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The Party Dress: A beautiful dress, celebrations and praise! Mesmerising Audio video from Imaginatrix Hypnosis
The Party Dress: A beautiful dress, celebrations and praise! Mesmerising Audio by Imaginatrix Hypnosis Imagine being the centre of attention: a whole celebration made just for you, everyone making a fuss over you in your beautiful dress... If you've ever wanted to feel like a princess for the day, this file is for you! Originally a custom, I'm releasing this storytelling/experiential file now because I've recently had lots of requests for feminisation-themed files. This one is super sweet, full of positive affirmations to make you squirm. The tone of the whole file is quite surreal and dream-like. You know today is special, but you can't remember why. Eventually, you're pulled out of your relaxing slumber and into a beautiful dress by a crowd of adoring people, who fuss around you, doing your hair and your make-up, saying how lovely you look. You're taken into the party, dragged onto the stage and made to curtesy and twirl your dress for the crowd, who cheer and touch and stroke you. You're such a good girl, everyone thinks so, but there's one person in the audience whose praise means even more to you (unspecified, so imagine whoever you wish... probably me though ;P). There's tables of beautiful food, including a layered cake, which you eventually have a glorious food-fight with, ruining your pretty dress! Eventually, you and your adoring crowd settle down into a big cuddle-puddle, contented and happy from the day. CN: Slightly patronising/lightly embarrassing. Light feeling of being out of control, being swept along by the whole thing. Use of "good girl" as reward phrase. Tone is very positive/ supportive. Nothing overtly sexual, but stroking/cuddling by a group. Wake up at end.

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