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Pantsing marathon: Naked dares!

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Pantsing marathon! Part 1: Pantsing in skirt. Locations: parking lot, public street, park, neighbourhood... Part 2: Naked dares! My friend keeps embarrassing me in public and pantses me in my tiny skirt! He pulls my skirt down to my ankles and then steps on in with his foot, so I canĀ“t pull my skirt up right away, and my naked ass in showing to everyone. Then he decides to throw the skirt away: up to a tree, down the stairs, other side of the car, in the elevator, other side of a brick wall, and I have to go to get my skirt bottomless!!! Part 3: Im trying to sunbathe wearing just a towel in the housing complex and in the park, but ofcourse my friend keeps stealing my towel, teases me with it and throws it far away, so I have to go an get my towel totally naked and exposed in public!! This is my 7th pantsing video!!


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