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duration 10:14
Cuck BF Comes Home Early video from Dani Sorrento
Cuck BF Comes Home Early by Dani Sorrento (related to/continuation of my clip "Bull Party: Nervous BF Cuckold Tease") I am all dressed up cuz my black trainer is over and I walk out to find you home from work surprisingly. I can't believe you didn't even call, how rude! You know what I am allowed to do on my own time and I plan on doing it now. Since you are here, you can either jerk off real quick or come watch me fuck him while you jerk off. You choose to take out your dick here and just watch me model for you. I am frustrated with you, but I pose in this tiny outfit you got me. Making sure to not leave my guest hanging, I keep checking on him while you stroke your dick. Showing off my body for both of you, but mostly him as I can't stop eye fucking him in the other room. I have my ass and thighs oiled up and I am strutting around in my sexy high heels. I keep telling you to hurry up and that I am here for you right now, but you know my attention is elsewhere. You finally cum and I go into the other room with my boy toy, ready to play with him. I come back out and am upset that you are still here. Now that you came you are upset that I am gonna fuck my trainer, but that isn't fair. I get to have fun, we agreed to this. Just leave already! (custom clip, dirty talk, tease, walking, chrome open toe stiletto pump heels, sheer black one piece, black lingerie, light make up, hair up in bun, bun head, brunette, brown eyes, tall, curvy, thick, bbw, tattoos, oiled up booty, oil on ass, oily thighs, slow walk, talking to cam, POV cuck, role paly, fantasy talk, fetish talk, naked, 38dd tits, 51in ass, size 11 feet, white girl, pawg, whooty, thick thighs, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, solo female, nude, side view walk, full body view, brat girl, bitchy attitude, annoyed, flirting, posing, rushed jerk off encouragement)
duration 6:57
BJ and Swallow: Punished Employee Gets a Mouthful video from Dani Sorrento
BJ and Swallow: Punished Employee Gets a Mouthful by Dani Sorrento Dani was just punished for coming onto her boss. Thinking she could finally get him all to herself while at a conference out of town with him, but instead he spanked her! Just when she thinks that he isn't going to let her have any fun with him, he starts to unzip his pants. You can see her freshly spanked butt, however you only get to see the hot quick blowjob he lets her give. Starting out on the bed, laying on her stomach with her cheeks bruised and swollen. He unzips standing in front of her and she eagerly takes his dick in her mouth. He yells at her for being greedy and to go slower. Dani is just so cock hungry, but she doesn't wanna be punished again so she slows down. He then has her get on her knees on the floor so she can look up at him as she takes him back in her warm, wet mouth. With her tongue swirling around he can't help but cum and she is more than happy to swallow his full load. She doesn't care how long she sucked, as long as she got to finally play with him! Maybe they will get to play more after this. After all, she was a good girl for taking her punishment and her reward so well! (The Bj is about 3 and a half minutes long, however you get to see two camera views in full of the scene. So essentially you see the same thing twice, but they give you different views of my body and face) (average size cock, stunt cock from "handjob and Tickling Balls", dirty talk, long hair, brown eyes, brunette, Dani Sorrento, spankdani, bruised butt, freshly spanked, make up, hair grabbing, garter belt, thigh highs, topless, no panties, pov blowjob, side view bj, multiple cameras, multiple angles, multiple positions, cock sucking slut, role play, boss/employee, cum swallow, don't see cum, sloppy bj, spit bj, tattooed girl, thick curvy girl, bubble butt, big perky tits, bbw, chubby, anonymous male)
duration 34:57
'Show everyone how smart you are!': Intelligence play trance video from Mesmerotic
'Show everyone how smart you are!': Intelligence play trance by Mesmerotic Trix loves to be dumb. It's freeing to have a hypnotist take away everything in her head and leave her happy and empty. In this shoot, Sinister strips away her intellect, shame, and skill with words. This kind of headspace is familiar to Trix, and it only takes a few hair pulls and some hypnotic mantras to leave her adorably stupid. Sinister tests his cute brainless toy by asking Trix to write her name - a challenge that leaves her frowning and biting her lip (when she's not drawing silly pictures). Her poor attempt has her frowning in a different way as she's snapped back into her normal intelligent headspace, and Sinister gently mocks her attempts before melting her mind into sweet blissful ignorance once more. Then he flips the script, redefining what 'clever' means to trick Trix into following more of his orders. He has her take off her clothes and write the word 'smart' so that 'everyone who sees it will know how smart you are'. Trix beams when he rewards her, happy to have done well - but smart Trix sees the truth and blushes in embarrassment. Sinister takes her mind away again, and tells her to touch her tits because 'smart girls touch to get smarter' - although Trix is so giggly and silly that even that mantra escapes her and becomes 'smart girls touch tomato'. This shoot was delightfully confusing and funny! We're so happy we get to share her with you. Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/HypnoHedonista Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 28:03
Homewrecking Secretary video from Fiona Dagger
Homewrecking Secretary by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video) Your secretary Fiona has had her eye on you for quite some time, and it seems she's gotten fed up of waiting for you to notice her and leave your wife... So she hatches a plan! You gave her a key to your house for emergencies, so one day when she knows you and your wife will both be safely out of the house, she lets herself in and starts to cause some trouble! First she masturbates on your couch, fantasising out loud about how you'll soon be hers, then leaves her messy panties where your wife is sure to find them. Then, just to be sure your wife catches on, she takes a load of naked pictures of herself on your couch, from the neck down so your wife won't realise it's her husband's secretary, and sends them to her from a burner email address! Of course, your wife immediately kicks you out of the house, and that evening you find yourself at your secretary's door, explaining to her what's happened and asking her to book you a hotel. She's incredibly sympathetic and insists that your wife is crazy and doesn't deserve you, you're the perfect loyal husband! She offers to let you stay with her instead of at a hotel, and says she'll cook you a nice dinner and you can relax. Once you're in the shower, however, she sneaks into the room and undresses as you continue showering, unaware of her. Once she's naked she jumps into the shower, shocking you, but she quickly hushes you and tells you to just relax and go with it, kneeling down to give you a blowjob. She takes expert care of your cock, showing you just how badly she wants to replace your wife, and dirty talking constantly about how much better she'll be than her. You fuck her in doggy in the shower, then take her to the bedroom to let her ride your cock until she cums, then she begs for you to cum in her mouth, saying she's been fantasising for so long about tasting your cum! After she's swallowed your load she quickly takes her phone out to snap a photo of her with your dick in her mouth, gleefully sending it to your wife before you can stop her!
duration 40:57
Blind Obedience: Submissive trained in slave positions with no memory of learning them video from Mesmerotic
Blind Obedience: Submissive trained in slave positions with no memory of learning them by Mesmerotic Asthalia would call themselves a bit of a brat. They don't give their mind and their obedience away- it needs to be taken. But Sinister has been working on them for a while, and their susceptibility to his voice has weakened their subconscious to his control. Even when they'd rather hide, rather resist, his hypnotic control can take over and demand that they follow his instruction. It's easy to see how effected they are by his control, as the barrage of his words lands inside their head and their expression turns from alert to serene, relaxed, eyes gazed and mouth parted. Once they're so utterly deep, he begins his training of them, making use of that blank state. Tapped with a stick and commanded by his words, their body fluidly slips between each position that puts them on show for him: kneeling, legs spread, arms behind head, deliciously objectified. Their face shows nothing but the glow of obedience as each position fills them with a submissive satisfaction. When this training is absorbed deep into their subconscious, Sinister's amnesia suggestion strips away their memory. He watches with amusement as Asthalia comes back awake, ready to 'start' the filming session. Of course, to Asthalia's surprise, their programmed mind can't help but respond as Sinister uses the commands that he's built. Flustered and embarrassed in the most adorably understated, British way, Asthalia tries to struggle against their mental bonds, squirming, blushing and frowning as their body exposes them as an obedient thrall over and over again- and they can't help but get aroused at their helplessness. Content that his control is complete, Sinister hoods his new toy, removing their face and making them more of an object on display than truly a person. Just a mindless toy, moving from position to position, even their confusion serving to bring them deeper into his hypnotic hold. Models: Sinister topping, Asthalia bottoming. More of Asthalia can be found at: twitter.com/Asthalia1 The negotiation before play and decompression afterwards are both included in the video for this shoot. ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://HypnoHedonista.com Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 17:48
Your Sister Wants To Get Married video from Fiona Dagger
Your Sister Wants To Get Married by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and the name Andrew is used throughout) You and your sister have met up to celebrate the strange coincidence that you've both gotten divorces in the same month! Your sister admits there was something that pushed her towards getting a divorce but says it's embarrassing to admit, and asks you to first say your reasons for getting your own divorce. To her surprise, you tell her that it was kind of her fault...! She asks what you mean and you shyly hint that your relationship failed with your wife because she could never measure up to your sister. Your sister's face lights up when she hears this but she's nervous that you're pranking her, and she asks several times to be sure she understands what you mean. When she realises you have feelings for her she's ecstatic and admits she's always felt that way about you, but didn't know her feelings were returned! She tells you how much she loves you and how excited she is now that you're both free to live your lives together, finally. She strips off her dress and lingerie, talking lovingly to you about your future together, and suggesting that you even move somewhere new together and get married! You begin to fuck her gently in missionary as she talks about how much she can't wait to be married, getting faster and more intense as she begins to beg you to cum in her and give her a baby! You flip her over and start pounding her pussy in doggy as she moans and begs for you to impregnate her, until she cums hard whilst asking you again and again to marry her!
duration 10:51
Ass and Hairy Asshole Worship video from Amber Adams
Ass and Hairy Asshole Worship by Amber Adams I’m wearing a pair of tight leggings. I slap my ass a few times and say “you want to see this big ass don’t you? You wanna slap it?”. I slap my ass again and moan in pleasure. I bounce my ass for you before sliding my leggings down, revealing my big ass. I leave my leggings on just below my ass. I slap my ass again and ask if you like how big and round it is, and if you can see my asshole hairs peeking out. I say “I know you like worshipping this ass” and slap it again, moaning and loving the feeling of my ass cheeks being slapped. I tell you “I know you love looking at it and jacking your cock to it” while slightly spreading my ass, but not fully. I love to tease you. I bounce my ass some more. I slap my ass again and tell you I love slapping it and that it feels so fucking good. I ask if you want to see my hairy asshole. I say “tell me you want to see it”. Finally, I spread my big ass to reveal my tight hairy asshole that’s never been fucked before. I moan while you jerk your cock to me. I love how you worship this ass and love my tight asshole. I say “You want me to finger my ass, huh? You wanna see how just one finger fills me up?”. I slap my ass again and ask if you like that my asshole has never been fucked, knowing you know how tight it would feel around your cock since it’s so nice and tight. I tell you if you cum enough, maybe I’ll let you slip it inside my nice virgin asshole next time. I get my asshole wet, getting it ready for my finger. I get so horny as I rub the lube against my asshole. I say I wanna put my finger in this horny asshole as I slap my ass again. Finally I slowly slip my finger inside of my asshole, moaning in pleasure as the feeling of my asshole being fingered takes over my entire body. I tell you “I love playing with my horny fucking asshole while you fucking jack your cock to me and watch me please my little virgin asshole”. I continue fingering myself and go on about how it pleases me and in what ways, like how it grips around my finger. I continue to play with my asshole, rubbing, fingering, and teasing it in a kind of horny frenzy. After I let you work up a big load of cum, I tell you I want you to cum on my ass. I say “here let me spread it for you so you can cum all over it” while spreading my asscheeks apart and revealing my horny asshole that I want to be your cumspot. As my asshole awaits your cum, I say “that’s it, cum on my asshole. Fuck I want your cum so bad.”. I beg you to give me your cum. I moan in relief as I feel your huge load release onto my hairy asshole and say “thank you for giving me your cum”.
duration 34:31
Witches' Interrogation: Magical torture video from Mesmerotic
Witches' Interrogation: Magical torture by Mesmerotic Hypnosis can make fantasy into reality- not just roleplaying a magical scene, but believing it- living it- for a while. Captured and bound, our good witch QuickSylvan has sworn to her coven that she will not spill the secret, powerful word to their oppressors. Unfortunately for her, Imaginatrix has been chosen as her interrogator. Trix's honeyed words rarely betray the evil that lurks beneath... until she's describing in detail all the ways her magics can twist up the mind and torture the body. A mix of psychic and physical pain combines in this otherworldly shoot to produce real tears, fear and tension. After putting our protagonist QuickSylvan into a straitjacket, Trix drops her into the trance and sets the scene for their interrogation. When she wakes from trance, QS no longer sees her friend, but her adversary, hell-bent on corrupting her mind. At first, QS bravely resists, telling Trix how she'll never give in. Trix responds by gagging her. Psychological manipulation and hypnotic gaze mixes with impact, wearing away at QS: punching, striking with a broom, plucking out her feathers- a source of Qs's magic- one by one, feeling like needles tearing through the skin. Will QS give up the word, and doom her coven? And if she does, will that end her torment? Unbeknownst to QS, Trix possesses a mind control pill, and an intent to leave her an empty zombie, following her malicious instruction... Models: Trix topping, QuickSylvan bottoming QuickSylvan is a hypnotist, subject and slut on journeys of hidden power, euphoria+magic. Find her at https://linktr.ee/quicksylvan ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://hypnohedonista.com Sinister: http://sinisterdenial.com
duration 16:48
Jacked Off By The Babysitter video from Fiona Dagger
Jacked Off By The Babysitter by Fiona Dagger (This was originally filmed as a custom video and all sex acts are simulated off screen) You've just gotten out of the shower and are wearing only a towel when you're surprised by the babysitter, who says your wife sent her to check if you were ready for your date night. The babysitter seems instantly aroused by the sight of you in your towel, telling you breathlessly how sexy she finds you and how she's sure she could show you a much better time than your wife... You try to resist her charms, telling her it's inappropriate and dangerous for you to do anything, especially with your wife right downstairs waiting for you, but she's determined. She whispers filthy things to you as she pulls down her shorts and slips a hand into her panties to touch herself, asking if you want her to stop - but you can't bring yourself to stop her! You watch, frozen, feeling your cock become rock hard as she plays with her pussy. She comes back over to you and reaches a hand under your towel to feel how hard you are, marvelling at how much you're throbbing and leaking precum. She caresses and strokes you until you can't bear it anymore, then steps away just as you're about to cum, telling you to drop the towel so she can see you. Once you're fully naked she tells you to jack it for her, as she pulls her top up to let you see her perky tits, then turns around to show off her big round ass. She strokes you again, telling you how the next time she comes to visit she plans to join you in the shower and make you fuck her hard until she's begging to be filled with your seed. She says she knows you would fuck her right now but there's not time, so she cheekily peels off her panties and wraps them around your cock, commanding you to fuck her hand and fill her panties with your cum!
duration 30:01
Mind Overwritten: Kayleth bound and mindfucked by bodywriting into Imaginatrix's fucktoy video from Mesmerotic
Mind Overwritten: Kayleth bound and mindfucked by bodywriting into Imaginatrix's fucktoy by Mesmerotic Kayleth looks like such a sweet, feminine thing. You couldn't tell behind that smile burns a desire to be a degraded, degenerate object. Trix loves making fantasy reality, and thrills at twisting Kayleth's mind and turning her beautiful body into her personal fucktoy. She begins by binding Kayleth, using the bite of the rope to immobilise not just her body, but her conscious mind. Kayleth sinks deeper as more of her body is bound, while Trix uses eye fixation, touch and finger snaps to have her eyes fluttering and rolling as she drains her mind away into emptiness- just a blank canvas to be rewritten. And written she is: Trix uses bodywriting, shaping her fucktoy with words printed on Kayleth's skin that sink into her receptive mind. Each word becomes Kayleth's new reality: "desperate" and "needy" has her whimpering; "horny" has her panting and grinding; "wet hole" has her cunt aching and dripping; "drooling" has her tongue lolling our of her open, eager mouth; "bitch" has her humping like a dog in heat... All the while, Trix teases her body, stroking and spanking, taking advantage of her "free use toy". Once she's made Kayleth into her perfect, willing fucktoy, Trix finally takes pity on the creature she's created, and fetches her strap-on dildo... but you'll have to watch Kayleth's video for that part ;) Her video super hot strap-on fucking can be found at: https://apclips.com/kayleth/mind-overwritten-kayleth-is-imaginatrix-s-hypnotised-body-writing-fucktoy Models: Imaginatrix topping, Kayleth bottoming. Find more of Kayleth: onlyfans.com/kayleth ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://HypnoHedonista.com Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 10:27
Slut Dirty Talk and Booty Clap video from Dani Sorrento
Slut Dirty Talk and Booty Clap by Dani Sorrento I talk about what a dirty slut I am and how much I love it! It satisfies my need to be a slut when I use my holes and take cock. I tell you all the ways I enjoy a dick and sometimes more than one dick at a time. I can't get enough of it. I am such a fucking slut! I tease you with my filthy mouth and then I show you what my ass can do to help you cum. I have my long brown hair down and my thick curvy body is barely fitting in a sheer black one piece thong outfit. I even have some high heels on to lift my booty up even more. After staring at a close view of my face and tits as I dirty talk, I move farther away and show off my whole body. I clap my giant cheeks nearly nonstop as I beg for your cum. I turn to the side sometimes and other times I show you my ass straight on. I know you can't get enough of my bubble butt shaking for you. You are holding out so I give you a 10 second countdown and make you cum for me. I love being a good slut for you! (custom clip, dirty talk, slut talk, solo female, no penetration, long brown hair, brunette goddess, straight hair down, brown eyes, make up, dark lips, big eyes, sheer lingerie, one piece thong, black outfit, 38dd tits, big tits, perky breasts, chubby, bbw, fat girl, curvy, thick thighs, tattoos, 32in thighs, 51in ass, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, big cheeks, giant ass, booty shaking, ass clapping, butt jiggle, ass wiggle, bare cheeks, high heels, stiletto pumps, open toe shoes, shiny black and chrome heels, size 11 feet, tall girl, 5ft 11in, sweating, hot and sweaty, twerkout, twerk work out, cum encouragement, cum countdown, jerk off encouragement, spankdani, Dani Sorrento)
duration 40:20
Focused and Fractionated: expressions of deep trance video from Mesmerotic
Focused and Fractionated: expressions of deep trance by Mesmerotic As hypnofetishists, we adore the the way a subject's face changes while in trance. And now they've got better cameras, Sinister and Trix want to capture all the tiny details as he fractionates the absolute heck out of her! So affected is Trix by Sinister's control - he's been conditioning her for a few years now - he begins by tempting her with trance, withholding it from her, making her crave that delicious descent. Soon her eyes are fluttering, rolling, face slackening, her breathes are deepening as the trance deepens inside of her. She smiles with pleasure as he has her repeat back "it feels so good", melting as he calls her his good girl. Repeating his words, her monotone voice just automatic, obedient: "my mind is empty", "I am so deep". But that's only the beginning. He leads her back up, already desperate for more as Trix begs to be put back down. Her wish is granted as she's counted down into trance so quickly, following Sinister's fingers as they move back and forth with a vacant, open expression. As he drops her again, she stares with glassy eyes into the emptiness of her mind, falling deeper, before being yanked out of trance again. So many different ways to go deep: a hypnotic hair pull, a challenge to recite the alphabet (how far do you think Trix got before dropping?), being booped on the forehead with her own finger, or just triggers like "drop" and "up", commanded again and again and again to go in and out of trance until she hardly knows which way is up! She whimpers with need as more and more trance is poured into her mind. And they both love every minute. This is a clothed shoot, just some pure hypnokink fetish video comin' at you from the core Mes crew. Video includes negotiation and aftercare. Models: Sinister topping, Imaginatrix bottoming ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister. We are available for sessions, customs and tuition. Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/HypnoHedonista Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com
duration 29:10
Vampiric Thrall: Entranced and bitten by a seductive, hypnotic vampire. REAL Hypnokink scene! with Faerie Willow and Imaginatrix video from Imaginatrix Hypnosis
Vampiric Thrall: Entranced and bitten by a seductive, hypnotic vampire. REAL Hypnokink scene! with Faerie Willow and Imaginatrix by Imaginatrix Hypnosis Real hypnosis, believable and erotic vampire scene! Sweet little @faeriewillow and I were shaping my nails into claws for the Halloween weekend, and we both got a little excited by the feeling of my monstrous hands running over her pale skin. So, although it was nearly the witching hour and Willow was due to fly away at any moment, we couldn't resist going ahead with a little vampirical scene we had planned! Willow, in her loose white nightgown, makes the perfect victim. I blend with the shadows in my cowl hood and black gown as I bring her down into trance with the feel of my claws running over her skin, my hands pulling her hair. I induce a deep trance where she believes herself to be deep in slumber (and since she'd been sleeping in this bedroom the last few nights her mind was very receptive to the idea!) and that I am a demon, a vampire, all my gestures and words so enchanting. I crawl onto the bed as she wakes, and proceed with my demonic seduction. Willow, whilst visibly terrified, respond to my magic, following my fingers, eyes rolling, swaying, stripping her clothes away to reveal the delicious flesh of my prey. She feels herself drawn into my powers, eventually begging me to take that final bite... There's a consent discussion at the beginning and end, and post-scene Willow is so overwhelmingly happy about her first taste of mesmeric fear play than she even does a little cry! And we hug a lot. I hope you enjoy this spookily sensual vampire scene! This is a REAL hypnokink play scene, so if you've ever wondered how you can deepen the intensity of a roleplay scenario, or you're just really into people being entranced by vampires, you're in the right place! Faerie Willow can be found at OF: www.onlyfans.com/faeriewillow Twitter: www.twitter.com/faeriewillow_ I'm Imaginatrix, I'm a hypnotic switch and powerful and effective hypnotist! Find more of my hypnotic exploits at: www.mesmerotic.net OF: onlyfans.com/hypnohedonista Patreon: patreon.com/hypnohedonista Twitter: twitter.com/hypnohedonista

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