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duration 99:41
BBW Sex Party #2 Full Length Film video from TROUBLEfilms QueerPornTV
duration 15:10
Chewing and Swallowing Cocks and Balls video from Lily Evans
Chewing and Swallowing Cocks and Balls by Lily Evans Custom clip: "I wonder if you are able to fulfill a fantasy with a custom clip? You would be showing off your sensuous, beautiful neck again, the camera angle & views take in your beautiful face, neck and chest. This time, you are extracting revenge on men who have wronged you - you have cut off their dicks and balls, and have them in front of you - they take the form of bananas and grapes. You are going to voraciously eat the offending parts! The grapes will be in a bowl with a liberal smothering of either yoghurt or cream (the cum that has leaked from them). You dip the bananas in the "cum" and bite pieces off - many times, you don't bother chewing, you just gulp the big chunk down whole - "You wanted deep throat, you creep, you got it!" Other times, you take a big bite and mash it up with your teeth for maximum agony! The same with the grapes - sometimes you crunch the balls menacingly with your teeth, but many times you want them to suffer through the agony of slowly being melted by your stomach acid, so you just swallow them entirely whole! If you like, have the grapes peeled if this makes swallowing them easier - and the "cum" will help act as lubrication! I wonder if you would see the lump of fruit as it passed down your lovely neck? What erotic noises would it make as you swallowed and strained to push it down? Would there be loud gulps, squeaks and gurgles as the bulge squeezed and slid down? How big of a grape-ball could you swallow? You finish off all the offenders' cocks and balls - they will never bother you again! You look very satisfied and pleased at the end - you can use whatever dialogue you feel fits in with the theme of this clip."

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