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Siblings with Benefits

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You won’t admit this to anyone but…you think your step sis is pretty hot. This Corona virus pandemic has completely taken a shot to your dating life. It seems like forEVER since you’ve gotten any, you’re starting to get a little desperate.

One day, your step sibling calls into the kitchen, pissed that you haven’t taken care of your chores.
While she’s hounding you, you catch yourself staring hard at her ass. Those jean shorts.. damn!
She’s not meaning to tease you, after all you are her brother so that’d be more than a little strange.
You sneak into her room to find her bent over. You can’t help yourself, you grow more aroused & being plotting your move. There’s no way she’ll fuck you for nothing… So you quickly snatch her diary from the table as collateral. She’s onto you immediately, and after putting up a fight she finally agrees to fuck you.


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