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Eat Up // Personal Trainer

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// Gender Neutral Pronouns //

*I recommend wearing noise canceling headphones & listening to files in a safe space where you can’t be interrupted for best results*

Hey, I’m Enchantress and I’ll be your personal trainer today. I don’t want you to take this personally; but you’ve really fattened up since the last time you were here-
According to these notes, you’ve gained almost forty pounds… ouch. It’s pretty pathetic honestly, I’d be humiliated if I was half as big as you… are you sure you’re cut out for this fitness stuff? It’s almost like the more effort you put into loosing weight, the more you accidentally gain. Why don’t you just give into it?

In this file I make you to do sit ups & trick you into getting brainwashed for weight loss… little do you know I’m quite indecisive… you’d just look -so- cute as my pathetic fat piggy.


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