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The Dream Dick Lab

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the Dream Dick Lab wants to give YOU the cock of your dreams. We know you desire just a few extra inches… just a little extra thickness to really make your partner's bodies shake. With our 100% safe penis pumping serum, you can make your dream dick a reality. Call today to make an appointment! We can’t wait to see you!
You arrive eager for your penis enlargement operation. The doctor begins with some diagnostic tests, including a gentle massage of your balls/penis to check for any glaring abnormalities that might interfere with the pumping. After getting a measurement of your current cock, she goes over some renditions for you to pick a suitable option for your new penis. You of course go with one of the larger options & with much haste, she pumps your cock with the serum. Your new cock is so huge & it’s turning on the doctor who up until that point was retaining some level of professionalism. At her suggestion of taking your new cock for a “test” run, you two begin fucking right there in the office. She sucks you & you cum quickly from the newfound sensitivity. She then rides you & you drill her pussy good before hopping out to her next patient.


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