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Luna Aggressively Humps The Big Ass Maid

I have been Luna and her family's maid for quite awhile now. Luna is always mean to me and harasses me constantly. She storms in today and complains how I haven't made her bed yet and I apologize and say I will get it later. Luna stays standing there, just eyeing my big behind. She comes over and knocks the broom out of my hands and when I go to pick it up she grabs my hips roughly. I tense up as she starts to hump my big ass. This sadly isn't the first time she has done this to me and I just let it happen, but am very much not into it. I feel so uncomfortable as she thrusts and grinds against me. She makes it even worse when she pulls down her bottoms as well as mine. I just stay as still as I can, hoping it will be over with soon. She stops and I am hopeful, but then she just drags me over to the couch and bends me over to continue humping me. I can just hear her heavy breathing as she gets more and more into it. Her hands rubbing and grabbing at my big cheeks. Again, I think she is finally done, but instead she has me now lay on my stomach. Her body on top of mine as she slides up and down and then bounces her body hard against my ass. She still isn't satisfied and has me get up on all fours. Luna humps and breaths heavy until she is close to cumming. Telling me that this is what I get for not making her bed. Then she cums hard! I feel so used, but I stay there until she gets up and tells me I can go back to work. I slowly put back on my pants and eventually pick up my broom, trying to forget what just happened. (custom clip, lesbian, moving camera, POV shots, two girls, girl/girl, females, size difference, skinny girl, chubby girl, denim jeans, high heels, gym shoes, sweats, sweat pants, cleaning gloves, sweeping, brunettes, brown eyes, wavy hair down, straight hair ponytail, hair up, hot and sweaty, tall thick girl, short thin girl, height difference, roleplay, boss/employee role play, heavy breathing, thick thighs, big feet, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, huge ass, big cheeks, jiggling ass, bouncing booty, butt humping, ass hump, grinding, thrusting, simulated orgasm, fetish, fantasy, maid, brat girl, femdom, Luna Sapphire, LunaSapphireX, Spankdani, Dani Sorrento, camera operator Sophie Ladder, lesbian fetish clip)


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