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Overweight to Underweight to Chubby Weight Gain Journey: Stuffing Entire Pizza video from BlackxRose92
Overweight to Underweight to Chubby Weight Gain Journey: Stuffing Entire Pizza by BlackxRose92 I've been working so hard to put on the pounds! After dropping to underweight before my surgery, my number one goal since coming home has been to put on as many pounds as possible. Does it look like I'm there yet? I've been taking so many extra snack breaks to get in as many calories as I can consume, but I'm not sure if I can see them sticking just yet. The scale has other plans in mind. Four pizzas this week, well, that is how many I will have eaten after this one anyways. I haven't eaten it yet. It's still sitting on my lap, hot and ready to bloat my tummy full of yummy nummy foods. Yesterday was spent cleaning the kitchen and now I've spent a long day filming fetish videos, so I'm way too tired to make dinner. Luckily, one of my weight gain fans is eager to help me pack on the pounds and has helped me with a quick reorder of my favorite pizza, but there's one catch. All of the toppings have been doubled! This pizza didn't stand a chance. I showed off my belly before I started eating because I knew I would get bloated fast. After eating the pizza, my belly is distended and stretched beyond belief. I drink my entire bottle of water to chase down the last of my meal, but it makes me start burping like crazy. The belches come fast and rumble out deep gurgles as my bloated belly stretches visibly once I pop the easy access snaps on my lingerie, groaning in relief as I roll it up and show off how stretched out my belly is. Somehow I packed an entire overstuffed pizza inside my stomach, food stuffing as many calories in as possible. Can't wait to see what next week's weight gain goal is!

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