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duration 15:39
Fucking My Feedee's Belly Button video from Wood
Fucking My Feedee's Belly Button by Wood Wood has a special surprise for her male feedee Kobe on Valentine's day. She's finally decided that his belly is big enough to be able to take her dick. She wants to fuck his belly button and dominate him and Kobe is incredibly excited to have her attention on his growing form. She begins by teasing him, calling him fat and lightly humiliating him to get him excited. She grabs at his belly and sensually dominates him, asking him what he's eaten today, and how he's gotten this fat in the first place. Then she starts to warm up and stretch out his belly button with her fingers and lots of lube. His belly button is not super deep and incredibly sensitive from getting so fat for her. She is able to fit three fingers in there, and remarks that she'll be able to fist it soon. She then moves on to her strapped-on dick, lubing it up and bossing her feedee around. She tells him how to sit, and to hold her own belly up so that everyone watching can see when she slides her dick into his belly button for the first time. Kobe is wide-eyed at the intense feeling of being fucked in his flabby belly, remarking with surprise that it even has suction! It even sounds like a wet pussy as the dick slides in and out. Wood fucks his belly button in multiple positions, all the while dirty talking about how fat they've made him, how she's going to make him fatter, and how she wants to use him as a fat playground when she gets him even more obese. This, of course, makes Kobe even more subby and deep into pigspace, and he even finds himself oinking and begging her to make him fatter as he becomes surprised at how fat he's already become! A super sexy valentine's day romp, perfect for kinky feedists into BDSM, mutual fattening, dominating BBW feeders, strap-ons, and belly button fucking! Featuring my feedee, Kobe Beefcake!
duration 24:48
Mutual Gaining and Stuffing Date with your BBW Girlfriend video from Wood
Mutual Gaining and Stuffing Date with your BBW Girlfriend by Wood Wood is so happy that you were both able to carve out some time to do another stuffing session, this time on Skype! You guys have been stuffing your faces together for a while now and it's all finally starting to catch up with you. She shows off what she made to stuff her face with and expressed how excited she is to be getting fat with you. She tells you to get your food ready, because it's always so much easier to eat more when you are both eating together. While stuffing her face, she talks about how much she loves knowing that you're getting fat alongside her, how she loves that the fatter either one gets, the more it eggs the other one to get fatter too. And she admits that she fantasizes all the time about turning into obese pigs together -- being lazy all day, sitting on the couch binging on snacks and TV shows and both of you letting yourself go completely. She describes in detail how big she wants both to get, how she's gonna make sure they get there, and how much it turns her on knowing that they're both blowing up together. She plays with her belly and eggs you on to keep eating past the point of fullness, knowing that this stuffing session is just gonna lead into an endless cycle of more and more food -- getting more turned on the fatter they get, leading to more stuffing sessions and even more fat. She even brings up the idea of going out to get some fast food and coming back to do another stuffing with you right after she finishes her meal! How can you resist, you KNOW you want to get huge with her! Mutual gaining roleplay, with BBW feedee/feeder girlfriend experience, mutual stuffing session skype date, belly play, burps, food stuffing, and tons of sexy fat chat with feedee AND feeder talk and lots of eating and weight gain encouragement! Is gender neutral throughout the whole clip too!

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