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My room is too cold let me sleep with you stepdad

Step daughter roleplay fantasy SOLO video. Its too cold in my room because my heater is broken so I try to go to my moms because she's at work and my step dad is in beg. He tries to get me to leave but I convince him to let me sleep in the room brattily. I reveal under my blanket as I get into the bed a tight bra and thong he tries to get me to not lay with him because it's inappropriate and I dont care. I lay next to him and spoon him for warmth his cock gets hard from my phat ass. It upsets me but I dont want to leave the bed. So I let him rub his cock in between my ass cheeks. It feels good I make him to let me take care of his cock. I watched him with mom so I know he has a deep throat fetish (I use a fuck machine at different speeds for throat fucking) I fuck his throat so hard as he pounds it for a few minutes then going super super hard. He loves it, flips me over and teases his cock against my asshole but I make him to use me pussy and then takes my pussy ass view bent over. God it feels so fucking good as he pounds my pussy so hard for a few minutes I cum so hard on him (ass view really good view of it going back and forth fuck machine.) I let him cum deep in me even though he wants to pull out I make him to drain his balls in me. Im exhausted and thenĀ  I go to sleep with stepdad. (Solo video roleplay fantasy) 18 minutes long fast pace nice long scenes with hot views


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