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duration 34:19
Fatty Blackmail Skype Stuffing and Giant Dildo Fucking video from Wood
Fatty Blackmail Skype Stuffing and Giant Dildo Fucking by Wood You've discovered Wood's secret! You used to go to high school with her when she was a skinny head cheerleader and track runner. And now, just into time for the high school reunion, you've found her porn blog where she posts about being a fat slutty BBW! She's gained so much weight -- definitely over a hundred pounds -- and post tons of pictures and videos of her sucking and fucking giant monster dildos! This is the perfect opportunity, you save up some pretty incriminating pictures and hit her up, telling her if she doesnt go on skype and eat her weight in tacos for you and be the horny slut she is, you're gonna expose her to the rest of the high school class on reunion night! You're sure that people will be so shocked by the out of shape fatty slut she's become! Wood begrudgingly agrees and goes along with the embarrassing blackmail. She answers your skype call and immediately starts eating and griping about how much of a perv you are to actually WANT to watch her stuff her face after getting so fat. Even though this is supposed to be her blackmail, she begins to tease YOU! Annoyed by how the tables have turned, you try to shut her up by telling her she needs to use the biggest dildo she has and to fuck herself with it for you, unless she wants to be exposed. She groans, but grabs a huge monster cock and begins to ride it as she stuffs her face with food. Surprisingly, it starts to look like she likes the hedonistic activities, and even admits that it turns her on to get fatter! She then acts even more bratty the more she fucks herself, and turns the humiliation back onto you!

Blackmail, stuffing, burping, belly play, weight gain, and giant monster dildo fucking with brattyness and humiliation all around! This was a custom clip ^_^
duration 14:54
Demonic Impregnation Turns Belly Bursting video from Wood
Demonic Impregnation Turns Belly Bursting by Wood Wood is a lazy witch who came across a spell book with a summoning spell that allows you to summon a demon to do your bidding. This sounds like the perfect plan, since there's so many things she'd love for her own personal demon to do while she sits back and relaxes. After saying the incantation, Wood is surprised and disappointed to find that nothing is happening. Disappointed and exhausted after using up all her spirit energy to perform the ritual, she decides to just go to bed and try again in the morning. But in the morning, she's shocked to find her belly swollen up, tits inflated and heavy, and her body now nine months pregnant! She can't believe her eyes, but once she notices that a pentagram has been etched into her forehead she knows -- she wasn't summoning a demon to do her bidding, she's the one doing the demon's bidding! And now she is nine-months pregnant with what she can only assume is the anti-christ. She begins to panic, flipping through her book to find the reversal spell but with no luck. Even worse -- she's starting to go into labor! And it's surprisingly quick and aggressive -- and with horror she realizes that she's about to give birth but is certainly not dilated enough yet. She yells and screams, wondering how the baby is going to get out, until her belly starts to grow and grow until it bursts completely! This was a custom clip! Rapid impregnation transformation with a supernatural bent, breast expansion, magic, damsel in distress, and finally ending with a belly bursting birth complete with sound effects! If you'd like your own custom clip, email me at woodsgotfunding at gmail. com!
duration 19:22
Greedy BBW Cake Stuffing and Funnel Feeding video from Wood
Greedy BBW Cake Stuffing and Funnel Feeding by Wood Wood is so grateful to you for fattening her up. None of her clothes fit anymore and it turns her on so much. She shows off her tight her leggings are, and how her favorite shirt has no chance in covering her flabby hanging gut anymore. She teases you a bit to show off her gratitude, then tells you she wants to show you how greedy she's become thanks to your fattening. She's going to greedily eat a cake for you, piggy style, and top it off by funneling some coffee creamer. She wants to plump up even more for you and turn into a gluttonous obese hog. Can't you tell how dedicated she is? She dirty talks about how happy she is that you're making her so fat, and shows off how much she's gonna work to make herself that much fatter for you. She greedily devours her cake until her clothes become so restricting that she has to strip. She then finishes up her cake, flab hanging loose, until she needs to fill herself up even more. She begins to funnel coffee creamer in her underwear, her huge gut growing more and more taut and bloated. She burps and moans at being filled up so full, and when she cant take it anymore she takes off the funnel gag and takes out her tits, teasing her nipples and rubbing her pussy. She's so stuffed and horny, and is in love with how fat you've made her. Features feedee girlfriend-experience, outgrown clothes, teasing and belly play, greedy cake eating, weight gain, stripping, burping, funnel feeding, and a really bloated belly.

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