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duration 12:31
Bitch Steals Bimbofication Body Inflation Bubblegum video from BlackxRose92
Bitch Steals Bimbofication Body Inflation Bubblegum by BlackxRose92 Thanks for the bubble gum, fat ass! What? Hell no I'm not sticking around for a date with you! Why would I ever date a loser like you, when I look so fucking hot? Hah! No, not happening. Thanks for the bubble gum, but you can leave my bedroom now. What's so funny? Why are you laughing at me? Ugh, whatever loser, go fuck yourself. I've got things to do and I-......um.....Uh....Umm...What was I saying again? Huh. That's odd. *blows and pops a bubble* Hah, something feels weird. I feel, ah, umm, uh.....Oh! OH! OHHHHHH! What have you done to me? As each bubble gum bubble inflates bigger and bigger, so do I! While I've been busy mindlessly blowing bubble gum bubbles, my body has been busy inflating itself! My head begins to feel as airless as the bubbles that pop all over my face and glasses. I can't remember why I was humiliating you for being fat, but gosh, I'm so soft and fuckable now! I'm so horny! Please *blows and pops a bubble all over my glasses* will you fuck me? My breasts are so sensitive, and it feels like they're still expanding, but my bloated belly is also growing too! Nipples erect, I can't help but rub them as I blow bubble after bubble, slowly transforming into the fat nympho bimbo that you crave, instead of the bitchy boney MILF that won't fuck and makes fun of you. Now, I'm soft, fully inflated all over, growing into an erotic body inflation bimbofication transformation that blows bubble gum bubbles, twirls my hair, and dirty talks about fucking you while stroking my heavily distended belly and swollen MILF tits. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
duration 7:42
Your BBW Girlfriend Is Turning Into a Blueberry! video from Wood
Your BBW Girlfriend Is Turning Into a Blueberry! by Wood Wood has been working at a candy factory for a while, and despite an odd extreme weight gain debacle, things have been going good for her! In fact, they've even come up with a fruity gummy candy that's low in calories! So now she doesn't have to feel guilty for snacking away at work all day! But, uh oh, in just a couple days Wood is beginning to see some side effects. She's blimped up a little bit all over with emphasis on her new flabby tummy, but it doesn't feel like she's been filling up with fat! No, it's more taut, and a little bit... sloshy? It's like she's filling up with liquid! Concerned, she says she'll bring it up to the people at work. A couple more days go bye, and Wood comes home to you, her boyfriend to complain about how much she is blowing up! She had to even borrow your blue t-shirt to fashion into a dress so she could cover her rapidly expanding form! She even explains how she was able to push all the juice into her lower body and belly to emulate the hourglass figure she used to have before! She talks about how uncomfortable it all is, how no one at work seems to care, and most importantly, how heavy the juice inside her is, and the awkward feeling of the juice pressing up against her pussy causing her to be horny all day. She begs you to juice her before bed, so then maybe tomorrow she can be back to normal and go work with her old body. So you agree to juice her, what could possibly go wrong? The next morning you are shocked and aroused to see that your girlfriend is even bigger than ever before! With a giant, round belly and ass and blue starting to spread into her face. You put it all together -- she's transforming into a giant blueberry! But this time its different -- the juicing only stimulated her to make even MORE juice and now she's bigger and hornier than ever! She begs you to keep juicing her, to fuck her and fill her with cream, and watch as she expands with juice again and again for you. Its both turning you on a lot thinking about how big she can get. Don't you want to juice your girlfriend into an even bigger, blubbery blueberry? This clip was a custom! And is also meant to be a slight sequel to Candy Factory Extreme Weight Gain Transformation. If you'd like your own custom clip, email woodsgotfunding at gmail. com!
duration 10:04
Working Out for my Valentine's Sweets video from Wood
Working Out for my Valentine's Sweets by Wood It's Valentines Day and Wood's SSBBW girlfriend Brianna has something extra special in store for her! Wood has gained quite a bit of weight already and has a huge sweet tooth, so needless to say Valentines Day is one of her favorite holidays. So when Wood spies a plate of delicious brownie bites, she can't help but get really excited. But there's a catch! For this Valentine's Day, Brianna tells Wood that she has to work for her treats. For every brownie there is, Wood has to do a sit-up! She says that they've both been getting pretty tubby just sitting around, ordering takeout, and watching Netflix all the time. And to keep up with such a huge SSBBW babe of a girlfriend, Wood really needs to keep up her fitness. After all, someone has to be the one to run out to get more food and also stay active to take care of her! She can still gain weight, because they love being soft fat girlfriends, but Wood needs to get a little more in shape if they want to both continue gaining. Wood is okay with this -- at the end of the day, she's still getting her snacks and she's super food-motivated already. She takes it as a challenge to see if she can even still do that many sit-ups at all! Luckily, Wood has a lot of positive reinforcement. Not only is there food waiting for her after every situp, but her SSBBW girlriends big belly too! With every situp she gets a bite to eat and a little bit of time to worship her girlfriend's tummy. Maybe if this is how exercising is gonna be, Wood might have to make an exception and give in to working out a little more. BBW/SSBBW lesbian roleplay with mild work-outs, fat chat and weight gain talk, lots of belly play and teasing, feeding, and jiggling. Super sensual! Featuring SSBBW Brianna
duration 34:19
Fatty Blackmail Skype Stuffing and Giant Dildo Fucking video from Wood
Fatty Blackmail Skype Stuffing and Giant Dildo Fucking by Wood You've discovered Wood's secret! You used to go to high school with her when she was a skinny head cheerleader and track runner. And now, just into time for the high school reunion, you've found her porn blog where she posts about being a fat slutty BBW! She's gained so much weight -- definitely over a hundred pounds -- and post tons of pictures and videos of her sucking and fucking giant monster dildos! This is the perfect opportunity, you save up some pretty incriminating pictures and hit her up, telling her if she doesnt go on skype and eat her weight in tacos for you and be the horny slut she is, you're gonna expose her to the rest of the high school class on reunion night! You're sure that people will be so shocked by the out of shape fatty slut she's become! Wood begrudgingly agrees and goes along with the embarrassing blackmail. She answers your skype call and immediately starts eating and griping about how much of a perv you are to actually WANT to watch her stuff her face after getting so fat. Even though this is supposed to be her blackmail, she begins to tease YOU! Annoyed by how the tables have turned, you try to shut her up by telling her she needs to use the biggest dildo she has and to fuck herself with it for you, unless she wants to be exposed. She groans, but grabs a huge monster cock and begins to ride it as she stuffs her face with food. Surprisingly, it starts to look like she likes the hedonistic activities, and even admits that it turns her on to get fatter! She then acts even more bratty the more she fucks herself, and turns the humiliation back onto you!

Blackmail, stuffing, burping, belly play, weight gain, and giant monster dildo fucking with brattyness and humiliation all around! This was a custom clip ^_^
duration 17:34
Taking This Loser Nerds Virginity video from Davina Davis
Taking This Loser Nerds Virginity by Davina Davis I’ve never been good in Chemistry. Always barley getting by with C’s and D’s. I’m usually to busy thinking about whose cock I’m going to fuck next rather than studying. I mean who even cares about science? Only NERDS! I usually just fuck Jocks or Popular guys, but theres this nerd Lloyd who sits behind me in my Chem class, and he’s pretty cute… For a nerd anyway….. I decided to see what nerd life is all about, so I snuck into his dorm room and WHOA. It was like I died and went to nerd heaven. He had some chick named “Kali Linux” displayed across his THREE computer screens, along with a bunch of girl/girl porn. Only Loser Virgins watch softcore porn, I thought to myself. After seeing that I was pretty sure I would NEVER fuck a nerd, but on my way home I couldn’t help but wonder what It would be like to take a nerds virginity. It’s something I’d NEVER done before. So against my better judgment, I went back later that night dressed like a HUGE slut, and told Lloyd I was there to take his virginity. You should have seen the look on his face! He was sooooo shocked and confused! It was pretty cute. I started by pulling down his pants and giving him some head, surprised at how big his nerd cock was! I gagged so hard on his cock shoved deep down my throat, Then I pushed him onto the chair and started riding him as hard as I could. I wanted him to remember me as the dirty slut who took his virginity! I fucked him soooo good until he couldn’t hold his cum in any longer. I got on my knees and told him to blow his load all over my face. And it was a GIANT load. I played with his cum for a bit then licked the remaining jizz off my tits while he stared in awe. In that moment, I knew I had made his day.. Well, probably his life. I’m definitely going to fuck nerds more often!
duration 19:22
Greedy BBW Cake Stuffing and Funnel Feeding video from Wood
Greedy BBW Cake Stuffing and Funnel Feeding by Wood Wood is so grateful to you for fattening her up. None of her clothes fit anymore and it turns her on so much. She shows off her tight her leggings are, and how her favorite shirt has no chance in covering her flabby hanging gut anymore. She teases you a bit to show off her gratitude, then tells you she wants to show you how greedy she's become thanks to your fattening. She's going to greedily eat a cake for you, piggy style, and top it off by funneling some coffee creamer. She wants to plump up even more for you and turn into a gluttonous obese hog. Can't you tell how dedicated she is? She dirty talks about how happy she is that you're making her so fat, and shows off how much she's gonna work to make herself that much fatter for you. She greedily devours her cake until her clothes become so restricting that she has to strip. She then finishes up her cake, flab hanging loose, until she needs to fill herself up even more. She begins to funnel coffee creamer in her underwear, her huge gut growing more and more taut and bloated. She burps and moans at being filled up so full, and when she cant take it anymore she takes off the funnel gag and takes out her tits, teasing her nipples and rubbing her pussy. She's so stuffed and horny, and is in love with how fat you've made her. Features feedee girlfriend-experience, outgrown clothes, teasing and belly play, greedy cake eating, weight gain, stripping, burping, funnel feeding, and a really bloated belly.
duration 13:11
Gainer Girlfriend Begs For Breakfast Stuffing in Bed video from Wood
Gainer Girlfriend Begs For Breakfast Stuffing in Bed by Wood It's morning, and you wake up next to your super-fat and growing gainer girlfriend. With hair tousled and no make-up to be seen, her fat body rippling as she stretches awake speaks for itself. She smiles at you, seeing you watch her and her flabby body as she wakes up. Immediately, she asks you to make her breakfast. She says she's feeling a little lazy, and doesn't want to get up from bed all day. She says she wants to practice for when she really can't get up from bed -- when she's too fat and immobile to move and her only job is to stuff her face and get fatter for you. She wants you to make her pancakes, eggs, french toast, bacon, sausage, and even more for her and for you to bring her the breakfast in bed so she can be the lazy fatty she knows you want her to be. You're still waking up though, and don't want to get out of bed when your fat girlfriend is still there, taking up all the space with her flabby body begging to be played with. She sees you eyeing up her huge gut and obese body and decides to use your desires against you, playing with her jiggly fat. She uses her growing obesity to get you to get up and make her food, whining about how hungry she is, and asking you "don't you want to make me massive?" She teases you with her huge flabby belly, ass, and tits. Jesus, she really has been getting huge recently. And she reminds you that its all because of you, because you feed her so much and has spoiled rotten and obese. Guess you only have yourself to blame for how greedy and lazy she's become. You give it a little longer, wanting to see what she does when she gets more and more desperate for food. Finally, after getting a couple eyefuls of just how huge and flabby you've made her, you get up and get started on making her an all day stuffing, so that she really won't be able to leave the bed soon.

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