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duration 29:31
Goth Sub Facefuck Anal Lily Thot video from Sophie Ladder
Goth Sub Facefuck Anal Lily Thot by Sophie Ladder Lily Thot and I start out in our black lingerie on the couch. We kiss, I slap their face, tits, and ass. I pull down Lily’s panties and stick my tongue deep into their asshole. Lily gets down on their knees and sucks my cock, getting me nice and hard in the back of their throat. I grab the back of Lily’s head and fuck their face and open mouth. Lily loves feeling my cock slam into the back of their throat, spit dripping everywhere. I lay Lily on their back and fuck their face with their head hanging off the edge of the couch. I slide my dick into Lily’s wet pussy, put my hands in Lily’s mouth and slap their face. I soon pull out and fuck Lily’s face some more so I can slide my hard cock into Lily’s tight asshole. I fuck Lily’s ass as they moan in pleasure. I pound Lily’s ass as they hold their legs back. I grab on and fuck them hard. After pulling out of Lily’s ass they go and suck all of their ass juices off of my cock. We go back to fucking and I slide my cock into Lily’s ass. After fucking Lily on their side we move to doggy and I fuck Lily’s ass from behind. Last we do more ass to mouth and I fuck Lily’s face, slamming my cock into the back of their throat. I pull out and cum all over Lily’s face, my cum dripping down their chin. Keywords: sophieladder, lilythot, tgirl, trans girl, trans woman, trans girl on girl, tgirl on girl, blowjob, deepthroat, facefuck, spit, drool, gag, sub, submissive, ass eating, anal, ass to mouth, ATM, doggy, doggystyle, brunette, goth,
duration 19:48
Lesdom Facefuck and Rough Sex w Nikki Zee video from Sophie Ladder
Lesdom Facefuck and Rough Sex w Nikki Zee by Sophie Ladder Nikki Zee and I start out in our lingerie on the bed making out. As we kiss I begin to give her face a few slaps. I take off her bra and feel up her breasts. We kiss and I slap her tits, then I flip her over to her stomach and spank her with my hand and a riding crop. I next pull out my dick and have Nikki suck on it. She goes right at it and gags herself on my cock. I feel my dick pushing against the back of her throat. I stick my fingers in her mouth and make her gag on my fingers before having her lay on her back so I can facefuck her at the edge of the bed. I stick my rock hard cock in her mouth and down her throat. I make her gag and drool. I kiss Nikki passionately as I slap her face. I pull out some nipple clamps and put them on her then spread her legs to spank her inner thighs a little bit, then tease her pussy with my riding crop. I pull the rest of Nikki’s lingerie off and start rubbing up and down her little pink pussy. I slide my cock in her and she moans in pleasure. I proceed to fuck her hard in missionary, pulling on the nipple clamps at various points, slapping her face, and making her suck on my thumb. I alternate with some slow deep strokes then fuck her fast and hard until she cums on my dick. We kiss and I fuck her hard some more with my hand wrapped around her throat. I pull out of her and have Nikki suck my cock some more. I spank her ass with a flogger and then take my top off. Nikki loves my tits and she rubs up on them. I put Nikki into doggystyle position and proceed to fuck her hard. Nikki moans, and her breasts and nipple clamps bounce as I fuck her. I grab her hair then her neck as I continue to fuck her in doggystyle. I pull out again and have her suck my dick covered in her pussy juices. Nikki gags herself on my cock and gets her spit all over me. After a few more minutes of oral I put her on her back and pound her in missionary position holding her arms down. More face slapping and wrapping my hand around her throat. I cum HARD in her pussy and I can feel my dick pumping cum into her. You get a few close-up shots of my cum dripping out of her pussy. I slide my dick back in to coat it in my cum then fuck her for a minute more until she cums one last time on my cock. keywords: sophie ladder, nikki zee, trans, tgirl, lesbian, sensual, rough, gag, drool, spit, deepthroat, runny makeup, gagging, facefuck, throatfuck, nipple clamps, hardcore, fucking, tgirl on girl, trans lesbian, missionary, face slapping, spanking, doggystyle, creampie, cum dripping, hair pulling, rough sex
duration 17:20
Rough Fuck For Submissive Teen Raven Vice video from Sophie Ladder
Rough Fuck For Submissive Teen Raven Vice by Sophie Ladder Raven Vice and I start in lingerie sitting on the bed. We kiss, I tug at her collar, and slap her face. I spank her ass until it gets pink and spank and play with her pussy. I lead her by the leash down onto my hard cock, which she starts sucking enthusiastically. I use the leash to pull her deep, all the way down onto my cock. I next have Raven lay on her back and I fuck her face, shoving my dick all the way into her throat. She gags and thick spit covers my cock. I finger and spank her pussy some more before sliding my hard cock into her wet, tight pussy. I proceed to fuck her hard, slap her face, and have her lick my fingers. Next Raven and I go into doggystyle, where I pull back on the leash while fucking her hard. I pull back her hair and fuck her, then stick my fingers in her mouth and fishook her. I fuck Raven hard and deep. I pull out and Raven sucks my cock, then I lay her on her back in missionary and pound her with my hard cock. Lastly we lay on our sides and I fuck her from behind with my hands wrapped around her throat until I cum in her pussy. Keywords: Sophie Ladder, Raven Vice, tgirl, trans, trans domme, trans girl on girl, tgirl on girl, teen, nineteen, 19, blowjob, deepthroat, gagging, spit, facefuck, throat fuck, throatfuck, throat bulge, sex, rough sex, rough, hardcore, fucking, face slapping, pussy slapping, finger licking, doggystyle, side fuck, hair pulling, fishook, fishhook, fishooking, creampie, cum inside, cum in pussy
duration 21:01
Trans Lesbian Hookup Claire Moon Sophie Ladder video from Sophie Ladder
duration 20:09
3 Hole Sorority Slut Electra Rayne video from Sophie Ladder
3 Hole Sorority Slut Electra Rayne by Sophie Ladder Electra has been rushing Alpha Sigma Sigma, and I’m conducting an interview to make sure she’ll fit in well with the sorority culture. A.S.S. is very prestigious and selective, and only take the best sluts. In fact, all Alpha Sigma Sigma members take it in all the holes. ALL of the holes. Electra is momentarily shocked but she really wants to join A.S.S. and she’s willing to try. I start Electra out with the Seven Sigma Spanks. All of the Sigma girls give the best head, so I have to make sure Electra is up for the task. She sucks my dick deep down to the base, gagging on my cock. Electra enthusiastically sucks and I hold the back of her head, making her take it all the way. I move Electra into doggystyle and slide my cock into her wet pussy. I pound her from behind as Electra says “thank you,” she loves the feeling of my cock deep inside her. I lube up my fingers and slide my thumb into her ass as I fuck her. I start fingerbanging her ass with two of my fingers as I continue fucking her pussy with my cock. Electra lays on her back and I sit on her face as she eats my asshole. After rimming me Electra is ready to take my cock in her one last hole: the ass! (11:45) I slide my cock in and Electra loves it, she loves getting fucked in the ass. I continue pounding Electra in the ass as she holds her legs up by her head. I fuck Electra nice and hard and deep. We move to doggystyle and keep pounding her ass. I pull out and Electra deepthroats my cock, tasting her ass juices all over my dick. I lay on my back and Electra gets on top to ride. She bounces up and down on my dick, fucking herself deep in the ass. We finish back in missionary where I pound her ass while rubbing her pussy. I cum deep in Electra’s ass, and you see my cum drip out of her asshole onto the sheets. I slide my dick back into her asshole and pull out even more of my cum.
duration 27:45
Cuck POV: Your Wife Likes Girlcock More video from Sophie Ladder
Cuck POV: Your Wife Likes Girlcock More by Sophie Ladder You are unable to please your wife, Jackie Hoff, so she’s invited me over to fuck her right, and she wants you to watch. Jackie and I feel up each other and suck on each other’s nipples. I go down on Jackie and eat her pussy better than you ever could. After making her feel so good Jackie is desperate to suck my cock, and she does so with more enthusiasm than she ever has sucking yours. Your wife begs for my girl cock inside her and I oblige, sliding my hard cock into her wet pussy. I thrust with slow, deep strokes, Jackie moaning with each thrust. I build speed and fuck her hard and Jackie loves it. She’s so sorry you have to watch her get fucked better than you ever could, but you have to pay attention if you’re ever to fuck her the way she wants. Jackie moans and gasps as I fuck her. I pound her pussy and she moans with pleasure. (16min) We move to doggystyle, and Jackie’s tits bounce as I grip her hips and pound her from behind. She loves it, and asks why you could never do this to her, fuck her like this for this long. (19.5min) Jackie gets on top to ride, something she never does with you. Her perfect breasts bounce up and down as she fucks herself on my cock. (22.5min) Jacke wants to taste her pussy and sucks up and down my cock, enjoying her own pussy juices. (24min) At this point you would have burst already, but I lay your wife on her back and keep on fucking her. I pound Jackie’s pussy as she moans out how much she loves my cock, and how it’s so much better than yours. Jackie never lets you cum on her tits, but with me she is more than happy to take my load across her chest. Keywords: sophieladder, jackiehoff, cuck, POV, cuck POV, trans girl, trans girl on girl, lesbian, trans lesbian, girlcock, girl dick, trans top, pussy eating, cunnilingus, blowjob, moan, pleasure, real orgasms, female orgasm, voyeur, watch, hardcore, pound, fuck, xxx, missionary, doggy, doggystyle, dirty talk, roleplay, wife, married, cheating, beta male, riding, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, cumshot, cum on tits, cum on chest
duration 18:55
Chloe Kreams Sophie Ladder Rough Fuck Hookup video from Sophie Ladder

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