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Tipsy and Gassy with Messy Farts

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I'm so glad you decided to come over and hang out with me while I have a few drinks, but-- oops! I can't stop farting! I tell you about how embarrassed I am at first, and talk about why. But I can see that you don't mind, and you might even...like it?

I stand up and talk more about farting while I slowly undress for you. Wait, you want me to fart IN YOUR FACE? Really?! Well...ok, I guess I can do that!

I stick my ass right up close in your face and you can watch my asshole release the gas! I describe my farts and tell you how smelly they are. I never thought I would like doing this! I even confess that sometimes when I'm in a crowded place, I like to rip farts and no one suspects me because I'm a cute, petite girl!

Toward the end my farts start to get a little messy, if you know what I mean! Still, I keep my dirty asshole right in your face, blasting you with my farts, giggling the whole time. I think you're making me want to fart on purpose now!


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