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The Florist 2

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That girl has been rushing past your work window almost everyday again. Somedays she looks in and smiles. Somedays her beautiful arrangements are blocking her face, but you're sure she is still as happy - and nasty, as ever. One Friday you arrive to work to find a single rose and another invitation. "Come over tonight?" Of course, you go. She invites you in wearing the same tiny dress as before. She teases you for what feels like ages before slipping a toy into herself and sucking on a wet dildo. "Just a little bigger.." she disappears and come back with two more huge dildos to play with. You watch her stretch herself out and struggle to fit the giant dildo into her tight little hole. You think about her rushing past your window, barely able to carry her load without spilling everywhere. Her face is red with pleasure and she moans more and more as it she stuffs herself and gapes herself for you to see. "Emma" you think, "don't forget her name is Emma."


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