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in front of class

We'd heard this sex ed class was an easy A and that the final project was sex in front of the class for a proper demonstration of what we'd learned about how to properly have sex. (intimacy, pussy play, etc) Little did we know that we would be selected , me and you, long time best friends. Vid starts off with my disbelief as to us being chosen but accepting it and inviting you onto the bed with me. Embarrassed, I reluctantly take off my shirt and keep on my bra purposefully. I turn less shy as the video goes on but refuse to take my bra off until after pussy play when you tell me breast play is necessary for proper sex. I know you're right. So, I take off my bra but only after agreeing that you must keep my breasts covered at all times. I don't tell you immediately, but you can clearly tell how humiliated I am about the size of my breasts. The whole class can't see them. I remind you multiple times as I viciously ride your cock that I need them to be covered at all times and a few times even whisper to you about how small they are and how they embarrass me. Video ends with an implied creampie (after I've cum three times lol) and with us receiving our A. Good thing, we couldn't risk our GPA's like that.


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