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The Girlfriend Glitch

"Hey honey, did you wa-....." Your girlfriend stops and stares blankly as you begin the training state. It's still *very* glitchy, so at any moment she could become totally embarrassed about your date night choice. However, it could be totally fucking fun to test out the female training and how far it goes, if the glitches don't get in the way.

She strips, then comes to in a glitched state. At first she doesn't realize her clothes are off, but she immediately attempts to cover herself in embarrassment. Only, it doesn't last long, because you get it working again quickly make up for lost time and you want her to see how fun it is. Testing out a series of naughty, hilarious, and kinky actions are the only way to be sure it works!

Rose strips, shows off her lewd underwear, pats her head and rubs her tummy at the same time, boob bouncing and titty drops, before finally spanking herself! She's in a complete erotic state of magic control female training, but when she glitches out again she'll find herself in an embarrassingly perverse state as she asks for your shirt while trying to cover her lack of clothing with her long hair and hands. You wait a moment for her to catch up, before turning it on again to the highest erotic magic control setting as she begins to pleasure herself for you.

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