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Daddy Lets Schoolgirl Punish Herself

The bus ride home was agony. I knew daddy was going to be so mad at me! I flunked the test he had just warned me this morning that I'd better do good on or I'd be punished.
I wasn't a very smart girl. That's why I dressed slutty, prancing around daddy in skin-tight tops and short skirts. I loved it when I caught his eyes lingering over the outlines of my pierced nipples. It made my pierced pussy all warm. I'm such a naughty little tease to my daddy. But, as the bus got closer to my house, I grew more and more afraid of what daddy was going to say when I saw him. I was scared my pink hair and short skirt wasn't going to be enough for him this time.
I needed a plan for when I got home. I had an idea. Daddy looks a lot but he's never really looked, so I know he's never seen my shaved pussy or my pierced clit. And I knew I left my crop out in my room. Maybe, if I offer to tease him and smack my own naked, slutty, ass, pierced natural tits and pierced clit, he won't be able to be mad.


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