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All Natural MILF Rides Reverse On Top video from BlackxRose92
All Natural MILF Rides Reverse On Top This was my first sex video in over five years, and my first time ever experiencing painless sex. After a series of events that lead to my undergoing a hysterectomy, I finally have clearance to have sex, and lots of it, regularly and with practiced care to ensure the proper healing of my “new” vagina post operation and subsequent repairs. This was meant to be a private moment, but well charged phones that are left within arm’s reach of a very ecstatic spouse who wanted to remember this moment forever after ten years of painful sex, means you actually get to see me genuinely enjoy a state of painless sexual pleasure and bliss. In order to make sure my vagina heals better than it was before, we’ve been having daily scheduled sex with copious amounts of lube. When I was supposed to be practicing pelvic floor exercises, I got distracted and gently moaned that I’d rather just keep playing with it until he was ready to cum. I was having too much fun to stay on task, and would much rather not stay focused, instead just enjoying each other’s bodies and how good we could make them feel. For the first time ever, my vagina is welcoming and eager to new sensations, and happy to give them right back. Previously frozen muscles are now active and flexing in a sexual dance of erotic freedom, milking his cock in a steady rhythm as my vagina squeezes tight and then releases, before gripping it in a pulsating suction again that pumps his cock harder and harder. Previously only sold privately, 30 seconds at a time to official fan members, this is the full behind the scenes sex video. As it was meant to be a private moment, there is no cumshot because we cut the filming to focus on our orgasms and fun. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
My Experience With Essure video from BlackxRose92
My Experience With Essure If you haven't watched my video about my life with Endometriosis, then DO NOT watch this. You will not be prepared, you will cry, and you may even be outraged and stage your own revolution immediately. Why? Because I was injured by the very people sworn to "Do NO Harm". I was implanted with Essure coils in April 2015 to prevent future pregnancies from claiming my life, despite years of pleas for a hysterectomy.

At the time, nobody was talking about all of the thousands of dangerous pregnancies that were occurring at increasingly alarming rates because of these devices. Nobody was talking about the fact that Essure contains the same BANNED fibers that are in micro-beads that harm the ocean and marine life. Nobody was talking about the fact that Essure causes the same exact symptoms as Endometriosis to prevent future pregnancies, but what happens when that reaction that prevents pregnancies doesn't stop? What happens when that reaction spreads through the rest of the body and causes medical device injuries that are so bad the patient must remove organs entirely?

Well, my Essure coils are puncturing my organs. Why have I not been helped yet? Ah yes, that is the million dollar question that makes the people who ask it really angry. The answer is far more enraging and depressing than you can imagine. This video is not for the faint hearted. I was crying before I even hit record. There is no justice in this video. There is no help to be had, but maybe, just maybe, with my unending perseverance I will be able to take my life back on March 15, 2019 when I undergo a radical hysterectomy. Expect to cry, expect to scream, because I've never been able to share my story without causing emotional upset to all who hear it.
Expansive Expectations Lead To Erotic Embarrassment video from BlackxRose92
Expansive Expectations Lead To Erotic Embarrassment What a strange office waiting room this is. For a breast implant surgeon, you'd think they'd have bra advertisements or something, even a bikini magazine at least. Interesting, but I really do want bigger breasts and this surgeon is supposed to be the best of the best. There's only one other person in the waiting room, besides the receptionist, so that's a good sign that my doctor will give me the attention my breasts need to be enhanced. What a weird sensation. Is it getting hot in here? My nipples are tingling, really nearly throbbing even! This is odd, and feels....oh my, it feels overwhelmingly erotic! Oh my goodness! My tits just expanded! They're at least a full cup size bigger, but the pulsating in my nipples hasn't abated. Oh no, they're really aching even more now. It feels almost like my nipples are having orgasms, but that can't be happening. Oh my gracious! My breasts have expanded again! It's like they're inflating on the spot, but they're turning me on so much, and each time they grow my mini-dress gets shorter and shorter. Oh gosh, I should have worn panties today, but I was so excited to get big, big, big, GIANT bimbo tits.....I didn't wear pants! I came for bigger breasts, but I'm getting nipple orgasms! Ah, ah, AHHHHHH! Oh my titties! These aren't quite the massive anime bimbo tits that I wanted, but it feels like my boobs are swelling with my arousal. OH NO! I forgot I wasn't wearing pants with this shirt dress and now I'm in public with no pants. Shhh, don't alert anyone, but I desperately need to get fucked now. All this breast enlargement is too arousing, and I cannot control it! My tits are expanding out of control and all I can think about is how horny I am even though I'm not wearing pants in public!
Drying, Brushing, Styling, and Measuring Long Male Hair video from BlackxRose92
Drying, Brushing, Styling, and Measuring Long Male Hair Mr. BJx's hair is still damp and needs to be dried and styled. It's too long for him to maintain on his own, so he usually lets it air dry or leaves the styling up to Mrs. Rose. Today Mr. and Mrs. Black have swapped camera positions, so BJx is seated in the spinning chair and waiting for his salon treatment for his very long male hair. His locks are silky, but not terribly thick, and they curl a lot, so they require very careful styling to prevent breakage or tangling. Rose knows just how to handle her spouse's hair and can manage it with ease, especially with him in the spinning chair as low as it will go so she can easily reach. His hair appears dry at first, but a quick finger combing proves that the bottom layer is still very wet and needs to be dried before styling. With a hair dryer, comb, brush, ties, and a measuring tape, Rose gives BJx the full blowout treatment to give his curly tresses the proper handling they need. Once his long hair has been combed, fully dried, and brushed, Rose gives him a gentle scalp massage with his fingers, eliciting soft moans from BJx. He loves having his hair played with and his scalp massaged, so he sits very still in the chair and lets his head lean all the way back into her hands. She finishes styling his hair and then pulls it back into a low tie at the base of his head for easy measuring. What a surprise to find out that his hair is almost an inch longer than hers! Styled and tressed up, BJx's hair is silkier and softer than ever, begging to be touched and toyed with as he drops the curled end of the ponytail to dangle at his back.
My Medical History With Endometriosis video from BlackxRose92
My Medical History With Endometriosis Whew.....This one was a doozy! Have a very comfortable seat before you listen to this candid confession vlog. I've never hidden the fact that my uterus hates me. I've even, often, described it as homicidal! If I could sum up my experience with endometriosis in four words, they would be: stacked against the odds.

This makes sense to me in a few ways: 1) I was "luckily" diagnosed early, because it takes an average of 10 years to be diagnosed with endometriosis. 2) Endometriosis caused a very rare complication during my only successful pregnancy TWICE, because placental abruptions occur in less than one percent of ALL pregnancies, but I had TWO during ONE pregnancy. 3) I was never supposed to get pregnant in the first place, I nearly did not make it multiple times, and I survived only to face much worse complications in the days ahead. But this is just the video about my experiences with Endometriosis. I've lived with this chronic illness since my very first ****, and it effects every single aspect of my daily life now.

However, my time has finally come for a hysterectomy on March 15th, 2019. This will not cure my Endometriosis, but it should make it possible for me to experience a much higher quality of life than I had previously, and hopefully with a much lessened degree of daily chronic pain. Who knows! I've conquered many unbeatable odds before, maybe my Endometriosis will be almost entirely eradicated with removal of my angry uterus, broken fallopian tubes, and painful cervical ectropion.
Bondage Kitty Struggles On A Vibrator video from BlackxRose92
Bondage Kitty Struggles On A Vibrator Bondage kitty is all tied up, handcuffs around her wrist restraining her to the bed, and a leash keeping her from wiggling and squirming too hard. The vibrator is turned on, but only just barely. Despite the spandex of the zentai suit, the vibrations still come through strong to stimulate her sensitive vulva and pierced pussy. She grinds her legs and squeezes against the vibrator, the confines of the belts on her thighs and legs pushing them even tighter with each movement. The faceless zentai kitty moans, but no expression can be seen, only the sexual desperation in her body language and frantic thrusting. Covered from fingertip to toe, with full face hood, the anonymous bondage damsel struggles, her arousal growing stronger with each moment left tied up on the vibrator. It's dial accidentally gets bumped during her eager attempts at orgasm and escape, the motor jumps up to high, and she groans as the stimulation washes over her with intense warmth. The restraints are starting to fall loose, until finally she kicks off the ties around her legs. Freeing her legs and hands from the bondage and handcuffs, she has just enough slack on the chain leash to grab hold of the vibrator and cum really hard. She pursues multiple orgasms until the satisfaction she chases has been caught, and surges through her clitoris with waves of orgasmic, sexual contentment. Bondage kitty frees herself and relieves her sexual frustrations without revealing her naughtiest secret, that there's nothing at all beneath her full body zentai suit. Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
My Last Orgasm Before Hysterectomy video from BlackxRose92
My Last Orgasm Before Hysterectomy I'm NOT supposed to be doing this. I was told NOT to orgasm, masturbate, or have sex at all. But fuck that! I'm already living with chronic pain and my hysterectomy is on March 15, 2019. What more damage can be done by giving myself one last gift before they remove my uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes? This is my LAST chance to have an orgasm for months. I've been banned from sex, exercise, masturbation, heavy lifting, squatting, and orgasms since August 2018, so I'm taking this for myself anyways.

I haven't been able to enjoy any of life's perks for months. My sex drive is through the roof, but I won't be completely denied. There will be, at minimum, 6 weeks after my hysterectomy before I'm allowed to orgasm again. This dalliance will likely have me bedridden for the next 2 days writing in agony, but it will be worth it for the reprieve on my libido. I haven't felt the joys of sexual release in months!

What, did you think I would stop with one orgasm? FUCK NO! My pussy is greedy and I want it all. I masturbate as long as I can handle it, and as long as my vibrator can hold out. I masturbate for so long that when I lay back, you can see my vulva throbbing and swollen, gushing juices with each orgasmic ripple pulsing through me. There were so many orgasms, I didn't even bother bother counting them all. After being on complete pelvic rest for so many months, did you really think I would do anything other than masturbate until my body gave out? LMAO, just try and keep up. ;)
RaVOREnous GF Swallows Cheating BF Whole video from BlackxRose92
RaVOREnous GF Swallows Cheating BF Whole Oh my dear you look so handsome, and you smell so good. Mmmm, you smell positively yummy! I had a small snack earlier, but I don't think it was enough. What plans did you have for our date tonight, did they include eating or you answering your phone all night and ignoring me? I don't know if I can wait until dinner.....I'm so hungry....We don't have to go out. We could stay in and I could cook you a meal.... Here, I have just the thing! Hold this apple in your mouth. Mmm..... *Just then she thrusts a juicy red apple with an odd smell to it that makes you feel just a bit doozy.* Oh gee, you look really good. You smell so yummy! Could I taste your cock before dinner? Just a little taste? Oh keep the apple in your mouth, it's really kinky. Ohhh, sorry! I didn't mean to lick your face like that just now! You know how I get when I'm horngry, or worse, when I'm hangry. I just can't control myself! Oh, oh, I'm just so famished! How am I going to wait until dinner? I'm sorry! *Bellllllllllching* Wow he was a real gut stuffer! What a belly bloater that jerk was. He never wanted to go down on me, and now he's going to go all the way *BUUUUUUURPS* down, right down the potty. Now I'll never have to worry about where he's at, because he'll be with me at all times. I'll always know where he's at, because he'll always be inside of me. He does feel SO much better inside of me like this, than he ever did inside of me during sex. Hah! This jerk BF is now going all the way down on me because I've swallowed him whole. Ohhh yummy! He feels so much better like this, except for the merciless gas that he's giving me and causing constant burps and belches. Normally I like to masturbate when my belly is this bloated and swollen with a massive digestion expansion, but there's no way I can reach my pussy! Oh here comes more burps! Previews and GIFs are censored, videos are uncensored
Ultimate Blowjob Fantasy video from BlackxRose92
Ultimate Blowjob Fantasy Custom video: "After buying 1, then 5 vidéos of you (and then 2 others at the Rose Blacks Fetish Store) I wanted to order a custom video for myself.

I must confess that I really felt in love with the way you give blowjobs, it reminds me of my ex, but better...

My fantasy is quite simple, yet it's pretty hard to find...

I would love to see a classic blowjob (no lipstick, something like the "Ponytail Glasses Facial" video) but a dominant on, one hand always holding the penis and the foreskin back (to be honest I'm uncircumcised and I have a long prepuce, so if you are not "holding" the cock I feel like you're sucking the foreskin...) but no handjob ! You do all the job with your mouth...

Start with little licking and kissing, making rounds around his glans with your longue, then you because the suck the tip of his cock very gently. But after a few up and down, he realizes that he's not going to see the tip of his dick yet as you keep sucking him with more and more passion and a non-stop air suction getting tighter and tighter...

But here's the key : you don't go ultrafast, and no deepthroat. You just keep moving up and down not too slow, not too fast, just the right speed so you can watch him in the eyes getting crazy about what's happening as he's getting closer and closer to cum.

When you feel he's about to cum, you might go a little faster but you keep sucking even if he start making sound until you have the very last drop of his sperm in you mouth (then you can slow down and stop).

Before leaving, of course you open up your mouth and show the result of your labor before swallowing :)

Well that's it, that's the king of blowjob that would make me go crazy..."
Kissing and Nipple Biting video from BlackxRose92
Kissing and Nipple Biting In between spanking scenes and filming custom videos, BJx and Rose, we have some free time to do as we please. We were going over our filming list, but it appears that all that's left is one spanking custom video, and then we are scheduled for my vagina therapy and date night. Of course, being a couple of sadists, the spanking video would otherwise be a normal evening for us. I straddle his lap for comfortable sitting as we make out. Never particularly fond of kissing, he somehow manages to find a way to keep me interested, but also engaged and actively kissing back. I cradle his head while nibbling on his lips, and then using my nails to scratch his beard and hair. Sometimes this makes the action flip directions, and sometimes it turns into cuddly head and back massages, but today it has him in a biting mood. He nips my lips back, but doesn't stop there. I'm not wearing any panties under my skirt, nor a bra under my white tank top. My pierced nipples are all but exposed, until he pulls my hair and bites my neck, pulling on my tits hard. Now he's in a rougher mood and feeling excited for the spankings. I'm going to be stuck laying across his lap while he has a power boner! My neck and nipples are already starting to bruise from where he tweaked and bit them until I squealed, but he would have been more aggressive had I screamed. By the time our filming is done, my lips are going to be bruised from his rough kisses and his fingerprints and lips will be marked on my neck, nipples, and tits. Now I'll have to talk him down from being too feisty before we can finish our custom spanking video!

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