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Light Up And Smoke With Me Seduction

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photo of DiaLynnDiaLynn

7:14 | Added 8 months ago

Hi smoke lover, did you miss me? Miss my smoking skills, my sexy voice, and seductive ways. Today, what I want you to do, is light up a cigarette with me. Light it up, become addicted all over again to your striking Goddess; my power, my lips, my words, and my smoke will make you weaker than you ever been before. Are you ready? Let's light up together and enjoy our cigarettes together.

Wearing a low cut black dress, red lipstick on my perfect lips, and my hair all straight. Looking right at you with my piercing green eyes. As I exhale my smoke, you're going to inhale my clouds as well as yours. Taking both my clouds and your own into your lungs. Completely filling those lungs for Goddess. Doesn't smoking make you so horny? Admit it, you always want more. Includes: close-ups, side view, deep hollow drags, and open mouth inhales.

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