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My Step Dad Story

I'll tell you a story about when my step dad moved into our house after my real father had left. My mom was so crazy about him. Soon when he had moved, he started to act little strangely. At first it was innocent, but then he started to be... more intimate. My mom started taking night shifts at her work, so I was often alone with him in the evenings. Mommy really loved him and she did not know what was happening around her... a lot happened in the evenings... but then I met a really nice boy on the internet. I went on a date with him and he immediately became my boyfriend.. But my step dad found out and he made it clear to me and my boyfriend that my step dad wants to own me ---- At the beginning of this video is reminiscence (black and white scene) where I tell (visual) story, and then you see what happened after my date (a normal color film scene). STEP DAD. STEP DADDY. DADDY. DADDY ROLEPLAY. DADDY'S GIRL. STEP DAUGHTER. TABOO. IMPREGNATION FANTASY. CREAMPIE. BLOWJOB. BAREBACK. PUSSY LICKING. FINGERING. STORY TELLING. VISUAL NOVEL. ASMR


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