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Hidden key, locked up clothes in public

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I hide my key under a bench in public park, walk 5 minutes away from it, get naked, put BUTTPLUG in, lock up all my clothes to a tree with a big BIKE LOCK and have to make it back to the park totally naked, retrieve key and walk back naked. In the way I masturbate BLINDFOLDED to make it more exciting! I chose a much more public place than in my earlier video (locked up clothes for naked hike ).This was a crazy thing to do. When people came close I had to hide naked and I tought I would have to wait all day for the dark to get my key back, and unlock my clothes!! The buttplug and the blindfolded masturbation made it even more crazy! Incl. Blindfolded fingering and squirting and ass fingering and winking. I was super nervious having to walk so far away naked but I did it!! :)


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