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Cum Factory Room 27

Inside the Milking Factory, there are hundreds of specimens who are made to produce as much cum as possible. Since Molly can produce an extraordinary amount of cum, she has her very own room inside the Factory. Hands in secure bondage and with ballet boots padlocked on her feet, spread wide open, she has no choice but to wait for her next session. Milking Specialist Cassy arrives just in time for her daily teasing and cum collecting duties. She makes sure Molly is as horny as possible before taking out the Cum Collecting Machine ****. Then Cassy switches the Cum Machine to high and watches as her milking sissy cow struggles in vain to escape. The pleasure overload is too much for Molly and in just a few minutes she is ready to explode. Cassy skillfully removes the Cum Machine at exactly the right moment, making Molly slowly dribble out every drop of cum on the milking tray. She collects Molly’s seed and will be back in a half an hour to collect more and more.


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