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duration 21:19
BBW Home Wrecker Needs Impregnation POV video from Gwen Adora
BBW Home Wrecker Needs Impregnation POV by Gwen Adora Your girlfriend's best friend is back again for more of your cum, but this time things are different. Since we last left off, you've gotten engaged, and I've become your fiance's maid of honour. But our fun doesn't stop here. It's not really cheating until you're officially married, right? I have a proposal, a fuck proposal, if you will. You tell your fiance you want the next time you fuck to be on your special day, and until then I can be your creampie mistress to help you fulfill any needs you have. That's what maids of honours are supposed to do anyway, right? Help send the invitations, plan the guest list, and, of course, take the grooms fertile loads. How about we add more risk though? If you get me pregnant (which you know you want to) and I become your bride instead. I know you get off to impregnating me, so you kinda have to say "I do." TAGS: home wrecker, creampie, wedding fetish, wedding dress, blackmail fantasy, impregnation fantasy, bride, transfer fetish, tease and denial, seduction, pregnant, cheating wife, cheating, pussy spreading, pussy teasing, pussy play, pussy denial, bloated belly, belly fetish, countdown, games, cum play, curvy, creampie, cream pie, creamy, feet, dirty feet, foot fetish, foot play, foot worship, custom, HD, booty call, virtual sex, BBW, redhead, big boobs, huge boobs, bouncing boobs, big ass, PAWG, big butts, eye fetish, eyelash fetish, blue eyes, lingerie, POV, games, edging games, masturbation games,
duration 20:17
Tattooed Goth Weirdo with Glasses and Long-Haired Scruffy Rocker Boy - Meredith Tourmaline & DD R'Moan - Anal Galore! Hardcore Anal Sex, Dirty Blowjob, Spanking, Finger-Fucking, Hair-Pulling video from MeredithTourmaline
Tattooed Goth Weirdo with Glasses and Long-Haired Scruffy Rocker Boy - Meredith Tourmaline & DD R'Moan - Anal Galore! Hardcore Anal Sex, Dirty Blowjob, Spanking, Finger-Fucking, Hair-Pulling by MeredithTourmaline Ah! This is one of my favourite scenes I've shot thus far!

This video opens with me wiggling my bum for DD R'Moan and teasing him as he stands over my bent-over body, until he spits on my asshole and penetrates me with his hard cock. My ass is raised high, and DD is on all fours, thrusting his cock in and out of my ass as I squeal and moan. I'm wearing black lace fishnet thigh-highs, a black lace bra, and nerdy glasses, gripping the pillows and blankets before me, bouncing my ass against DD. He pulls out and slaps his dick between my butt cheeks, then holds my hips as he penetrates me again, pulling my hair, spanking me as I rub my clit.

I grab the camera and pass it to him to show close-ups of his glistening hard cock being shoved in and out of my asshole, and then I hold the camera as he finger-fucks me, his black-painted fingertips moving quickly, expertly, stimulating my g-spot and clit simultaneously, nearly making me scream as I come.

DD pulls my small tits out from my black lace bra, and presses his cock between my butt cheeks, massaging my ass as he rubs his cock against me. We fuck each other hard, spitting, moaning, biting my lips. And a little bit of kissing, too! He spanks me and takes the camera from my hand, capturing POV dirty blowjob close-ups. I swallow his entire cock, licking his balls as I do so, and then I spit all over his dick, getting messy, and he jerks off as I slobber all over the head.

While I suck his cock, he leans over to take close-ups of my delightfully hairy asshole, soaked with spit and pussy juice, spanking me and penetrating me with his middle finger. Then he flips me over, my hard nipples still peeking out over my black lace bra, and fucks me missionary, slapping my cunt with his dick before sticking it in. As we thrust our hips against one another, he leans down to french kiss me, our tongues playing games as I hold onto him and moan. He pulls out and flips me over again, giving me another spanking, bending me over for the camera, and he grabs hold of my hair and fucks my pussy hard.

He finger-fucks me as my ass rises for the camera, lifts my head to take in his cock. My cheeks are spread for the camera as I suck.

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