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Size Queen Wife Cucks Chaste Hubby BJ

When your hot dominant wife shows off Her perfect curvy figure in a tight blue dress, you already know you're in for trouble. She never dresses up for you, so it can really only mean one thing. She has another one of Her hung hookups coming over for the evening. Your better half is a size queen, and since you have such a pathetic little dick, She's constantly bringing other Men over to fuck Her in front of you. If that weren't humiliating enough, She always demands that you wear a chastity cage while a real man has his way with Her, Tonight is no different. When he arrives, She longingly admires his large size compared to you, Her pathetic, chaste, little dick cuck hubby. She's eager to let him use Her mouth. She loves sucking dick but would never dream of giving you a blowjob, you simply don't deserve it. She only takes a break from sucking his thick hard cock to worship him, and emasculate and degrade you, humbling you with every word uttered as She gasps for air in between sucking and slurping him. The truth is though, you're both blessed in one way or another. He's lucky enough to end up giving Her a creampie after She edges him with Her mouth, and you're lucky enough to watch your sweet spouse take what She wants from another man.


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