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Stroked and Stuffed Video

This new deep subconscious training video will rewire your mind until you cannot orgasm without your holes stuffed.
I want you to RELAX. It feels natural and normal to OBEY Me, to please Me. Your deepest desires come to the surface when you relax and let me guide you to embrace your true self. My breasts are taking over your brain. You can't think, you don't need to. Just let my words, the text, the stimulus and your own desires and hormones flood your body. Follow my commands. Stroke, and Obey. Stroke your empty mind away. You want to be used. You want to suck cock for me. You want to take my strap on. You want to give me your asshole. It's your natural state. It's going to become the only way you can cum, the only way you can experience pleasure. Stroke and stuff your holes for me.
This clip contains layered audio, visual and text triggers and permanent suggestions to become submissive and obedient, suck strap-on cock, fantasize about cock, take cock in your ass, put things in your asshole, stroke your cock, cum, associate the color pink with sexual pleasure, and to require anal and oral penetration in order to orgasm. Clip is non-nude. No actual discussion of sexuality or bisexual acts, just doing things with cock shaped toys.


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