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duration 8:45
Accidental Cuckold Castration video from God Ciara
Accidental Cuckold Castration by God Ciara This video includes castration-fantasy fetish, sensual ballbusting, CBT, wife roleplay, coerced cuckolding, encouraged drinking fantasy, female vibrator play (no nudity), cheating fantasy, hotwife fantasy, betrayal fantasy, verbal degradation and humiliation, and cuckold cum-eating fantasy. This video uses male pronouns (he, him, etc.) and assumes you have a penis. You and your wife get home from a rowdy night out at the bar, and she flirtatiously convinces you to try a new kink with her; ballbusting. She has you hit the bottle twice, hoping to loosen you up for some mischief. Lifting up her revealing dress, she pulls out a vibrator. She uses it over her panties, moaning and grinding on it, before leaning forward and giving the first blow. With each punch, she goes progressively harder, losing herself in erotic ecstasy, until at the point of orgasm, she crushes your ballsack entirely in her hands. After some begging and pleading, she drives you to the hospital, and you phone her when you are out of surgery. You break the devastating news. The doctors had to altogether remove your balls, but your wife doesn't seem too upset about it. Coincidentally, she suggests the perfect solution for you; becoming a cuckold sex slave that cleans other men's cum as it drips out of her pussy and asshole. While she reassures you that your life pleasing her with your mouth will be a fulfilling one, you can't help but wonder if this was her plan all along.
duration 12:43
Atomic High: Nuke em High Parody Part II video from Miss Vaga Bong
Atomic High: Nuke em High Parody Part II by Miss Vaga Bong (POV) A Troma-like experience: You and Vaga, the sweet honour society schoolgirl, found some strange weed yesterday. She went home feeling weird, and last night you felt weird too...your cock has seemed to turn into a mutant dick! You go over to her house to tell her something strange has happened. She knows...she's changed too. She's now a Cretin, a horrible mean punk bully. Dressed in high heels, fishnet thigh highs and a leather vest, she looms over you - do you like her new look? Seems like you do, you're rock hard. She teases you, wagging her ass in your face. She feels so different, so fucking freaky. She demands you remove your pants. She grabs what she wants - you fat cock, and exclaims 'Wow you've changed! You're a real man now!' She rides your thick mutated dick reverse cowgirl so you can gaze upon her beautiful round ass. She turns around to ride you, and you have a perfect view from below of her thick thighs and round hanging tits. She loves teasing you, shaking her thighs near your cock hovering just above it. After she's had a good ride, she licks, bites and sucks your cock. She's changed so much, no longer shy she's taking what she wants. And she wants you to cum on her face, but only when she says! She counts down from 10, and upon reaching 1 you cum thick green jizz over her face and in her mouth. She spits the mutant cum into her hand and drips it back into her mouth and rubbing it all over her tits. ------ Missed Part I? You take the cute shy nerd girl to old Nuke Em High to make out when you find some weed there. Smoking it makes Vaga feel weird and she goes home where she just can't keep her hands off herself and her big tits and wet pussy. Grab Part I here:https://apclips.com/vegabond/atomic-high-nuke-em-high-parody-part-i / Tags: punk, bbw, domme, sex crazed, cowgirl, scary, bully, pawg, facial, bj, blowjob, bad dragon, blue hair, pale, big ass, troma, parody, horror, halloween, 420, booty, thicc, domination, top, tattoos, piercings, cumplay, cum, goth, count down, femdom, fishnets, bitch, demanding, cuck, beta, riding, panties to the side, woman in control, leather
duration 14:46
Seduced By Poison Ivy & Used For Her Pleasure video from Clarabelle Woods
Seduced By Poison Ivy & Used For Her Pleasure by Clarabelle Woods Eco-terrorism at its finest, Poison Ivy has captured you (a hapless water filtration engineer) and brought you back to her plant-filled lair, where you lie in a stupor, thanks to one of her many herbal poisons. As you begin to come- to, she lets you in on a little secret: Gotham's demise is nigh and you will be the missing piece in bringing down the city she's held in contempt for so long. Human greed and destruction have gone too far and a clean slate is the only remedy. Luckily, she's been concocting the perfect poison for just such an occasion and you, convinced by her concoction, will tell her exactly where to place it in Gotham's water supply. Once you've told her everything she she needs to know, she tells you about another side effect of your int xication: that poison is a powerful aphrodisiac and once it kicks in, she intends to have her way with you, one last fuck before the entirety of Gotham is gone forever. She teases that if you fuck her good enough, she just might let you live and keep you as her sex slave, so you do your best to fuck her good and hard (not that you have any choice with that poison running through your veins...). She rides you hard, talking dirty about your cock, dangling your life over your head, threatening to cum and then leave you with blue balls while she goes off to poison everyone else. Fantasies about an post-apocalyptic life in the clutches of this sex-crazed super-villain swirl through your mind, but the truth is far more mundane: she cums, decides to let you cum as well and then grants you the most merciful exit of all:, her sweet kiss.
duration 9:03
Atomic High: Nuke em High Parody Part I video from Miss Vaga Bong
Atomic High: Nuke em High Parody Part I by Miss Vaga Bong [POV]A Troma-like experience: You asked the cute nerd girl at school to come check out old Nuke 'em High. She talks about all the weird stuff that happened there to the students long ago. She knows why you're there though, you want to make out, don't you?! She thinks its kind of naughty and agrees, but then sees a puddle of strange slime. Wait a minute, there is a whole bag of weed there! Since you are already being naughty she thinks why not smoke it. Wow it's some powerful stuff, it will make you cross eyed and cough your brains out!! Suddenly, she isn't feeling so good and goes home. No making out for you. But when she gets home and lies down, an uncontrollable urge overcomes her. She just can't stop touching herself. She's sooo horny and it feels so good. Pulling her big pink tits out of her top and squeezing them, she lifts her plaid skit and sticks her other hand in her panties. She's crazy with hornyness! After taking her panties off, she writhes on the bed, making ahegao faces while rubbing her clit and fingering herself, sometimes sucking the pussy juice off her fingers. Then, moaning, she orgasms. What fantastic weed that was!!!! ----The next day: Don't miss part II when you go over to her house to tell her about a strange thing that happened to you, the honour society nerd girl is a sex crazed Cretin, a punk who just wants to ride your fucking cock. Part II here: https://apclips.com/vegabond/atomic-high-nuke-em-high-parody-part-ii Tags: punk, bbw, schoolgirl, mini skirt, glasses, pawg, masterbation, tongue out, blue hair, pale, big ass, troma, parody, horror, halloween, 420, booty, thicc, cute, abandon buildings, school, tattoos, piercings, orgasm, cumming, goth, fingering
duration 26:10
The Witch's Addictive Brew audio hypnosis video from Miss Vaga Bong
The Witch's Addictive Brew audio hypnosis by Miss Vaga Bong 25m EROTIC AUDIO - READ FULL DESCRIPTION! This has themes of ADDICTION to me, Miss Vaga, and to my trance and spell. Addiction can be a very strong feeling so please ensure you're ready for that. You're back, of course you are, my spell was so strong, you've craved me haven't you? I knew you were coming and made you a special brew, a potion to bring you back into my mesmerizing spell. Let yourself submit and go blank and mindless, as I fill your mind with devotion to me. Each sip of my brew helping you fall deeper down under my seductive spell. A witches potion to make you a submissive obedient puppet. For me to control. It's so easy to get addicted to my trance, to my voice, to me. You crave me, I can scratch that itch. Fall deep under my entrancing spell and let yourself go blank and mindless. Obey me. Obsess over me. It feels so very good to give your mind to me. *** THEMES OF: ADDICTION, submission, blank, mindless, obedient, puppet, under a witches spell, consuming a witches potion, itching for me, craving me, but only when you have free time. dropping for goddess. Triggers to think of me. Potion sipping induction, awakener with mild amnesia (not quite remembering what happened) lasting triggers for addiction to me and addiction to trance. This file is meant to be for subjects who have listened to my Drop for Goddess introductory file, but is not totally necessary for the enjoyment of this file. ( https://apclips.com/vegabond/drop-for-goddess-intro-to-my-hypnosis) This file contains light mesmerizing background music. ***Tags: trancy, dropped, down, erotic entrancement, erotic magic, witches, seductress, evil witch, control, submission, femdom, bdsm, fetish, sexy voice, dark magic, spells, mesmerize, asmr, sexy audio, witch spell, mindlessness, blank, mind gone, goddess, worship, miss vaga, drop for me, erotic hypnosis, hypnowitch, hypnodomme, seduced

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