurming the name of the wedding planner. Fiona then feels the urge to change her hair and makeup to better match her outfit; she removes her glasses and puts her hair up into an ultra high pony tail, then takes her time applying bold, sexy makeup to her face, and putting in huge gold hoop earrings. Satisfied, and growing more aroused by the second, she quickly peels off her panties, leaving the dress and heels, and begins to masturbate desperately, glowing with happiness. She uses her hands at first then grabs different toys from around the room, cumming again and again as she ditzily fucks herself and moans the wedding planner's name. Eventually she's sated enough to stop masturbating for a while, and she looks again in the bottom of the package to discover another note from the wedding planner.. She reads it and an expression of excitement crosses her face - it says that this is just the first of many outfits Mr Astor has picked out for her, and she should expect the next one to arrive soon!
duration 16:14
Nurse Dani JOI With Cumshot- facial video from Dani Sorrento
Nurse Dani JOI With Cumshot- facial by Dani Sorrento You must be our new patient today. So I see here that you are having a problem that you want taken care of. You can get an erection, but you are having trouble cumming. Now the doctor here actually has a new approach to this problem and it is a more natural way of getting results. You will feel temporary relief after, but we will still take a sample of your cum to make sure there is no underlying issues. I am going to change and then I will be back to tell you what to do. I go from basic nurse scrubs and gym shoes to chunky high heels, a mini skirt and a micro two piece bikini. My hair is now down and my makeup is a little more sexy. Don't worry though, this is all part of the process to get the best results! I am gonna pose myself to get you hard, so just take out your penis for me to see. Then, once you have a raging hardon, I am going to tease you even more while telling you exactly how to stroke your cock for me. I noticed you are more fond of my behind so we will focus on that; shaking, slapping, clapping, and general teasing of my ass for you. Once I see your cock twitching a lot I will get the sample cup and sit in front of you. I will make sure it doesn't feel like a procedure and have you aim your load at my face and tits. Let me worry about the sample cup, just cum after my countdown. Such a big load we got from you! I will call you next week with the results from the sample (custom clip, brunette, brown eyes, make up, simple makeup to slutty makeup, dirty talk, nurse, ponytail, hair straight down, long hair, red lipstick, micro bikini, blue bathing suit, miniskirt, short green skirt, high heel sandals, chunky black heels, twerking, dancing, ass shaking, booty clapping, butt jiggle, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, tattoos, perky tits, 38dd, 51in ass, size 11 feet, bbw, tall, posing, teasing, squat, bent over, standing, ass slapping, twerk, spank, wiggle, messy ending, fake cum, huge cumshot, facial, cum on tits, cum countdown, JOI, jerk off encouragement, cum encouragement, jerk off instruction, Dani Sorrento, spankdani)
duration 10:27
Slut Dirty Talk and Booty Clap video from Dani Sorrento
Slut Dirty Talk and Booty Clap by Dani Sorrento I talk about what a dirty slut I am and how much I love it! It satisfies my need to be a slut when I use my holes and take cock. I tell you all the ways I enjoy a dick and sometimes more than one dick at a time. I can't get enough of it. I am such a fucking slut! I tease you with my filthy mouth and then I show you what my ass can do to help you cum. I have my long brown hair down and my thick curvy body is barely fitting in a sheer black one piece thong outfit. I even have some high heels on to lift my booty up even more. After staring at a close view of my face and tits as I dirty talk, I move farther away and show off my whole body. I clap my giant cheeks nearly nonstop as I beg for your cum. I turn to the side sometimes and other times I show you my ass straight on. I know you can't get enough of my bubble butt shaking for you. You are holding out so I give you a 10 second countdown and make you cum for me. I love being a good slut for you! (custom clip, dirty talk, slut talk, solo female, no penetration, long brown hair, brunette goddess, straight hair down, brown eyes, make up, dark lips, big eyes, sheer lingerie, one piece thong, black outfit, 38dd tits, big tits, perky breasts, chubby, bbw, fat girl, curvy, thick thighs, tattoos, 32in thighs, 51in ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, big cheeks, giant ass, booty shaking, ass clapping, butt jiggle, ass wiggle, bare cheeks, high heels, stiletto pumps, open toe shoes, shiny black and chrome heels, size 11 feet, tall girl, 5ft 11in, sweating, hot and sweaty, twerkout, twerk work out, cum encouragement, cum countdown, jerk off encouragement, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)

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