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Lesdom Facefuck and Rough Sex w Nikki Zee

Nikki Zee and I start out in our lingerie on the bed making out. As we kiss I begin to give her face a few slaps. I take off her bra and feel up her breasts. We kiss and I slap her tits, then I flip her over to her stomach and spank her with my hand and a riding crop. I next pull out my dick and have Nikki suck on it. She goes right at it and gags herself on my cock. I feel my dick pushing against the back of her throat. I stick my fingers in her mouth and make her gag on my fingers before having her lay on her back so I can facefuck her at the edge of the bed. I stick my rock hard cock in her mouth and down her throat. I make her gag and drool. I kiss Nikki passionately as I slap her face. I pull out some nipple clamps and put them on her then spread her legs to spank her inner thighs a little bit, then tease her pussy with my riding crop. I pull the rest of Nikki’s lingerie off and start rubbing up and down her little pink pussy. I slide my cock in her and she moans in pleasure. I proceed to fuck her hard in missionary, pulling on the nipple clamps at various points, slapping her face, and making her suck on my thumb. I alternate with some slow deep strokes then fuck her fast and hard until she cums on my dick. We kiss and I fuck her hard some more with my hand wrapped around her throat. I pull out of her and have Nikki suck my cock some more. I spank her ass with a flogger and then take my top off. Nikki loves my tits and she rubs up on them. I put Nikki into doggystyle position and proceed to fuck her hard. Nikki moans, and her breasts and nipple clamps bounce as I fuck her. I grab her hair then her neck as I continue to fuck her in doggystyle. I pull out again and have her suck my dick covered in her pussy juices. Nikki gags herself on my cock and gets her spit all over me. After a few more minutes of oral I put her on her back and pound her in missionary position holding her arms down. More face slapping and wrapping my hand around her throat. I cum HARD in her pussy and I can feel my dick pumping cum into her. You get a few close-up shots of my cum dripping out of her pussy. I slide my dick back in to coat it in my cum then fuck her for a minute more until she cums one last time on my cock.

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