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duration 20:13
Daddy's Girl is an Online Slut video from Carly
Daddy's Girl is an Online Slut by Carly *TW: Intense & taboo themes/language* Daddy's girl is supposed to be getting ready for another dinner party with her parents, but she's not in the mood to dress up & behave.. she'd much rather be naked & horny, doing slutty things online with strange men! She gets a message from someone online, he's a daddy dom and babygirl is instantly wet... She starts talking dirty with him, sending him videos of her naked, showing off her holes! Her fun is interrupted when she hears a knock at her door, its her actual daddy! She throws on a towel to talk to him but then quickly realizes that he knows what she's been up to... He was the one who's been messaging her all afternoon! Babygirl is upset and embarrassed, and daddy is MAD... and turned on! He f*rces her to talk him off, giving him JOI while showing off her tight holes until he cums all over her ass! Babygirl thinks it's over and they can go attend to the guests downstairs, but daddy isn't finished with her yet.. He bends her over and f*rces his cock up her tight ass, making her cry out so much that he has to gag her!! This is an intense r*pe play themed roleplay with a nice build up, spanking , JOI , dirty talk & anal play with my dildo! Ends with a (fake) creampie in my ass!! One of my hottest daddy videos yet! For lovers of: anal , anal play , bdsm , gagged , kink , submissive , spanking , ball gag , redhead , slutty , caught , embarrassed , rough , anal creampie , daddy , daddy kink , dd/lg , hairy , hairy ass , hairy bush , dirty talk , pawg , JOI , ass worship , cum shot
duration 5:41
Virtual Cheating= Real Ass Whooping video from Dani Sorrento
Virtual Cheating= Real Ass Whooping by Dani Sorrento Dani and Pharaoh are just a regular couple trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. Dani gets up and leaves her phone on the bed while she gets up and Pharaoh just grabs it and checks it out. He immediately calls Dani back over and asks her why she has a guy sending her dick pics. She confesses that she was just bored and seeing what the guy was gonna say, but nothing was ever going to happen with him. It was just messaging, nothing in person and she swears she was gonna end it soon. Pharaoh is not happy with any of it, I mean it is just disrespectful to even be talking to another guy like she is. He tells her he is gonna whoop her ass. She does deserve it, but she wasn't expecting him to spank her so hard. He bends her over the bed and starts berating her bottom with hard smacks with his big hand. The jeans barely protect her big bottom, but soon he grabs his belt and gets to raining down hard hits over her jeans. Soon she is told to remove the jeans and bends back over with just her panties to protect her. The hits keep coming and don't seem to lighten at all. Her round bubble butt soon turning a shade of red. Then Pharaoh finally takes down her panties and finishes up her spanking with some bare bottom hits with his big leather belt. She is definitely sorry now! He has her get dressed, taking her phone, and telling her to get ready for dinner. No more talking to that guy ever again. I think she learned her lesson, do you? (role play, boyfriend/girlfriend, domestic discipline, virtual cheating, belt spanking, m/f spanking, ass whooping, hand spanking, leather belt, strapping, denim jeans, bubble butt, pawg, whooty, thick thigs, brunette, long hair, partial face view, bikini panties, bare bottom, punishment, fast and hard, barefoot, red butt, interracial, whipping, tattoos, thick and curvy girl)
duration 10:57
After work support for Master video from Koaskeiki
After work support for Master by Koaskeiki Towards the end of the day Master texts me that he has had a long hard day at work and wants to unwind when he gets home. Being the good little slave wife that I am, I know what will make him happy. I put my hair into a cute long pony tail and put on some sexy lacy panties, no bra and an adorable little sundress that displays plenty of cleavage along with my slave collar. When Master gets home, I have made him is favorite cocktail and listen intently as he tells me about his day. After he has finished his beverage, I ask him if he'd like another. "No." he says "Go upstairs and wait for me in the bedroom". I know that tone and my insides quiver with excitement as I scurry up the stairs. I climb onto the end of the bed, still fully dressed, because I wasn't told to undress, but to wait for him. So I get into his favorite slave pose, nadu and wait for him. Master comes into the room, I can hear him but my eyes are pointed to the floor, I'm sitting on my heels with my back straight and my knees pointed outward, kneeling for him with my hands resting upward on my thighs in proper nadu. "That's my good girl." he says as he approaches, I can smell his cologne as he gets closer to me. He puts his hand on my chin and raises my face to meet his and slowly kisses my lips. I can feel my juices already beginning to flow. After his kisses me awhile and my head is spinning with endorphins, he says "Stand up baby." in his deep stern, yet calm, Dom voice. I immediately comply even though my legs are shaking from the kiss and the anticipation of what's to come. He walks around me slowly, moving my ponytail, which had landed on my chest when I hopped up from the bed and tugs on it as he moves it to my back. "That is a pretty dress angel." he says huskily "Now drop it to the floor." I slid the spaghetti straps from my shoulders and the dress falls to my feet. My breasts are exposed, because I'm not supposed to wear a bra unless I'm told to do so. He cups my left breast with one hand as he stands behind me and with his right hand he caresses my slave collar, pressing it against my skin, then grabs by throat and whispers in my ear "On the bed face down, bum up baby". "Yes Sir." I say as he releases me with a tweak to my nipple, in which I yelp and then hop onto the edge of the bed with my face buried in the mattress and my butt high in the air. I hear him rummage through his bedside table, then it goes quiet. I can't see him, but I can feel his eyes on me. He is inspecting me. "Oh god, did I not shave my legs!" I thought in a panic, but then I remembered I had shaved in the shower after my workout earlier in the day. "Those are sexy undies little one." he growls as he runs his hand over the lace. "Thank you Sir." I sheepishly reply. I can feel my face turning red as I blush from his approval. "Put your hands behind your back baby. I struggle to get my arms behind me and not lose my balance so my bum stays in the air. "That's my good girl, princess" he says as he puts the velcro cuffs onto my wrists and links them together, then rests them on my bum. Then he begins spanking me with his bare hand, over and over, alternating from cheek to cheek. I can feel the dreamy stings of each slap warming my little bum. Then the spanks come faster and harder as I begin to yelp and cry. He stops and slaps the bottoms of my feet hard. "Thank you Sir." I mutter with my face still in the mattress. Then he begins to slap my pussy over my panties, slow at first, then faster and faster. "Master, may I come for you?" I plead as I feel my cunt getting wetter and my climax building. "Come for me baby." he says nonchalantly as he continues to slap at my clit. I cum hard for him, "Thank you sir." I say breathlessly. Then I feel the caress of his belt on my bum and then smack!, the belt strikes my ass, over and over, harder and harder until I begin to sob. "Thank you Sir." I say once he has stopped. "That's my girl." he says and he rubs my red bottom, admiring his handy work. Then he removes my now soaked panties and tosses them aside. Next is the strappy paddle which I have a love/hate relationship with, it provides a harsh sting to my bum and I brace for impact. Then he starts smacking pussy, catching me off guard and I pull away. "Get your bum up!" he commands and I immediately spring back into position as he continues to slap my sopping wet little cunt. Then he hits me hard with the strappy paddle 6-7 times across my buttocks as I scream out from the pain. He tosses the paddle onto the bed and rubs the sting from my bum. "Thank you Sir." I say through my sobs. Then he grabs my hips and pushes his rock hard cock slowly, deep into my pussy while rubbing my now sore bottom. He pushes in and out as he spanks my already tender skin with his bare hand, over and over. I can feel my orgasm building with each strike of his large hand. "Master?" I ask. "Yes baby?" he questions back. “Please Master!” I beg. “Please what baby?” he asks, purposely delaying my gratification. “Please may I cum for you Sir?!?” I plead as my orgasm is almost on top of me. “You want to come for me baby?” he says. “YES Master, I need to come for you!” I cry out. “Cum for me baby.” he finally relents. The warm rush of my orgasm releases as he begins to spank me hard only intensifying my satisfaction. “Thank you Sir.” I say as I gasp for breath. “That’s my girl.” he says. Almost immediately he picks up his tempo again, pounding my sore little pussy hard and deep with repetitive thrusts that slap his thighs against my burning skin from the spankings. Soon I am begging for permission to cum again, he grants my request and then as I begin to climax he spanks my ass hard with a wooden paddle but I don’t stop cumming as the whacks get harder and faster. Finally my orgasm withdraws and he places the paddle in my hand while he continues to fuck me from behind. Shortly he removes his hard cock from by wet box and replaces it with his thumb, sliding it deep into my pussy and rubbing my clit with his fingers. “Oh god!” I think to myself “This is going to make me cum again!” Soon I am begging him to let me finish again and when he approves, my toes curl and legs shake as I cum hard on his strong hand. I thank him for letting me cum and using me as his little whore. “That’s my good girl.” he says with a smile in his voice. Then he replaces with thumb with his fingers and quickly brings me to climax again. I notice he is stroking his engorged cock as he plays with my pussy and it sends me into multiple orgasms until he explodes his load onto my bum. Then I realized, I’m still holding onto the paddle. Lol Master smacks my ass and removes my cuffs, then cuddles me while stroking my hair and rubbing my sore bum as I sit in his lap. “Did that help you to unwind sir?” I say with my face buried in his neck. “Yes it did baby, you know how to make Master feel ALL better.” he said kissing the top of my head. There has never been a happier slave than me!

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