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duration 11:30
Compulsive Findom Gambler ASMR JOI video from OmankoVivi
Compulsive Findom Gambler ASMR JOI by OmankoVivi LOOK AT ALL THAT MONEY YOU OWE ME~!!!!! My oh my, little doggy, you've gotten yourself in quite the predicament! It seems you've already fallen dumb to my gambling trap, and by the look of all those zero's... you'll be serving ME for a looooong time~!!! Don't worry though, if you keep these perversions quiet, between us, then perhaps I'll go a bit easier on you... Being my pet isn't ALL bad, after all~. You'll soon become addicted to paying back your loan, just to wrack it back up again!!! Do it, do it! Edge yourself and start paying back what you owe me... You're my dog now, and you barely deserve to even look at me!!! This is just the first gamble after all, do you think the great Yumeko Jabami would give it allllll away, for just her dog~? Hey, just because I’m berating you doesn’t mean you can stop jacking off, you’ll have to finish to the embarrassment!!! This is your punishment for being a bad, selfish doggy. You should behave yourself in front of your new master, so stick your loser tongue out and beg for forgiveness!!! If you’re lucky, I’ll let your lick the sweat off my Goddess body. You’d become completely obsessed then - hah!!! Coming back week after week, paying tribute and desperately attempting to catch up… Wildly humping your hand and begging to get closer - sniff my feet, anything!!! You’ll need to see me again and again, it’s simply like a love disease you know, the thrill of gambling!!!!! (Contains : Findom, ASMR, JOI, Mesmerize)
duration 9:08
Patient Seduction Part 1 video from Ladyvampira
Patient Seduction Part 1 by Ladyvampira You should always read the fine print before signing a contract. As in this case, the living will turns out to be a slave contract in the clinic of the Femdom Empire. Doctor Vampira orders rubber therapy and a sniffing cure, which must be implemented immediately. The patient is first fixed in Segufix and then immobilized with CBT and a great foot odor. Patient seduction through an intense fragrance experience after a long day in boots, then barefoot with your feet on your face and a dominatrix who uses her slave as a seat cushion. As a strict nurse, it is important to put on the gloves and to cupple the eggs and nipples, as well as to energize them with electric shocks. The mistress wears her latex skirt and chain bra, as in the first part of the hospital admission. / Man sollte immer das Kleingedruckte lesen, bevor man einen Vertrag unterschreibt. So wie in diesem Fall entpuppt sich die Patientenverfügung als Sklavenvertrag in der Klinik des Femdom Empire. Frau Doktor Vampira ordnet eine Gummitherapie und Schnüffelkur an, die sofort umzusetzen ist. Der Patient wird zunächst in Segufix fixiert und dann mit CBT und geilem Fussgeruch ruhig gestellt. Patientenverführung durch intensives Dufterlebnis nach einem langen Tag in Stiefeln, dann Barfuss mit den Füßen aufs Gesicht und eine Domina, die ihren Sklaven als Sitzkissen benutzt. Es gilt sich als strenge Krankenschwester die Handschuhe anzuziehen und die Eier und Nippel zu schröpfen, sowie mit Elektroschocks unter Strom zu setzen. Die Herrin trägt dabei ihren Latexrock und den Ketten BH, wie im ersten Teil der Einweisung ins Krankenhaus.
duration 20:56
COCK SUCKING LESSONS video from Ellie Idol
COCK SUCKING LESSONS by Ellie Idol Today is your favorite day. Its the day that I teach you how to become an expert at what you REALLY want to do in life. See I know you have a beautiful f4mi1y and a great job but what you really desire, what you really CRAVE iswelllets do a little test. Close your eyes for a minute and picture this scene. You are with me in my bedroom and I am looking very sexy dressed like I am today. You desperately want to suck on my perfect little tittiesmaybe I will show you my perfect pussy lips that you love so much. I gently push you down so you are on your knees. You of course will do anything for me so you dont question this at all. I slowly rub my hand across your cheek and pry your mouth open and as I let your hands graze my nipples you feel it. Something large and somewhat soft is pushing its way between your lips. You naturally part them because its your instinct. Your lips find their natural home as they drop over the ridge of the head and find the shaft. Your tongue immediately savors the soft feel and taste. "Oh my God" you think, "I cant believe it but Princess Ellie gently inserted a COCK into my mouth. But I didnt fight it. In fact I love the feel. Fuck, there must be 3 inches in my mouth already and I havent even tried to deep throat it." Now here is the testis your cock hard? Is it pushing against your pants, begging to be freed? I know it is and you KNOW that you are a cocksucker. Open your eyes and see what I have brought for you today. I'm going to teach you how to suck cock and SAVOR it! You're going to use your dildo to mimic everything you see me do to my boyfriend's erection!

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