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New Puppy Housewarming

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Your new puppy-girl waits patiently for you get get back home so you two can play. While she waits, she plays with her toys, barks into the void for her owner, eats some "nibbles" (Crushed Up Granola Bar) and explores her new space. She's so pumped when you walk through the door. It's at this point in the video you have an interactive opportunity to practice giving your puppy some commands, including "SIT", "QUIET", and "COME". You play fetch with her to tire her out a little & focus her energy on you before pulling your cock out for her to suck. She's a little timid, starting with only licks using her wet, lappy tongue but eventually proceeds to full on sucks to get her owner nice and hard. The clip ends with your little puppy making an accident on the floor & a well deserved spanking for making a mess.


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