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Anniversary Facial Play

On the morning of our 10th wedding anniversary, I knew I wanted to do something special. What I didn't expect, was that when I woke him up with a blowjob, that he would spray all over my face. Dripping in cum, now I have to walk to the shower without letting it get on the carpet!

As I'm blowing a bubble with his semen dripping from my lips, he walks in to use the bathroom and laughs as I grin at him off camera. I laugh and blow another bubble, drooling spitty cum bubbles all over my natural MILF tits. He pees behind me as I step into the shower, discussing our plans for the day as I state that we're going to get kinky and fuck more.

Each movement of my lips makes the jizz drip off onto my pierced nipples and down my belly. We talk about our sex plans as I let the camera watch the cum dangling off my tits. The first of our anniversary sex celebrations has begun, and even though I'm a sticky, spitty, cummy mess, I can't wait to get fucked again and again later!

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